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The unique American Curl Longhair is known for its unusual curled back ears, luscious long coat, and happy, playful nature. The breed developed in California in the 1980s, where stray cats with these swept-back ears began appearing and reproducing. This natural occurrence led breeders to develop selective breeding programs to conserve the gene that causes the ear mutation. As a result, the CFA accepted the breed for registration in 1986.

Today, the American Curl Longhair can be found in various countries but remains a rare breed, particularly outside the USA. They are gorgeous, both in looks and personality, with adorable, playful natures and sweet dispositions.

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Meet the American Curl Longhair

American Curl Longhair cats are small to medium-sized. Females are typically smaller, reaching a weight of 5 to 8 pounds, and males are slighter larger, between 7 to 10 pounds. They have an oblong body with a silky, long coat that lies flat to the body and has minimal undercoating. Moreover, longhaired Curls boast a stunning plumed tail.

Interestingly, American Curls are born with straight ears, but they start curling quickly, usually within two to five days. By four months, their ears will have curled to their maximum and will feel hard and stiff at the base while flexible at the tips. The amount of curling varies; some will only develop a very slight curl, whereas others can have an arc between 90 and 180 degrees. However, they never sweep back entirely so that the tips touch the back of the head.

If two curly eared cats breed together, 100% of the litter will have this unique ear trait. However, American Curl Longhair breeders outcross cats without curly ears to keep the breed healthy and genetically diverse. This means not every American Curl in a litter will develop swept-back ears, but typically over 50% do.

The gene that causes the ear curl affects the cartilage but does not cause them pain. However, they are prone to ear infections, so you need to clean their ears regularly. It's vital to take extreme care when cleaning or handling an American Curl's ears to avoid breaking the cartilage.

The American Curl Longhair has a rounded face and large, round eyes that, combined with their distinct ears, give them a charming and gentle appearance. Their fur can be a wide range of colours and patterns, including Tortoiseshell, Calico, and Tabby.

The temperament of an American Curl Longhair

The American Curl Longhair has a playful, curious, and adventurous nature that they maintain throughout their entire lives. Because of this, they are given the nickname "The Peter Pan Cat", as they don't want to grow up.

They are always looking for something new to explore and go crazy over new cardboard boxes or toys. With this breed, you'll need a wide selection of toys, including some challenging puzzles, and it's best to rotate them to keep them on their toes. They also love to climb, so high surfaces in their environment are ideal.

When they're not running and playing, your American Curl will be showing you affection with cuddles and purring. Despite their high energy, they are incredibly loving towards their owners and make very snuggly cats. They prefer to be around their humans but are independent enough to do fine on their own, too. They also love to communicate with their owners vocally but use soft chirps rather than loud meows.

10 reasons to add an American Curl Longhair to your family

  1. They are unique - Cat lovers are intrigued by the American Curl because of its unique ears that set them apart from all other breeds.
  2. They are a natural and healthy breed - Because they occur naturally and maintain a diverse genetic pool, they are hardy cats that can live up to 20 years.
  3. Their long coats are sheen and soft - The American Curl Longhair has a long, elegant-looking coat with a bushy tail that feels soft and silky.
  4. They are effortless to groom - What's more, their coats are surprisingly low maintenance. It does not matt or tangle much nor shed often, so you only need to brush them twice a week.
  5. They are forever kittens - American Curls are the Peter Pans of the feline world. They will play like kittens well into adulthood.
  6. They are affectionate and cuddly - American Curls love to curl up on their owners' laps or sleep beside them at night.
  7. They don't mind staying home alone - Despite their loyalty, American Curls don't act needy or get stressed if they have to spend the day alone. This independent streak makes them ideal for working professionals.
  8. They adapt well to new environments - They also take changes in their stride and can settle into any home, from a small apartment to a large house.
  9. They will welcome a furry friend - American Curl cats are friendly towards people and other animals. They will adjust to living with another feline or canine and seek to become buddies with them.
  10. They have gorgeous, expressive eyes - Of course, the Curl's ears get all the attention. However, their large walnut-shaped eyes also add to their gentle and loving expression.

Best homes for an American Curl Longhair

The American Curl Longhair is an adaptable and easy-going breed that quickly adjusts and fits into any home. They are super affectionate but relatively independent, so they are usually happy to stay alone if their human works during the day. However, while being alone may not stress them out, be sure to give them plenty of attention when you are home to remind them of your love.

American Curls are friendly, and at ease around other cats and dogs, so they usually do well in multi-pet homes. However, for the cat's health, it's best that they are not in a house with small children. This is because young kids may try to play with their ears and move them to unnatural positions, which will lead to breaking the ear cartilage.

