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The Chartreux may be a cat breed you’ve never heard of before and probably never seen. These felines originated in France, where their history goes as far back as 1747 where they first appeared in paintings. Unfortunately, they almost became extinct during the first World War, and today, they remain a largely unknown and exclusive breed.

They are known to be very quiet cats and are playful, affectionate and intelligent. In terms of appearance, the Chartreux looks like a Russian Blue and British Shorthair, sporting the same silver-blue coat.

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Meet the Chartreux cat

The Chartreux is a reasonably large cat that weighs between 7 and 16 pounds and stands 9 to 11 inches tall. They have a sturdy, robust build with solid bones and dense muscles. Their shoulders are broad, and their chest is deep-set, showing their heritage as a working cat keeping away vermin in shops and homes throughout France.

Like Russian Blues, Chartreux cats come in one colour only, solid blue-grey. However, as kittens, they may have light tabby markings that will slowly vanish as they grow. Their double coats are short, silky, and water-repellent. As they age, their fur thickens and gains a woolly texture. However, males tend to have heavier coats than females, and the thickness can also depend on the climate of their environment.

Their round heads feature a powerful jaw and full cheeks with a straight nose and softly contoured forehead. Their ears are set high on their heads, and they have round, open eyes that give an alert expression.

Although a Chartreux may look like a Russian Blue or British Shorthair at first glance, there are various ways to tell them apart. The Russian blue’s fur has more of a silver tone than the Chartreux. What’s more, a Chartreux has vibrant orange eyes, a stark contrast to the Russian’s blue’s green eyes. British shorthairs have broader heads and are usually bigger than the Chartreux.

The temperament of a Chartreux

The Chartreux cat is loving, loyal and intelligent. One of their most distinctive personality traits is their quietness. They generally do not meow much at all, and some are, in fact, mute. Sometimes they may open their mouth to meow, but no sound comes out. So, instead of vocalising when they are hungry, they will simply stand next to their food bowl. However, one sound you will often hear from a Chartreux is their calming deep purr.

The Chartreux is intelligent and observant. They will watch how you open cupboards and operate things and try to copy. You’ll also be surprised at how quickly they learn their names or how they pick up tricks and games after one or two times.

They are super playful and will chase anything that moves, including your feet. They have a strong hunting instinct, and their favourite game to play with their human is chasing feather wands or ribbons. They will also run after a tennis ball and may even bring it back to you like a dog. However, their energy levels are not super high, so they have a good balance between activeness and relaxation.

They are affectionate towards their owner, and if you sit close to them, they will come over to you for some petting and may even curl up onto your lap. However, they do not crave constant human attention. They will follow you around in a loving way rather than a needy or demanding way.

10 reasons to add a Chartreux to your home

  1. They are elegantly beautiful - Cat lovers seek out this rare breed for their stunning aesthetics, such as their silky silver-blue coat, sweet expression and vibrant orange eyes.
  2. They are quiet - You’ll never wake up in the middle of the night to a hungry Chartreux crying for your attention. You’ll hardly hear anything from them, which can be a little strange at first, but you will soon come to appreciate their peaceful nature.
  3. They are big purrers - A Chartreux is not completely quiet, though, and they will remind you of this every time you pet them. Their purrs are deep and soothing and are the perfect antidote to a stressful day.
  4. They are loving but undemanding - The Chartreux is an easygoing breed that loves attention from its owner but doesn’t need constant petting. They are pretty content to stay close to you but will also leave you alone when you’re busy.
  5. They are fine to stay home alone - This is an ideal cat for those who work out of the house throughout the week.
  6. They learn quickly - The gentle nature of a Chartreux means they naturally want to please their owner, and their intelligence makes learning the rules super easy.
  7. They are tolerant of children - The Chartreux is undoubtedly a lover, not a fighter, and they display incredibly calm and patient behaviour around small children. If a child hurt them accidentally, they would be more likely to walk away than lash out.
  8. They have a fantastic sense of humour - You’ll always have a laugh watching your Chartreux play, and they will happily put on a show for you. They don’t mind acting in a silly way to make you laugh, either.
  9. They were companions of monks - There is an adorable tale that these cats served as companions to monks living in monasteries. They would not disturb the monks during meditation, and their peaceful nature created a calm environment.
  10. They are exclusive - You won’t come across many people who have a Chartreux cat, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the breed for you!

Best homes for a Chartreux cat

The Chartreux cat likes routine, so they do best in a home that does not have constant change. They will thrive in a predictable environment where they know what to expect. They will also do fine left alone during the day, providing they get some quality time with you on the weekends.

