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Our Story

Inspired by a deep love and respect for cats and dogs, the Pedigree Paws was founded as a Matchmaking Agency to help loving families find their dream canine or feline family members. We do this by connecting potential pet owners with ethical and licensed breeders who care for their animals. We also support these breeders so they can do what they love best: breeding healthy pets, competing in shows, and spending time with their beloved animals while we take care of the rest.

We are a group of both dog and cat enthusiasts and animal welfare advocates. We cannot imagine our lives without a furry companion to love and share our lives with!

We realised how hard it is to find a puppy or kitten from a good breeder as the majority of adverts show pets available from irresponsible backyard breeders, harmful pet mills, and deceptive pet scammers. Additionally, all the best breeders have very long waiting lists, and they are often very difficult to identify in the mass of unethical breeders and people who were just out to make money.

Something had to be done to change the breeder scene...

So, we channelled our passion for animal welfare into something that would benefit both humans and animals alike.

Thus, the concept for the Pedigree Paws was born!


Breeding With a Difference

Through our collaboration with ethical and licensed breeders, veterinary specialists, and animal welfare advocates, we are setting a professional standard in dog and cat breeding. Our partner breeders adhere to strict rules set by canine and feline registries and go the extra mile to raise the healthiest, happiest animals possible.

As a company, we are based in London, United Kingdom. However, we understand that the cat and dog breeding industry doesn’t necessarily stick to borders. Therefore, we collaborate with breeders across the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America. We have also recently expanded our reach to Australia!


Our ‘Paw-some’ Standards

Our high standards are what set us apart from the disappointing pet breeding services you may have experienced in the past. We truly care about our animals, so we put in every effort to ensure they are well cared for and matched with the perfect forever family:

We collaborate with a team of veterinary specialists to create a comprehensive checklist that helps us to select only the best breeders.

We work closely with experienced veterinarians to make sure every puppy and kitten receives the necessary vaccinations, de-worming treatments, and Pedigree documentation prior to joining their new forever homes.

We require every breeder to perform extensive DNA testing and health checks on all their animals to ensure they produce healthy offspring.

We also work with expert pet solicitors on legal matters and only use DEFRA-approved transportation methods for our animals.

Our entire team consists of veterinary specialists and passionate animal welfare writers, who are all dedicated to changing the lives of pets for the better; one paw at a time.

How we Support our Ethical Breeders

We value the hard work and effort our breeders put into looking after their animals and their dedication to improving breeding practices. So, we offer them additional support wherever we can. That’s why we provide them with legal, veterinary, and transportation services - to make their jobs easier!

Since our founding, we have collaborated with many fantastic high-quality breeders who are truly passionate about improving the health of their chosen breed. This commitment also gives YOU extra peace of mind that you are receiving a healthy, well-socialised, and appropriately weaned new family member that you can cherish for years to come.

We believe that by supporting ethical breeders, we can help to improve animal welfare and eliminate pet mills for good.

FACT: Reports of illegal puppy mills in the UK have increased 5-fold in the last 10 years. 87% of this trading is done online.

We are here to change that!

Every animal deserves the best life and that’s what we are here to do.

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

Of course, if we could, we would try to help every pet, stray, and feral animal on the planet! But (at least for now), we have set our main focus on fixing the broken cat and dog breeding industry. By supporting licensed breeders, we hope that the growing issue of pet abandonment will decrease because every ethical breeder will accept an animal back if the owner is unable to look after them. This process is in stark contrast to pet mills which churn out animals that sadly often end up languishing in rescue centres with underlying health issues and/or socialisation problems.

Saying that, we have further proven our commitment to animal welfare by partnering with a prominent animal welfare organisation – sharing is giving!

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