Frequently Asked Questions About American Curl Longhair Kittens

Why should I choose an American Curl Longhair from The Pedigree Paws over somewhere else?
Some unethical breeders and pet farms in the UK and Europe are only concerned about making money at the expense of the welfare of the cats and kittens. Breeding facilities like this severely impact the development of the kittens and the health and wellbeing of the mother cats. Because of this, we are extremely strict about the breeders we work with. We take extensive measures to ensure that we only feature animals on our platform raised ethically, with their welfare as the top priority. Furthermore, we only partner with breeders who care for their kittens in their homes. So, to fight against pet farms, we have sought out the most ethical breeders who raise kittens that are well taken care of, healthy and well socialised.
Is an American Curl Longhair the right kitten for me?
If you're looking for a unique kitty that is incredibly cute and loving, we recommend the American Curl Shorthair. These felines result from a natural occurrence, and thus, a healthy breed, and they make the best company for any cat owner. Moreover, they are not needy, so they are suitable for working full-time hours. Although you won't need to be there with an American Curl all the time, they are exceptionally playful, so you will need to schedule daily play sessions. This is essential for bonding and ensuring their wellbeing.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Choosing a new fur child should be an exciting time that you look back on fondly. However, with unethical pet farms and rogue breeders in operation, this is unfortunately not always the case. As cat owners with a strong passion for animal welfare, we felt called to create The Pedigree Paws. Our mission was to build a trustworthy space for feline lovers to choose a new kitten without stress or unease. Moreover, it serves as a platform for ethical breeders to share their healthy offspring with a broader audience and stand out from the immoral breeders. We are delighted with the feedback from our customers who felt in good hands when using The Pedigree Paws. Feel free to check out our testimonials to read our success stories.
Are American Curl Longhair kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
The American Curl Longhair is a hardy, naturally occurring breed. However, all kittens are at risk of feline diseases, so we do several things to ensure your new fur baby is fully healthy. All our breeders take each kitten for an examination and blood check with a vet and perform DNA checks on the parents before listing them on the site. Then, before they send you your new kitten, they will deworm, vaccinate, and microchip them.
When will my American Curl Longhair kitten be ready?
The date your fluffy curly eared kitten will be ready will depend on its current age and needs. We require our breeders to keep all kittens with the mother cats until they reach eight weeks old, at a minimum. Kittens settle easier and are less likely to develop behavioural problems if they stay with their mum and siblings until they are 10 to 13 weeks old. Therefore, we prefer they stay together until this age, but it does depend on the breeder's schedule. There should be an availability date on the listing for your American Curl longhair. The breeder will confirm this with you once you make payment.
Can I see the parents of my American Curl Longhair before purchase?
It's natural to have concerns about the health and welfare of your new kitten when purchasing a pedigree. Therefore, we give our customers the option to arrange a video call with the breeder to see the kitten of interest and its parents before making the sale. Seeing your longhaired American Curl kitten and its parents in good condition with a pleasant nature will give you all the assurance you need.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my American Curl Longhair?
Yes, every American Curl Longhair kitten from The Pedigree Paws will receive registration with one of the major international breeding associations. Depending on their location, the breeder will register your curly eared kitten with TICA or CFA and send you the official documents together with your kitten.
Do your American Curl Longhair kittens come from reputable breeders?
At The Pedigree Paws, we have stringent regulations in place to determine who can sell their kittens on our platform. Likewise, we do not associate with pet farms or mills that care only about making money without considering the welfare of the animals involved. The Pedigree Paws partner breeders demonstrate moral values and a profound passion for feline health and welfare. Along with meeting our regulations, they also closely follow the rules of international pedigree associations. Therefore, our customers can rest assured that their new American Curl kitten has grown up in a loving environment with the best care and plenty of attention.
Where are your American Curl Longhair kittens raised?
Our American Curl breeders raise their kittens in their homes, where they nurse with their mother and wean when ready. This is a stark contrast to kitten mills and commercial breeders that keep kittens in cages away from their mothers, causing them to wean before they are ready. When kittens grow up in a home environment around humans, they receive care, interaction, and socialisation, shaping them into loving house pets. With this positive human experience, your American Curl will already be confident and friendly around new people and will transition quickly to their new home.
How can I help my longhaired American Curl kitten adjust to its new home?
Although American Curl Longhair kittens are friendly and adaptable, leaving the comfort of their mum is a huge transition nonetheless. Thus, we recommend creating a calming environment in your home for when your new kitty arrives. To do this, set up a cosy space in a corner with some blankets, a box and perhaps some catnip. Then, your kitten can retreat to this safe place whenever they feel scared or anxious. Additionally, keep them in one room for the first day or two if they seem overwhelmed. There's no rush to introduce them to the rest of the home and especially to any new furry siblings. So, wait until they appear settled and at ease.