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The American Bobtail Shorthair has been around since the 1960s, starting from a stray kitten named Yodi, with an unusual short upright tail. At first, Yodi was outcrossed with non-pedigree long haired cats, creating the long-haired American Bobtail. However, it wasn’t until later that they were crossed with short haired cats, making the American Bobtail Shorthair.

Today, they are still a relatively rare breed outside the USA. Still, they are easily recognizable for their unique tail, wild looks, and dense short coats. As a very people-oriented breed, they have quickly become desirable pet cats, loved for their loyalty, adaptability, and intelligence.

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Meet the American Bobtail Shorthair

The American Bobtail Shorthair is a medium to large cat with a naturally occurring short tail, usually somewhere between 1 to 4 inches in length. Interestingly, each American Bobtail Shorthair’s tail is not identical. The size can differ, and they may have kinks, bumps or a curved appearance.

The gene that causes this tail mutation is not controllable. Because of this, it is not possible to selectively breed American Bobtails to create kittens with specific tail lengths. So instead, American Bobtail Shorthair litters are a pick and mix, with some having shorter tails than others.

American Bobtail Shorthairs have a muscular body with broad chests and prominent shoulders giving them an athletic, wild look. They also have strong hind legs and can jump up to 6 feet. They can weigh anywhere between 7 and 16 pounds once fully grown, with males typically reaching 12 to 16 pounds and females, 7 to 11 pounds. However, they take up to 3 years to reach full maturity.

Their short, double coats resemble rabbit fur and consist of a dense, plush outer layer and a soft, downy undercoat. Unfortunately, American Bobtail Shorthair cats are high shedding cats and thus, are not a good choice for those with allergies. Even so, their grooming needs are low as you’ll only need to brush them once a week or so.

American Bobtail Shorthairs can come in any colour or pattern, including black, white, calico, and colour point. Likewise, their large almond-shaped eyes can also come in any shade.

The temperament of an American Bobtail Shorthair

The American Bobtail cat is sweet and gentle yet playful and entertaining. Although they love to play, they have low energy levels, which is good news for cat owners as you won’t need to spend hours playing with them. Instead, they tire quickly and curl up happily on your lap or by your feet after.

Along with low activeness, American Bobtail Shorthair cats are pretty quiet felines. They are certainly not a cat to yowl or whine to get their human’s attention. Instead, they will communicate with you with quieter noises, like chirps, purrs, and trills. They are also pretty smart and quickly learn games and even tricks. Plus, as excellent hunters, if they have access to the outdoors, they will show off their skills by bringing you “gifts.”

American Bobtail Shorthair cats display great loyalty to their owners but are also confident and friendly around strangers. In general, they love being around people and are involved in the family as much as possible. They also adapt well to new environments and even enjoy travelling; in fact, some American Bobtails serve as companions for truckers!

10 reasons to add an American Bobtail Shorthair to your family

  1. They love to give and receive affection - These loving, loyal felines are never short of endearment. They will constantly show they care with cuddles, purrs and head rubs and display total contentment when they receive plenty of love back.
  2. They are sociable - American Bobtails see themselves as key family members and want you to treat them as one. They bond deeply with their owners and make instant friends with your guests, too.
  3. Their tails are all unique - While no American Bobtail Shorthair will have a normal length tail, it could be a one-inch bob, four inches with multiple kinks, or anything in between.
  4. Their short coats are easy to care for - You only need to brush their short fur once a week to keep it in top condition.
  5. They adapt well to change - Unlike other breeds, American Bobtails do not feel too much stress when their environments change. So, this means that trips to the vet will not be a nightmare!
  6. They are easy-going family members - They will effortlessly fit into their new family, regardless of whether you have children or other pets.
  7. They are gentle around children - Moreover, their docile nature makes them safe friends for young children.
  8. They are both cute and entertaining - Your American Bobtail Shorthair will either be looking adorable, cuddling up on your lap or making you laugh with their playful antics.
  9. They don’t pick favourites - Some cat breeds tend to show more affection to one family member than the rest of the house. American Bobtails are not like this and spread their love equally between the whole family instead.
  10. They are excellent jumpers - With muscular legs and an athletic figure, these felines can jump surprisingly high. Outside, they will find their way onto the garage roof, and indoors they will seek out the highest perching spot in the home.

Best homes for an American Bobtail Shorthair

American Bobtail Shorthairs are easy going kitties with a docile nature who are gentle around everyone. Thus, they make fantastic companions, lap cats and playmates for other felines and are an excellent choice for first-time cat parents. What’s more, their mild temperament means they do well around kids, and the high energy of children tends to bring out their playful and entertaining side.

