Baby - A Gentle Maine Coon Kitten for Sale

Ever thought of owning a gentle giant Maine Coon? Bring home, Baby, and you will have a fantastic experience with this incredible cat breed. Baby is a good-natured, adaptable and loves to play with their human companion without being needy. Because of Maine Coon cat’s laidback and friendly personality, they are perfect for families with children and cat-friendly dogs.

Learn more about this beautiful Maine Coon kitten for sale. Baby is waiting for her forever home and shows her endearing personality to her forever family.


Baby - A Gentle Maine Coon Kitten for Sale

English Champion

Weight: 4 kg

Colour: Red


Baby - A Gentle Maine Coon Kitten for Sale

French Champion

Weight: 4 kg

Colour: Red


Maine Coon


Champion Sire
Champion Dam
Champion Bloodline
Kitten ID :
Gender :
Coat :
Colour :
Date of Birth :
Date Available :
Age :
7 Week
Type :
Show Potential
What's Included ?
Health Certificate
Birth Certificate
Pedigree Registration
Health Insurance for 5 weeks
Health Guarantee
Kitten Pack

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Breed Information

Size : Large

Height: 25-40 cm

Weight: 5-11 kg

Life Span: 15 years

Temperament: Independent, Gentle, Affectionate, Friendly, Sociable

Coat: Long

Colours: Variety

Energy Level: Medium

Country of Origin: United States of America

Registration : GCCF, TICA, CFA, FIFe

More Breed Information

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