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Arrived safely and healthy

I've dreamed of owning a Maine Coon, and The Pedigree Paws made my dream come true. From the selection process to the arrival of my babies, they were there to ensure they arrived safely and healthy. Kudos to their pet transport courier partner. They are very courteous, helpful, and friendly, and they handled my babies well and secured. Now, I am enjoying the company of my babies, who are just perfect for me!

Lucy S., Paris

Trustworthy service!

It's been a year since our beloved British Shorthair crossed the rainbow bridge. But our daughter still missed her, so we decided to purchase from your website. Many videos and pictures were shown, but we were shocked to see this cat who looked exactly like our cat. So, my daughter insisted on buying him, and he was the same as the one in those photos. Thank you, The Pedigree Paws, for being truthful and transparent.

Stephen L., Birmingham

Keeps us updated every step of the way

From the puppy's selection to the arrival of my puppy, The Pedigree Paws was there to assist us. They are very prompt in answering my initial and follow-up questions while my puppy was in transit. Very reliable and trustworthy! I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Anna R., Berlin

Awesome pet transport!

One of the reasons I was hesitant to buy The Pedigree Paws is because I live in France. But I was wrong! It was one of the smoothest, safest, and most reliable services I have ever encountered. Lucky, The German Shepherd puppy was tired, but after a long nap, he was the same cheerful, playful puppy as described on the website.

Jan M., Warsaw

Great service for first-time dog owners

Deciding to have a dog is one of the most challenging decisions we ever had as we are a family with young kids. As we haven't decided what breed to purchase, The Pedigree Paws' customer service provided us the best options. We ended up choosing a Labrador because the kids loved the picture and the videos shown to us. Thank you for the hassle-free process, The Pedigree Paws! Highly recommended!

Mark S., London

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