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What Is The Personality Of An Abyssinian Cat?

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What Is The Personality Of An Abyssinian Cat?


by Kate W.

January 17, 2024 | 5 minutes read

The mysterious Abyssinian is a playful but gentle cat breed eager to show their love and loyalty to their human family. Abyssinians make incredibly devoted companions and will fill any home with laughter and enjoyment through their crazy antics.


The mysterious Abyssinian is a playful but gentle cat breed eager to show their love and loyalty to their human family. Abyssinians make incredibly devoted companions and will fill any home with laughter and enjoyment through their crazy antics.

To learn more about the personality of this popular cat breed, let’s break down the Abyssinian’s personality traits by answering commonly asked questions about their temperament.

Are Abyssinian cats friendly?

Abyssinians are among one of the friendliest cat breeds and are affectionate to both people and other animals. While some cat breeds are allusive and independent, Abys like to be the centre of the family where they will receive constant attention.

One of the Abyssinian cats most significant personality traits is that they love company. They like to be in the same room as others, whether that’s a human or another pet. Moreover, they love visitors, too. Even if someone visits the house which they have never met, you Aby will confidently greet them at the door. In short, Abyssinians just want company and attention from anyone!

Do Abyssinian cats like to be held?

Although Abyssinians are extremely friendly, they are not lapcats by any means, purely because they are too active to lay on the sofa with their owners. Therefore, they are not the most snuggly cat breed, but this doesn’t mean you won’t feel the love and affection from your Aby. On the contrary, they will follow you from room to room and frequently give you ‘cuddles’ by rubbing against your leg.

Abyssinians will let you pick them up but will not want to stay in your arms for too long. An Aby sees being held as being prevented from doing anything else. You holding them in your arms takes away their sense of freedom and their ability to explore, so they will likely wriggle out of your clutch.

Are Abyssinian cats loud?

Abyssinians are a reasonably quiet cat breed, but this doesn’t mean they never make a sound. In fact, one way they like to communicate with you is through sounds, but Abyssinians will use a calm, gentle voice rather than a loud, demanding tone. Therefore, your Aby won’t cry loudly for food but will instead chat with you with various soft chirping noises.

How playful are Abyssinian cats?

Abyssinians love to play and will often initiate play sessions with their owners. They love to learn tricks and will show off their skills to win extra attention from their humans. While they love and need play sessions with their owners, they will also play happily on their own for hours, providing they have enough toys and stimulation.

When it comes to keeping your Aby entertained, it’s not just about the activity. Abyssinians are inquisitive creatures and need plenty of space to move around and explore. Morether, Aby’s are excellent climbers and love to find high places to perch on where they can watch the world below them.

Because of their high energy and curious nature, an Abyssisan will be happy with a garden full of trees. However, if an Aby is kept as an indoor cat, they should have many high places inside they can climb and jump onto. Having multiple cat trees is essential for an Abyssian’s playful nature. If possible, a “Catio” will further enrich an indoor Aby’s wellbeing

Are Abyssinians destructive?

As they are such playful cats, it’s easy to assume an Aby will cause havoc in your home. However, as they are such an intelligent breed, this is rarely the case. Abyssinian have a playful but controlled nature with enough sense to not become completely reckless. Therefore, your Aby may jump up onto your shelves, but this doesn’t mean they will knock everything off in the process.

Can you leave an Abyssinian cat alone?

Abyssinians are known to develop a dog-like attachment to their owners, so many people will worry that they cannot leave their Aby alone. Abyssinians will do fine if left alone for a few hours, but they do not appreciate being left for the whole day or overnight.

Therefore, they do best in homes where there is always someone around. However, having other pets can significantly help to reduce an Abyssinian’s loneliness. Because they are not fussy when it comes to company, it may be possible to leave your Aby at home all day if there are other animals around for them to play with. Even so, this is one of the most important factors to consider before bringing an Abysssian home.

How smart are Abyssinians?

Abyssinians are one of the most intelligent cat breeds, which can be a blessing and a curse. The advantage of their smartness is that you can train them to adhere to the house rules. For example, Aby’s are one of the few breeds that you can successfully train to stay off the kitchen counters or to not bug you for food. They also learn tricks easier than other cats, and many understand how to walk on a leash.

However, the downside is that it’s tough to pull one over on an Aby. You won’t be able to pack for a weekend trip without them immediately knowing that you are leaving them. Moreover, you won’t get away with tricking them into their cat carrier for a vet visit either.

Final Thoughts

Cats are bred to have specific personality traits and temperaments. Therefore, when choosing a cat, you should do thorough research to understand what that particular breed is like to live with and whether they are a good fit for your lifestyle. We firmly believe there is a cat breed for everyone. So, if you are looking for an intelligent, friendly, playful and devoted furry companion, an Abyssinian may well be the ideal feline for you.

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