About Us

The Pedigree Paws is an avenue between responsible breeders, who love and care for their offspring, and customers looking for their forever furry friend. We are committed to providing healthy puppies and kittens to the best new homes. We believe that our customers deserve trust, transparency, and confidence in searching the best and well-suited companion in their lives.

Our Mission

The number one priority is the health and wellbeing of each pet. We are dedicated to safeguard and guarantee that even before finding their forever homes, they are well taken care of by certified and responsible breeders. Our mission is to ensure that we only collaborate with reputable breeders that pass our thorough selection process. This means that our customers are guaranteed that every puppy or kitten is healthy and treated above standards.

Our History

about us

The Pedigree Paws recognizes the obstacle and frustration of pet owners getting puppies and kittens from breeders, which often results in business with non-registered breeders and ending up buying from illegal puppy mills.

Nowadays, new and first-time pet owners are often confused about the process of acquiring puppies and kittens. They are usually not familiar with essential procedures such as health screening and veterinary requirements that may end up having to bring new pets’ homes with issues in their health or behaviour.
The Pedigree Paws aids potential pet owners to have a premium experience of having an accessible platform to acquire their dream puppies and kittens from reputable and certified breeders. Through our buying process, you will get familiar with the necessary requirements, select our certified breeders, and make sure that your chosen dream pet suits your home and lifestyle. What’s best is that The Pedigree Paws takes care of everything until your dream pet arrives at your doorstep.

We know the struggle of certified breeders in finding the right homes for their puppies and kittens. Most of the time, they find it hard to establish a relationship with pet owners because of the complexities of the buying procedure.

Breeders have problems finding the right avenue to showcase their registered and healthy puppies and kittens. They are busy caring for their offspring, attending a variety of shows, and being active in the breed-specific clubs. Moreover, potential pet owners get overwhelmed or intimidated with all the buying process they have to buy a pet from a certified breeder. In The Pedigree Paws, we make all this process easier and more manageable, so certified breeders can transact with pet owners with ease and confidence.

about us
about us

We understand the need for an avenue to connect the right and certified breeders to potential pet owners to avoid transactions with these harrowing pet mills. The Pedigree Paws know that despite the many efforts of organizations all over the world, pet mills are still prevalent. 

One of the reasons why The Pedigree Paws was established is that we see a lack of structural support from the pet industry to fight pet mills trade. These establishments compromise the health and wellbeing of animals, putting them in danger of disease and premature death. To help with this alarming issue, we created The Pedigree Paws to connect the best breeders worldwide to pet owners to have a safe place where they can support each other for the best interest of the puppy or kitten.

The Pedigree Paws addresses the challenge of the process of buying puppies and kittens from certified breeders. With our easy and convenient buying procedure, we bring customers to the right and certified breeders and avoid puppy mills.

We believe that by making the buying procedure from reputable breeders accessible and secure, potential pet owners would no longer buy puppies and kittens from pet mills. We put a lot of effort into building strong relationships with the best breeders worldwide so you can have options of finding the most suitable pet for you that will accompany you for years to come, living life of perfect health.

about us

“Our dedication comes from the decision that IT IS TIME TO FINALLY END THE PET MILL INDUSTRY. “

We know that finding and purchasing puppies or kittens is not an easy process. With this, we offer you the assistance to find your dream pets without constraints. Our friendly customer service advisor will assist you with the right breed selection that matches your needs and lifestyle. After this step, find the perfect furry friend from the right breeder, arrange all necessary documents, and finally, organize the transport of the chosen pet safely to your home.
Remember, The Pedigree Paws is not just another advertising platform that doesn’t care where the puppies and kittens came from or don’t verify their advertisers and their listings. We are here to ensure that your rights and the rights of these fur babies are looked after.
The Pedigree Paws is looking forward to helping you find your perfect furry best friend in a simplified yet memorable purchase experience by making it accessible, transparent, and 100% secured.

Contact us today to learn more about The Pedigree Paws and find your dream pet.