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Our office is in London, United Kingdom, from where we help you find your forever furry friend. However, our partner breeders are located in various locations throughout the UK and Europe.

Most of our breeders are located in the UK and Europe; therefore, our primary customer base is here. However, our breeder collaborations extend beyond Europe, enabling us to offer pets to customers from around the World.

We also try to offer healthy pedigree pets located as close as possible to our customers’ locations to avoid unnecessary travel.

Absolutely! Here you will find our testimonial page full of reviews from happy customers, including references and pictures of their forever furry friends.

We work only with licensed breeders that are registered with internationally recognised Canine or Feline registries such as :

  • KC- UK Kennel Club
  • FCI- The Federation Cynologique Internationale
  • GCCF- The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
  • FIFe- Federation Internationale Feline and others

We also only work with breeders that follow very strict breeding regulations. This gives our customers the guarantee that they are purchasing a physically and mentally healthy puppy or a kitten.

Find out more about our Partner Breeders and their practices here.

No, we are a Matchmaking Agency that is here to assist, advise, and support you in the process of purchasing a new furry friend. First, we will help you decide which breed is the most suitable for you and then offer you the best pets based on your preferences and lifestyle. Then, once you’ve chosen your new furry companion, we’ll set up a video call between you and the breeder. This will ensure a perfect, lifelong match with your new puppy or a kitten.

We are fully transparent in everything we do, which is why we connect our customers with the breeders. Our breeders will offer support with the initial settling in process and beyond.

Every puppy and kitten comes directly from the breeder, where they are living happily with their mothers and littermates. You can find out more about their history from the breeder themselves once we connect you with them after the initial reservation.

No, we work only with licensed and registered breeders. Your furry friend will come with a five generation pedigree document confirming its genealogic tree. Our mission is to fight pet mills and support kind-hearted breeders that love and care for their animals.

To order a pet from The Pedigree Paws, contact us on +447827755111 or by emailing hello@thepedigreepaws.com. One of our friendly advisors will get in touch with all the information you need. In addition, they will guide you through the process of welcoming your new furry family member into the home.

Our friendly dog and cat breed specialist will give you thorough advice on what breed is the most suitable for you based on your lifestyle, environment, and personal preferences. At The Pedigree Paws, we are passionate about the different cat and dog breeds. We strongly believe that choosing the right breed is the first step towards creating a solid and lasting bond with your pet. So please call us today, and we will help you to find the perfect breed for you.

Because we work with many breeders, there are often new litters of puppies and kittens not yet listed on our website. So, get in touch with us on +447827755111 or by email at hello@thepedigreepaws.com, and we will help you find your dream pet.

You can reserve one of our puppies or kittens today. However, when you receive your new furry friend will depend on your location and country regulations.

Moreover, for their wellbeing and development, we do not allow any puppies and kittens to leave their mothers until they reach a minimum of 10-week-olds. However, the exact age will depend on the breed and the breeder. We at The Pedigree Paws will do our very best to ensure you receive your pet as soon as possible, adhering to all the regulations.

The first step is to seek assistance and treatment from your local veterinarian. Then, contact the breeder directly and us at The Pedigree Paws on +447827755111 or by email at hello@thepedigreepaws.com. All breeders guarantee the health of their puppies in accordance with the contract.

We offer Lifetime Health Insurance for all our puppies and kittens. Please visit this page for more information.

Yes, all puppies and kittens have to have a clinical examination from a veterinarian before they leave their homes. Additionally, they recieve a complete set of vaccinations, deworming treatment and are microchipped. All of this is recorded in the health booklet or pet passport that will come with your new fur child.

Yes, the health of our puppies and kittens is our top priority; that`s why we work only with registered and licensed breeders! Their job is to screen both parents of the puppy or kitten for any genetic health conditions, ensuring their DNA is free from any diseases. Our partner breeders provide the best veterinary care for their cats and dogs and treat them as family members, not stock-producing animals. They are passionate about their chosen breed and strive to ensure the offspring are entirely healthy.

Yes, our partner breeders live with their cats and dogs at their family home, rather than a separate kennel or cattery. As a result, they receive socialisation from a very early age with all family members, including kids and pets like cats and dogs. This helps them to become a well-developed dog or cat in the future.

Yes, all our puppies and kittens receive the complete set of vaccinations necessary for their age and any additional required vaccinations needed to meet travel regulations.

