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The American Bobtail is a relatively uncommon but highly desired cat breed. These cats have only been around since the late 1960s and are pretty rare in the UK and Europe. Even so, they are sought after by cat lovers because of their highly affectionate and loving temperature, combined with their distinctive and wild-like appearance.

You can find short and long-haired American Bobtails with either dense fur or long, shaggy coats. They also grow slower than other breeds; therefore, they will stay small and cute for longer!

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Meet the American Bobtail

The American Bobtail’s most distinctive feature is its short tail. However, what most people do not realise is that every American Bobtail’s tail is unique. Although most will be between 1 to 4 inches in length, it’s not uncommon to see an American Bobtail with a shorter or longer tail, too. Moreover, it may be kinked, bumpy, curved or flat.

American Bobtails are medium-sized with a rectangular stance. Their chest is full and broad, and their shoulder blades are prominent, giving them an athletic, wild-cat like build. Their legs are a regular length in proportion to their body size, but their paws tend to be large and round.

Likewise, the size of their head is proportionate, and they possess chiselled cheekbones. They have medium-sized ears but large, deep-set eyes with a slight almond shaping. They have a very distinctive browline above the eyes, which creates an alert hunting gaze.

Uniquely, American Bobtails can be short or long-haired. Short-haired Bobtails will have a double coat with a dense outer layer and a soft, downy undercoat. Long haired Bobtails have a bushy ruff around the neck and long hair on their upper hind legs, belly, and tail, giving them a fluffy yet shaggy appearance.

Unlike some other cat breeds, you can find American Bobtails in a wide selection of colours. They can also be a mix of colours. Therefore, it’s true that no two American Bobtails are the same.

American Bobtail Temperament

What makes the American Bobtail so well-loved amongst families is how people-oriented they are. They are confident around unfamiliar people, adapt quickly to new environments, and develop a Golden Retriever-like loyalty to their owners.

American Bobtails are not the type of cat to hide under the sofa, nor will they seek out an empty room. Instead, they want to be close to their owners at all times. They will sit on your lap then immediately follow you when you get up and walk around. They are just as loving towards anyone who visits the home. In fact, every guest will fall in love with your American Bobtail, as their friendly welcome is hard for even a non-cat-lover to resist.

As well as making a devoted companion, American Bobtails are extremely smart. They have excellent hunting skills and love to show off their talents to their owners. In addition, they love to play, and because they are so clever, you can introduce them to various puzzle games and teach them tricks. What’s more, many American Bobtails can learn to play fetch, which they will continue for hours on end!

American Bobtails are not one of the most vocal cat breeds, but you’ll still hear a fair amount from them. They like to communicate with their owners through meows, chirps, purrs, and many other sounds. While some cats tend to meow when they are hungry or bored, your American Bobtail will likely just be talking to you because they feel like having a chat.

10 Reasons to add an American Bobtail to your family

  1. They are people friendly - There’s no denying that American Bobtails are one of the most people-friendly cat breeds. They absolutely love being around humans and have no problem meeting new people or small children.
  2. They are devoted pets - American Bobtails are clear proof that cats can be just as loyal as dogs. Your American Bobtail will follow you around the house and revel in attention while you are home. However, unlike a dog, they will be fine on their own when you’re away.
  3. They’re highly intelligent - With such a clever breed like an American Bobtail, you’ll enjoy hours of entertainment teaching your cat tricks and playing games.
  4. They’re easy to care for - You generally won’t need to bathe your American Bobtail, and they will only need their cat brushed once or twice a week.
  5. They have a good balance between playful and chilled - American Bobtails are not the most active or the laziest cat breed. Therefore, they are well-suited for family homes. You can enjoy plenty of play sessions with your kitty. Still, you’re unlikely to hear your Bobtail zooming around the house while you sleep.
  6. They adapt well to change - You won’t have to worry about your Bobtail getting stressed when you move home or go away on holiday. In fact, some may be happy to travel with you.
  7. They are comfortable with other animals - Because they deal so well with change, introducing your American Bobtail to another cat or dog is generally effortless.
  8. They grow slowly - American Bobtails take on average three years to reach full maturity, compared to 1 to 2 years for most other breeds. Therefore, they look and act like kittens for longer!
  9. They are exclusive - American Bobtails are very rarely seen in the United Kingdom. They are also reasonably uncommon nowadays in America. Therefore, an American Bobtail can be seen as an exclusive breed.
  10. Every Bobtail is unique - What’s more, with such a differing appearance amongst this cat breed, you’ll know your American Bobtail is truly unique.

Best Homes for American Bobtails

Having such a well-rounded personality, American Bobtails generally do well in most homes. However, as they love to be around people, they thrive in bigger households, such as families with multiple children. Plus, the presence of young, energetic kids will appeal to their playful side and keep them well stimulated.

American Bobtails also prefer to have their humans home most of the time. Therefore, they can make great companions for homemakers and people who work from home. Finally, as they are so adaptable, an American Bobtail is a brilliant choice if you are someone whose lifestyle changes frequently. Moreover, if you plan to add more pets or children to your family, your Bobtail will take it all in its stride.