Tormond- A Beautiful Chartreux Male Kitten originally from France

Are you looking for an active and playful feline companion?  Tormund is an ideal Family Pet. He is very sociable and loving. You can see him often playing with his siblings.

He is currently in France where he lives with her breeder. He comes with one of the best and very prestigious LOOF pedigree equivalent to GCCF in the UK. 

The pedigree documents contain 5 generation genealogical tree with many champions and interchampions in the bloodline which guarantee that his temperament and look are of a true Chartreux cat.
The pedigree documents is of a non-active and you wouldn't have rights to breed him, but you will be able to take him to some cat shows if you wish.

The active pedigree is possible but the price is much higher. 

He is well socialised with kids, other cats and dogs.

His parents had extensive DNA and blood tests are negative for FeLV/ FIV, HCM, PKD and FCoV (a feline coronovirus).

You will receive life long after-care for the kitten. The breeder is an expert in this particular breed.




Champion Bloodline
Kitten ID :
Gender :
Coat :
Colour :
Blue (Blue)
Date of Birth :
Date Available :
Age :
64 Week
Type :
Family Pet
What's Included ?
Health Certificate
Birth Certificate
Pedigree Registration
Health Insurance for 5 weeks
Health Guarantee
Kitten Pack

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Breed Information

Size : Medium

Height: 22-28 cm

Weight: 2.7-5 kg

Life Span: 12-13+ years

Temperament: Loving, Loyal, Easygoing, Intelligent, Gentle, Calm, Affectionate, Friendly

Coat: Short

Colours: Any shade of blue-gray, from ash to slate

Energy Level: High

Country of Origin: France

Registration : GCCF, TICA, CFA, FIFe

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