Furthermore, their tolerant and gentle nature means Chartreux cats are accepting of young children and pets. However, proper socialisation is essential to ensure they do not get off on the wrong foot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chartreux Kittens

Why should I choose a Chartreux kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
Despite UK breeding laws being in place, unethical cat breeding facilities and pet farms sadly still exist. However, at The Pedigree Paws, kitten welfare is always our number one priority. This is reflected in the extensive checks and procedures we follow to ensure our partner breeders are professional, ethical, and passionate about kitten welfare. To aid in the fight against unethical breeding, we do not work with any breeding facilities. All our partner breeders work privately, raising their Chartreux kittens in their homes. Because of our extensive requirements, we have become a trustworthy matchmaking agency for kitten lovers in Britain and throughout Europe.
Is a Chartreux the right kitten for me?
Chartreux cats are quiet, loving, and playful and make a fantastic companion for most homes. They also have a good level of independence and tend to be okay when left alone during the day. Therefore, if you have a full-time job, your Chartreux will do fine at home while you’re working. Chartreux cats love to receive petting and attention from their owners and stay close to you. So, if you’re looking for a feline friend who will keep you company and brighten your day, a Chartreux is perfect.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
The intention of The Pedigree Paws is to give cat lovers an enjoyable, stress-free experience when looking for a kitten. We act transparently in everything we do and guide our customers through the process of buying a kitten, explaining every step of the way. You don’t have to worry about supporting illegal breeding farms when you buy a Chartreux kitten through us, either. We have carefully selected the most ethical and passionate kitten breeders in the industry, and we’re optimistic that all our kittens receive excellent care. Our fabulous testimonials from past customers reflect this too, which you can read about on our reviews page.
Are Chartreux kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
As kitten welfare is our prime concern, we would never sell any kittens that are not in excellent health. Furthermore, our breeders obey our strict health and welfare protocols. For example, they must take every Chartreux kitten for a health checkup with a licensed veterinarian before putting them up for sale. We also require our breeders to carry out DNA tests for both parents of their Chartreux kittens to prove their heritage. A DNA test also allows us to check that the parents do not carry any genetic diseases, ensuring that your Chartreux kitten will be healthy. Furthermore, the breeder will deworm, microchip, and vaccinate them for you, giving you one less thing to do.
When can I receive my Chartreux kitten?
Every Chartreux kitten needs to stay with the mother cat until they are at least eight weeks old. However, in many cases, the kitten is not ready to leave its mother and sibling until 10-13 weeks, so we often keep them together for this duration. We understand you are keen to play with your new kitty. However, it’s in the kitten’s best interest to stay with their mum for long as possible to ensure sufficient development.
Can I see the parents of a Chartreux kitten before purchase?
Yes, certainly. Before you pay for your Chartreux kitten, we are happy to arrange a video call between you and the breeder. Here, you can virtually see one or both parents of your Chartreux kitten to check that your new feline is coming from healthy cats and put your mind at ease.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Chartreux kitten?
Yes, when you buy a Chartreux kitten through The Pedigree Paws platform, you will receive internationally recognised pedigree documents with your new furry friend. These will be from one of the top breeding organisations, commonly GCCF, and the paper is valid globally.
Do your Chartreux kittens come from good breeders?
Chartreux kittens are not commonly bred, yet we have found and partnered with the very best Chartreux breeders in Britain and Europe. Before we work with a breeder, we carry out thorough checks to ensure they are registered and licenced and operate ethically. As a result, we can say that all our Chartreux breeders treat their kittens like family pets. Furthermore, along with meeting our specific requirements, our breeders follow the leading breeding organisations’ regulations. Therefore, you can feel assured that your new Chartreux kitten has had the best start to its life and will thrive in its new home with you.
Are your Chartreux kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
Our breeders treat their kittens like pets by raising them in their own home, together with their mum and siblings. The kittens spend 100% of their time with their mother in a family home, receiving adequate development. Plus, they get used to a home environment, humans, and often other pets, too. We’re proud to say that we do not partner with any commercial breeding facility. These businesses focus solely on making money and do not operate with the kittens’ best interests at heart. When they are raised in a highly unethical way, their welfare, health, and development greatly suffer.
How can I help my Chartreux settle into my home?
Chartreux cats are not the most adaptable breed and can sometimes feel wary of change. They like predictability and routine, so one thing you can do to help them settle quickly is to establish a new system straight away. We also recommend asking the breeder what time they eat and what food they are currently eating. This way, you can match their current feeding schedule as closely as possible. By minimising the extent of the change, your baby Chartreux is less likely to feel scared and anxious in those first few days. What’s more, we suggest keeping them in one room for the first day or two, so they can get used to a small space first.