RagaMuffin Cat Breed

When you first see a RagaMuffin cat, you will find yourself in admiration. They have luxurious colours, soft coats and a substantial feel to their body. As you come closer to this beautiful cat, you will find yourself drawn to their eyes that welcome your attention, and at the first touch of their lush coat, you will think you are in feline heaven.

RagaMuffins come in all coat colours and patterns, including solid, tortoiseshell, tabby and white, or mink. Their coat pattern and symmetry are not considered noteworthy, but all RagaMuffin breeders love the unique and distinct patterns and varieties that come naturally within the breed.

Ragamuffins are ideal for families with children and even other pets. Their gentle, patient and calm nature makes them a match to the robust play of young kids. All they want to do is to please their families, thus they will happily be pushed in a baby stroller by children and attend tea parties with them.

Some RagaMuffin owners manage to teach them tricks and train them to do things like wear a harness and play a game of fetch. If you live alone, RagaMuffins are a wonderful feline companion because they can provide endless support and company.

Like Ragdolls, Ragamuffins are likely to go limp when held. This is where the “rag” part of their name comes from. While they have a calm and relaxed disposition, they are not lazy cats. Just pull out a toy and they are ready for some action. 

RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws

Breed Information

25-35 cm
4.5-9 kg
Life Span:
12-16+ years
Affectionate, Gentle, Calm, Friendly, Loving, Easy-going
Energy Level:
Country of Origin:
United States of America
RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws
  • Grooming: Twice a Week 6/10
  • Shedding: Medium 6/10
  • Hypoallergenic: Low 2/10
  • Activity Level: Medium 6/10
  • Playfulness: High 10/10
  • Friendliness to other pets: High 10/10
  • Friendliness to children: High 10/10
  • Affection towards it’s owners: High 10/10
  • Vocality: Low 2/10
  • Intelligence: High 10/10
  • Independence: High 10/10


In 1994, RagaMuffins were developed from Ann Baker’s “Cherubim” breed, which started in Riverside, California, in the early 1960s from street cats. The precise development of the cat breed is a little bit questionable. The whole story of their development will probably remain a mystery, but the result of the RagaMuffin cat breed is as rewarding as it is gratifying.

RagaMuffins are related to the Ragdoll breed. Some cat breeders aspired to introduce new colours and patterns in the Ragdoll breed, while others believed it is vital to broaden the breed’s gene pool. However, because of the strictness of the Ragdoll breed’s founder, this was not possible and instead, a new breed was formed; the RagaMuffin.

To produce the RagaMuffin, breeders outcrossed Himalayans, Persian and domestic longhaired cats to increase their size and produce other changes in appearance that would distinguish a RagaMuffin from a Ragdoll. The name was selected as a homage to the founding breed.

In 2003, Cat Fanciers' Association granted registration status and full championship status in 2011. 

RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws


RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws

RagaMuffins are large muscular cats that do not reach full maturity until they are around four years old. The female RagaMuffins can be noticeably smaller than their male counterparts. The appearance of their body is rectangular, with a wide chest and powerful shoulders supporting their short neck. Their walnut-shaped eyes give a sweet appearance and come in a wide range of colours such as gold, blue, amber, green, and aqua.

RagaMuffins have a thick silky coat similar to a heavily furred rabbit. Their luxurious fur grows longer around their face and neck, increasing in length to their stomach and giving a fine frill on their hind legs. Tufts of fur can be seen in their ears and in between their toes.

These cats are low maintenance. While their coats are dense and plush, amazingly, they do not mat or clump and are easy to care for and maintain. Their softness makes you want to pet them repeatedly. Every imaginable colour and pattern is permitted - with the exclusion of the Siamese Colourpoint Pattern, which is reserved only for the Ragdoll breed. They come in a rainbow of colours and patterns, both with and without white, which includes:

  • Colours - chocolate, seal, silver, lilac, black, blue, smoke, mink, sable, red, shaded, cameo and cream;
  • Patterns - solid, tabby, Bi-colour, mitted, and tortie. 


Their personality is one of the utmost sweetness. While it is hard to define, it is best understood when you have one of these cats. With time, you will start to appreciate their extraordinary personality and how it varies from that of most other cat breeds. RagaMuffins form a deep bond with their human companions. They are enchanting, and you may soon discover that just one of these cuddly teddy bears is just not enough.

RagaMuffins are excellent with children and even other pets. Their quiet and patient character lends itself to the active, robust play of young children, and they can be found attending tea parties or taking rides in baby strollers with them. RagaMuffins want to please, and some pet owners even documented that they can be trained to do tricks, like playing fetch or wearing a harness or leash. They also make great feline companions for those who live alone because they offer much-needed company and support.

