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Are you an ethical, registered and reputable dog or cat breeder who cares deeply about the welfare of your animals?

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Why join The Pedigree Paws "Partner Breeders" Program?

The Pedigree Paws is much more than just a classified advertising website! We love cats and dogs just as much as you do, which is reflected in our comprehensive service as a matchmaking agency between ethical breeders and potential pet owners.

We provide full customer service to enquiring pet owners

We offer a full customer enquiry service, answering all inquiries and questions from potential new pet owners. We also make sure that they are knowledgeable about the process of acquiring and caring for a pet, so they know what to expect. By doing this, we hope to offer you a helping hand by freeing up more of your valuable time to care for your animals. We answer all the questions and filter out suitable forever homes for you.

We screen potential new pet owners

We offer a rigorous buyer screening process to ensure each candidate is the right fit for your beloved kittens or puppies. We do not compromise when selecting the best pet parents! We verify all relevant information, including proof of address and ID documents, so you don’t have to.

After the verification process, it’s YOU, the breeder, who has the final say on whether you are happy for this candidate to adopt one of your kittens or puppies. Our aim is to find the most suitable person who will cherish, love, and care for your pet forever.

FREE marketing and advertising of your litters

We handle all the advertising and marketing for you. You don’t need to use any classified ads, answer any phone calls, respond to messages, or post on social media. You don’t even need to worry about your kittens or puppies not finding loving homes as we do all that for you. You can simply put your efforts into ensuring your animals are happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

We want to collaborate with caring breeders to stop the cycle of people buying pets from classified ads or the internet. This often happens because potential buyers are unsure of how to locate good breeders. We are 100% against harmful industries such as puppy or kitten farms. So, we offer prospective owners the opportunity to directly connect with ethical breeders like you, that have animal welfare as their top priority.

Join our network and place your kittens and puppies in forever homes

There is nothing more rewarding for our partner breeders (and us!) than to receive updates and pictures from happy families sharing their lives with their new canine or feline family members. We have already helped 100s of families find their dream pet through our comprehensive and transparent service. Join our network today and together, we can close puppy and kitten farms once and for all; one pet at a time.

How can I register to join The Pedigree Paws Breeders Program?

Joining our program is simple! Just fill out this form or send us an email to breeders@thepedigreepaws.com. We will then contact you for a chat and provide more information about our process. If your application is successful, we will start recommending your kittens and/or puppies to potential pet parents.

We select and partner with breeders that are ethical, registered, licensed, and who run extensive DNA and health tests on their dogs and cats. Animal health is always at the forefront of our work.

Is this service free for breeders?

Yes, we offer our services completely free of charge for breeders. We want to make the process as simple and beneficial as possible.

How do I post an upcoming litter?

You will be able to add your litters directly to our website after your application has been successful. Alternatively, please contact us at breeders@thepedigreepaws.com and we will happily assist you with the process.

Can I advertise my dogs and cats for stud service?

Yes, we offer this service to all our partner breeders. If you’re looking to advertise your stud, please contact us at breeders@thepedigreepaws.com.

Can potential buyers contact me directly?

Yes of course! After the first initial screening, we will connect you with the potential new pet owner and exchange all relevant information. You make the final decision as to whether this is the right person for any of your puppies or kittens. We support responsible pet ownership. So, we ensure that every perspective applicant understands and agrees with our terms and conditions.

Can anybody reserve my kittens or puppies?

No, they can’t. Prior to a reservation enquiry, we send all the relevant information to you to decide if the applicant is suitable. We understand that each breeder is unique with their own requirements regarding suitable homes for their pets. We will also work hard to make sure any applicant is suitable for your requirements and chosen breed before starting any reservation process.

Do you arrange worldwide shipping?

Yes, we offer this service for breeders who are happy to place their kittens and puppies with families abroad. It’s completely your decision depending on your preferences. Nowadays, with careful screening and video calls, you can place your puppies and kittens with families abroad safely. After an initial reservation, we verify possible shipping routes, which are then approved by you and the new pet owner. The shipping itself is all organised by us, leaving your time free to look after the animals still in your care, which is the most important thing!

Do you help with transportation?

Yes, we collaborate with Veterinary and DEFRA approved transport companies to help you transport your kittens and puppies to their new pet parent (either by air or road). We do not arrange cargo flights as these are too risky for animals.

Can you help with importation and exportation documents?

Yes of course. In fact, we collaborate with government licensed transport companies that arrange importation or exportation documents accordingly. Any arranged transport is fully legal and registered with local government transport regulations.

Do you offer language translation?

We believe that breeding should be truly international. For this reason, we have a team of specialist translators speaking English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish languages.

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