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“If you are looking for a pedigree puppy and don’t know how to find a breeder we are here to help.

Our top priority is health of puppies and we do not compromise on selecting our partner breeders that breed in the most ethical way. We do all the necessary checks for your peace of mind.

An ethical breeder gives you the best chance of adding a physically and mentally healthy pet as a new member of your family. “

Below you can find the key aspects we look for in our Canine Partner Breeders:

Members of reputable canine registries

All our canine breeders are registered with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). This includes Kennel Club (KC) registrations in the United Kingdom and American Kennel Club (AKC) registrations, as well as others depending on a breeder’s location. These canine registries impose strict breeding practices on dog breeders to make sure they only adhere to the highest welfare standards throughout the breeding process.

Pedigree documents

Puppy farms and backyard breeders are still a big problem, and they can be difficult to spot. These unethical breeders claim that they are breeding pure pedigree dogs, but no proof is given. Furthermore, the animals are usually kept in unsuitable conditions that compromise their welfare.

We are passionate about stopping these unethical breeding practices for good. One of the ways we do this is by sending every new puppy home with certified pedigree documents that contain the genealogy of a dog over 3-5 generations. This provides proof of their lineage.

These Pedigree documents also show that our partner breeders use a wide genetic pool to breed their puppies, rather than mating close relatives.

Being a breeder comes with big responsibility and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why we only collaborate with breeders that educate themselves on canine care and welfare, high-quality breeding practices, canine genetics, and other topics related to the breeding of pedigree dogs.

Prioritise canine health

The main priority of our partner breeders is to breed HEALTHY puppies. Everything else, including appearance, comes afterwards. Our breeders conduct a comprehensive process to select the most suitable dogs to breed. This is based on many criteria including DNA testing and various health checks.

Furthermore, every puppy is fully vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, and of course microchipped before being placed with a new family for life.

Conducting DNA and other health tests

Our partner breeders love their chosen breed. So, they work hard to reduce the prevalence of genetic disorders and produce puppies that don’t inherit any health problems. Depending on the chosen breed, our Partner Breeders run DNA and other health tests on both parents, often including X-rays for hip dysplasia or heart echocardiograms to detect any abnormalities.

Appropriate weaning age

Our breeders keep their puppies with their mother and siblings for a minimum of 8-10 weeks. You may have seen other breeders offering puppies younger than 8 weeks of age, but this has been shown to have detrimental physical and mental health effects. If a puppy is removed from its mother too early, it can lead to behavioural problems later in life. This is because they haven't had enough time to learn essential life skills from the mother and their siblings.

A healthy breeding plan and objectives

Our Partner breeders have certain priorities in mind when breeding dogs. First and foremost is Health, followed by Temperament, then Type. Therefore, you can guarantee that your new puppy will be healthy, happy, and well-tempered.

Positive breeder profile

Our partner breeders love their jobs; breeding dogs is more like a hobby to them than a money-making scheme. They breed out of love and passion with a drive to improve their chosen breed. Our partner breeders pride themselves on being fully transparent, trustworthy, and honest. There is nothing more rewarding to them than raising healthy animals that are placed in loving, forever homes. Our breeders don’t see their dogs as just animals, but rather as family members, which is a mindset they also expect from prospective pet owners.

Comprehensive breeder education

Our partner breeders are a network of passionate individuals that are constantly sharing, tips, ideas, and motivation. They consistently improve their craft through training and education courses, alongside certificates of achievement that confirm their breeding knowledge. This education is essential to ensure their breeding programs are planned according to science. Just some of the topics they educate themselves on include:

  • Dog breeding
  • Canine genetics
  • Canine care and welfare
  • Veterinary care

Relationship building

It’s normal for a breeder to want to know details about you, including your lifestyle, family dynamics, and why you are interested in a particular breed. This is because they want to ensure the breed is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

We want all puppies to find loving forever homes, so we add a clause in every contract to ensure new owners never give their animal up to a shelter or try to rehome it. If circumstances change and you can no longer look after a puppy, the breeder will take it back. Here at the Pedigree Paws, we believe that a pet is a lifelong commitment and animals deserve as much time, respect, consideration, and care, as any human family member. 

Meeting the litter

Most of our partner breeders are happy to arrange a meet so that you can see your potential new puppy in its current environment (after the puppies have received their first vaccinations). This is a great opportunity to meet the breeder and ask any questions you may have. In cases where our partner breeders are based abroad, we will arrange a video introduction via Zoom. 

High standard breeding facility

Our partner breeders breed their dogs in homely environments. They never keep their dogs in cages! All our breeders live with their dogs, so their puppies get used to a home environment, making them well prepared for family life from a young age. Our breeder’s properties are fully licensed, ensuring that they provide the best environment for the physical and mental health of their dogs.

Dog showing

Most of our partner breeders attend dog shows regularly to make sure their dogs are being judged and conform to a strict breed standard. However, this is a personal choice. Some breeders choose not to attend dog shows purely because some of their animals don’t enjoy the experience. Either way, the physical and mental wellbeing of the dogs is the top priority for all our partner breeders.


While caring for their puppy litters, our partner breeders can easily get attached, especially after looking after them for up to 10 weeks! This is a perfectly normal reaction and shows the dedication of each breeder to their animals. As a result, they may want to stay in touch with you if you’ve adopted one or two of their puppies. In addition, they love to hear from families and see pictures to show how the puppy is getting on.  During this time, they will also be more than happy to offer advice or answer any questions you may have as your puppy adjusts to its new life.


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