These docile cats love people and are very affectionate and cuddly. They have the tendency to relax and go limp when they are picked up. RagaMuffins will do almost everything to get a belly rub. So, don’t be surprised to see them laying belly up for a chance of getting one.

While they are not athletic, they love climbing scratch posts, fetching toys and chasing laser lights. RagaMuffins greet their families and strangers at the door with enthusiasm. They stay underfoot and love to partake in whatever their human companion does. 

This friendly cat has an energy level that perfectly matches a child. So, don’t worry about your child wearing out your RagaMuffin. Because of this, they are an ideal family cat and do not mind being carried around.

This  sociable cat breed is also friendly toward other animals such as cats, dogs, pet lizards and even birds. Along with getting on well with other pets, they can adapt to various environments and lifestyles. Ragamuffins are never reserved, and they thrive on companionship – whether from a two-legged or four-legged. Because to this gentle giant, everyone is their friend. 

RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws


RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws

RagaMuffins, like their Ragdoll sibling, initially got their name from their tendency to go limp when they are held or picked up. While sometimes this is not always the case, these calm cats are usually happy to be held. Their trusting nature means they should be familiarised with extra care to the current cats or dogs, who might not be quite calm and mild like them. Some cat owners choose to keep them as indoor pets for similar reasons.

Though RagaMuffins are well-known for their calm and easy-going nature, they still do enjoy playing. So, encourage these activities by providing them with plenty of interactive toys such as balls, catnip toys, feather wands and other puzzle toys that are good for playing, bonding time, and exercise. A cat tree is also a good idea that can serve as a scratching post and a resting place in one.

RagaMuffins are smart, playful and one of those cat breeds that enjoy learning new tricks. It is naturally easy to train them to use a scratching post and a litter tray. Just make sure to use positive reinforcement. You can also train your RagaMuffin to play a game of fetch and walk on a leash or harness, thanks to their puppyish personality. 

Coat & Care

Their soft coat is long, and its texture is tangle resistant. Weekly combing using a long-toothed metal comb is required to eliminate dead hairs and keep them looking healthy and beautiful. RagaMuffin’s hair should be combed in the direction where their fur grows, not against it. Make sure to use the comb at a 45-degree angle to your cat’s body to avoid “raking” their skin.

Train your RagaMuffin to get used to combing as early as possible. Regular combing will significantly reduce the shedding and accumulation of hairballs. As mentioned, using a wide-toothed metal comb is the best tool to groom and remove dead hair on long-haired cats. For cleaner fur, you can wipe their coat with a damp washcloth to eliminate dirt that clings to their coat after combing.

Examine your RagaMuffin’s ears weekly. Keep them clean and healthy by wiping away any dirt or wax buildup using clean cotton balls and an ear cleanser. Remember not to use cotton swabs, as these may harm your cat’s delicate inner ear structure. If you observe any foul smell coming out of their ears, contact your vet immediately for care and treatment as this may be an indication of infection.

Check their eyes frequently for any stain or discharge. If their eyes are left unclean, it can result in eye infections that can be painful and uncomfortable for your RagaMuffin. Keep them clean by using a clean and soft cloth to the corners of their eyes.

For their dental health, brushing their teeth weekly is sufficient to prevent tartar buildup and tooth and gum diseases. To clean them effectively, use a vet-approved pet toothbrush and toothpaste. In addition, protect your furniture by trimming their nails as often as needed.

Lastly, it is recommended to keep your RagaMuffin as an indoor cat because of their trusting and welcoming nature. If you are going to allow them to explore the outdoors, it’s best to keep them on a leash or harness so they don’t wander off. 

RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws


RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws

Ragamuffins are generally a healthy breed but there are a few health issues that have been reported among these cats like Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). If you are planning to purchase a Ragamuffin, make sure to ask the breeder about what genetic testing and health checks have been done.

All reputable and ethical breeders run DNA health checks on their cats to ensure they have no genetic conditions, and will be happy to share the results with you. Thus, if a breeder refuses this, take it as a huge red flag.

It is also vital not to let this large cat overeat. RagaMuffin cats are large, and they have the tendency to become obese if their diet is not controlled. 

Children & Other Pets

RagaMuffins are a perfect fit for family life. They hardly extend their claws when playing, and they usually do not mind playing with rowdy kids, riding in a doll’s pram, or being a guest at a tea party. Just make sure to always supervise young children to avoid anyone getting hurt. And with a cat of this size, it’s vital to teach children how to support your RagaMuffin when being picked up and held.

These trusting and very friendly cats are happy to live with other cats and cat-friendly dogs and welcome the additional company. However, because not all animals are the same, introduce them slowly, carefully and in controlled areas to ensure that they learn to get along well together. 

RagaMuffin Cat Breed Information | The Pedigree Paws

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