Although the American Bobtail Shorthair can adapt to any home, whether you live in a house, flat or caravan, they need regular human interaction. So, if you’re going away for the weekend, this kitty will be much more content tagging along with you rather than staying home.

Frequently Asked Questions About American Bobtail Shorthair Kittens

Why should I choose an American Bobtail Shorthair from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
At The Pedigree Paws, we work with top licensed UK and European breeders that demonstrate a great passion for animal welfare. We stand firmly against the operation of pet farms and how they breed animals. Instead, we only partner with moral breeders who focus on the health of the cats and kittens rather than how many they can produce. This guarantees that your American Bobtail Shorthair kitten will be healthy, well cared for, and thus, become a friendly and loving feline companion.
Is an American Bobtail Shorthair the right kitten for me?
American Bobtail Shorthairs are playful and loving. They adapt well to any environment and quickly bond with their owners, becoming loyal feline companions. Therefore, if you're looking for a kitten to become an integral part of your family, an American Bobtail Shorthair is it. American Bobtail Shorthairs are amiable and docile, which means they easily make friends with other furry companions and small children. What's more, they are a good choice for those who have never owned a cat before because they are so easygoing.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Unfortunately, the pet breeding industry still has a long way to go in ethical operation as pet farms and mills still exist today. However, we strive in being a fully transparent company to build total certitude with our customers. We select only the very best breeders and run extensive checks to ensure the kittens receive excellent care. Our hard work continues to pay off as we have hundreds of previous happy customers and counting. Check out our testimonial page on The Pedigree Paws to see our success stories for yourself.
Are American Bobtail Shorthair kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
We pride ourselves in working with breeders who meet our high values and follow strict health protocols. We know the concerns you may have when buying a new pedigree kitten, which is why we ensure your new American Bobtail Shorthair is 100% healthy. Every kitten on our platform has a thorough health check and examination with a vet, along with deworming treatment and the required vaccinations. Moreover, the breeder will microchip, too. The breeders also run DNA checks on the parents of their American Bobtail Shorthair kittens. Although this breed is not prone to any genetic health conditions, DNA checks give you peace of mind and prove your kitten's pedigree status and heritage.
When can I receive my American Bobtail Shorthair?
Although you may be anticipating the arrival of your kitten, it can be detrimental to their health and development if they leave their mother too early. Likewise, they can develop many behavioural issues if they wean before they are ready. Because of this, we prefer our Short Haired American Bobtail kittens to stay with their mother and littermates until they are between 10 to 13 weeks, but never earlier than eight weeks. However, the breeder will confirm the date with you after purchase.
Can I see the parents of my American Bobtail Shorthair?
Absolutely! When purchasing an American Bobtail Shorthair kitten, it is always a good idea to see the kitten's parents virtually. Seeing that the mother cat is friendly and healthy will give you peace of mind that your new kitten will be healthy, happy and sociable. So, in line with our full transparency, we will arrange a video call for you with the breeder.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my American Bobtail Shorthair kitten?
Yes, your American Bobtail Shorthair kitten will come with an internationally recognised pedigree document from one of the major breeding associations. The organisation where they will receive registration varies but is commonly from TICA (The International Cat Association).
Do your American Bobtail Shorthair kittens come from good breeders?
Yes, our American Bobtail Shorthairs come from the most reputable breeders in the industry, operating in a highly moral way. We follow a comprehensive breeder selection process to filter out breeders who do not match our high values. For example, every breeder must treat their animals like family members rather than a product to sell by raising them in the family home. Our breeders also adhere to strict animal welfare guidelines set by the international pedigree organisations. Thus, you can have total assurance that your American Bobtail Shorthair will grow into the intelligent, loyal, and playful cat they are supposed to be.
Are these American Bobtail Shorthairs raised in a family home or breeding facility?
All The Pedigree Paws breeders raise their kittens in their own homes, getting them used to a loving family environment before going to their forever home. Here, they stay with their mum and siblings until they are independent enough to leave. For us, raising kittens in a home environment is the only ethical way to breed cats. Therefore, we do not work with pet farms or commercial breeding facilities. In these settings, the kittens do not get the care and attention needed, leading to inadequate health and wellbeing and poor development.
How can I help settle my American Bobtail Shorthair into their new home?
American Bobtail Shorthair kittens are sociable and adaptable, so they usually settle into their new home in just a couple of days. Even so, leaving their mother can be overwhelming, so there are things you can do to help them feel at ease. Firstly, keep them in their carrier when they arrive rather than allowing them to run and hide under the couch. You can also set them up in a cosy corner with a box and blankets where they can still see you yet feel safe. Moreover, retain them in one room at first, then slowly introduce them to the rest of the house.