It depends on the circumstances as some breeders prefer to sterilize their puppies and kittens before the sale. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the contract. Furthermore, some breeders will sell their puppies and kittens without them being sterilized.

We stand firmly with the policy that “a pet is for life”. Therefore, before deciding to return a puppy or a kitten, you should seek help from a professional dog trainer or a cat behaviourist. In addition, the return policy widely depends on a breeder as each one has its own guidelines on returning a puppy or kitten.

Your new furry friend will come with a health certificate from a veterinarian with all the necessary treatments such as deworming and vaccinations given. You`ll also receive their birth certificate, microchip and internationally recognised pedigree registration, along with five weeks of health insurance, lifetime health guarantee and a complete puppy or kitten pack.

Sometimes shipping is included in the price, but this depends on your location and prior agreement with the breeder. Please contact us for more information as shipping costs are on a case to case basis. We will consider the destination, breed, crate size, chosen way of transport and country regulations.

Yes, we send puppies and kittens abroad using only the safest and veterinary approved transportation. We work with fully licensed companies offering transport by road or by air. These companies pass very strict safety regulations and offer the best travel experience for your new furry friend.

Upon reservation, we will offer you the best and safest travel options available, ensuring the safety of the puppy or kitten first.

Yes, we use only the safest pet transport to ensure your new family member arrives fully healthy and well taken care of during the trip.

No, we will only match puppies and kittens to new prospective owners in locations that the puppy or kitten can travel to without the need for quarantine.

Yes, we offer lifelong support for our customers, ranging from adjusting to the new home to any behavioural issues. We are here to ensure that pets matched by us receive the best care and support. We are animal lovers, and we love to hear from our customers throughout their pets' lives.

We believe everybody deserves a loving pet, and we aim to find the perfect match that will last a lifetime. However, not all breeds are suitable for everybody. That`s why as a first step, we make sure to match our customers with the cat or dog breeds that are most suited to their lifestyle and environment.

We strive to find loving forever homes for our puppies and kittens; therefore, we reserve the right to act in the best interest of our pets.

Yes, we have a contract to ensure that both parties: the customer and the breeder, are fully informed and satisfied with the terms of sale. The contract is a legally binding document. It ensures the wellbeing of the puppy or kitten and works as a protection for both the customer and the breeder simultaneously.

We accept all debit and credit cards, UK or international Bank Transfers and PayPal.

The first payment that we require to secure your new family member is a deposit for the breeder of £500. From then, the pet is secured for you, and we start the process of organising all the documents and transportation. Then we require the full payment a minimum of 3 weeks before the departure to ensure we met all the transport regulations.

Our puppies and kittens can leave their mother from the age of 10 weeks, ensuring they are mentally ready to change homes.

Aside from this, every country has different regulations, so when you receive your new pet will largely depend on your location. Upon first communication with us, we will tell you what age the puppy or kitten will be when you receive them.

Yes, we offer only pets with internationally recognised pedigree documents showing the genealogy of the puppy or kitten.

Your pet will most likely come with a non-active pedigree registration, which doesn’t give the rights to breed your dog or a cat. However, in some cases, some breeders are willing to send full active pedigree documents.

Yes, our puppies and kittens come with internationally recognised pedigree documents. This allows you to register your pet with your local official canine or feline registry such as KC, FCI, AKC for puppies, and GCCF, FIFe, TICA for kittens.

Our breeders give their puppies and kittens basic training in using puppy pee pads or a cat litter tray. However, you will need to introduce your new furry friend to your house rules and teach him/her basic commands.

We collaborate with a few registered dog trainers and will be happy to arrange a video call with them upon your puppy’s arrival for an additional fee. Training your puppy from an early age will make it easier to teach them commands and greatly help them to become a well-rounded, happy dog.

Contact a dog trainer or a cat behaviourist if you experience any behavioural issues with your puppy or kitten. They will help you find out what is causing the problem and work through it with them. Getting help from a professional will ensure that the issues are addressed from the start and stop them from developing into a habit.

Firstly, your new furry friend will need to continue eating the same type and brand of food that the breeder gave. You will receive one week’s supply of food with your puppy or kitten. However, if you want to change their food, introduce it slowly by gradually mixing the old food with the new food over a week to avoid stomach problems. You will receive detailed instructions from the breeder regarding the portion size and how often you should feed them.


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