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Breeders Code of Ethics


At The Pedigree Paws, we are on a mission to put an end to puppy and kitten farming, as well as unethical and backyard breeding practices. We strive to promote breeders that provide transparency and breed responsibly, whilst prioritising the health and temperament of their cats and dogs above all else.

Every one of our Partner Breeders is committed to the set of standards created by feline and canine registries, often going above and beyond by performing extra health tests to improve their chosen breed significantly.

Regarding breeding practices, all our partner breeders agree and confirm that:

  1. They are members of at least one feline registry organisation that belongs to the World Cat Congress, or a canine registry organisation that belongs to the FCI. Breeders will also adhere to all appropriate breeding policies and regulations.
  2. They are familiar with registry and breeding policy and will work within the regulations to breed healthy kittens and puppies.
  3. Conscientiously plan every litter and only breed from cats or dogs of good health, of good temperament, and good breed type, with no known genetic and/or hereditary diseases. Breeders will also continuously analyse pedigree and parentage, making sure that each match produces healthy kittens or puppies.
  4. Will not breed more often than is stated in the breeding policy of feline or canine registry to protect the health and well-being of a particular cat or dog.
  5. Not allow any female to have more litters in her lifetime than the appropriate number advised by a veterinary specialist and/or feline registry.
  6. Follow recommendations by the appropriate feline or canine registry and veterinary specialists to conduct DNA and other health tests relevant to the breed.
  7. Not breed from a female that is underdeveloped either physically or mentally. Females must be mature enough to successfully have and care for a litter. In addition, breeders will not breed from a female that is beyond the appropriate age for her breed, as advised by a licensed veterinarian.
  8. Make sure that any cats or dogs registered on an active register meet the same criteria, to protect the health of the breed.
  9. Maintain genetic diversity within the breed, giving careful consideration to the studs and females used.
  10. Comply with all the applicable local laws and regulations regarding breeding cats or dogs.

Regarding day-to-day care of cats and dogs:

  1. The health and welfare of cats and dogs is the primary concern. Breeders agree to take appropriate steps to minimise the spread of disease between cats or dogs.
  2. Provide proper care to all their cats and dogs, as well as maintain a clean, safe environment.
  3. Maintain a good relationship through continuous communication with an appropriate veterinary practice that supports breeding activities.
  4. Provide regular preventative veterinary care to all their cats or dogs. If a cat or dog falls ill, breeders agree to seek veterinary advice and protect the welfare of any animal that becomes sick or injured.
  5. Ensure that all cats or dogs are seen by a veterinarian and given appropriate vaccinations and deworming treatment.
  6. Provide appropriate housing with protection from extreme hot or cold temperatures and fluctuations.
  7. Provide professional care in feeding, grooming, training, enrichment, socialisation, and day-to-day provisions in accordance with the breed, age, size, and reproductive status.
  8. Provide proper care and a sanitised, safe environment for a female and her litter until her offspring are ready to be placed in forever homes.

Regarding the sale and placement of kittens and puppies:

  1. Ensure that all kittens and/or puppies go to loving, responsible forever homes with owners that agree to The Owner Code of Ethics.
  2. Ensure that all their kittens and/or puppies are fully weaned prior to moving on to their forever homes, with a minimum of 12 weeks for kittens and 8 weeks for puppies. They must also be microchipped, fully vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked, and declared healthy with the appropriate tests and documentation.
  3. Disclose any known health issues of a puppy or kitten before it’s placed in its forever home.
  4. Provide age-appropriate socialisation and interaction for all kittens and puppies until they leave the breeder.
  5. Never misrepresent the characteristics of a breed or a particular kitten or puppy.
  6. To the best of their knowledge and ability, breeders will not sell any kitten or puppy that is sick or has been exposed to any infectious diseases.
  7. Ensure that new owners receive pedigree documentation, sales contracts (including a health guarantee), health records with vaccinations, deworming confirmation, and any veterinary treatment records. Additionally, breeders will provide new owners with care information such as guidelines for feeding, grooming, and general care.
  8. Breeders will provide their contact details to new owners, so they can seek help or advice. Breeders will reply to any requests promptly.
  9. Agree to take a kitten or puppy back if a new owner is unable to give proper care.

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