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The Bombay is a striking breed with a loving nature and glossy black coat. They were first bred in the 1950s by cat breeder Nikki Horner who was looking to create a cat that resembled the sleek panther but without the wild behavioural traits. After several attempts, she finally succeeded by crossing a sable Burmese with a Black American Shorthair. 

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Meet the Bombay

The Bombay is a medium-sized cat with a stocky and compact muscular build, long tail, and stunning large eyes of copper or gold. The legs are well proportioned to the rest of the body, with rounded heads and ears that are rounded at the tips and set wide apart on the head. These cats only come in one colour โ€“ a rich black, which has earned them the name of mini panther. The coat is short and incredibly glossy, with each hair jet black from the root to the tip. Even their paw pads are black. The coat lies very close to the skin which shows off their slender body structure. When their coats are in good condition, they are said to resemble the appearance of patent leather. Due to their short fur and lack of a thick undercoat, these cats are easy to groom. They should only need a brush once a week but there is no harm in doing it more often to increase the cat-human bond and keep the coat shiny. These cats also have a characteristic sway when they walk, which makes them look just like the Indian jungle panther. So much so, that when Nikki Horner first produced the breed, she decided to call them Bombay, after the Indian city. Despite being bred for their luxurious satin-like black coat, some kittens are born white. They usually develop the jet-black colour when they are 1-2 years old.

Bombay Temperament

Bombay cats are known to be incredibly affectionate, and form very strong bonds with their owners. They are extremely intelligent cats so they love the mental stimulation that comes with clicker training and learning new tricks. These cats are known to be very laid back compared to many other breeds however they do tend to be very playful so they enjoy playing regular interactive games with the family. They also have a reputation for getting along well with other pets, including dogs. However, as with all cat breeds, it is important to supervise all interactions with children and other pets just to be on the safe side.

The Bombay is a fairly chatty breed that has no issues telling you exactly what they want and when! However, they are still a lot quieter than their Burmese cousins. Bombay cats are confident, outgoing, and extremely lovable. They make fantastic pets for families as they are known to be very tolerant of young children.

10 Reasons to add a Bombay to your Family

1. Their glossy black coats โ€“ With the Bombay cat you can literally have a stunning mini panther in your home without the wild behavioural traits! These beautiful cats are famed for their luxurious and shiny black coats which make them the centre of attention wherever they go!

2. Their loving natures โ€“ Bombay cats are incredibly affectionate and devoted to their human companions. They crave attention so you will always have a pet that you can lavish with love and fuss. A Bombay cat will happily curl up with you at the end of the day for a cuddle!

3. Their high intelligence โ€“ these cats are known to be incredibly intelligent so they respond well to clicker training. These cats can also learn to play games, learn commands, and can be taught a wide variety of tricks with ease!

4. They are very social โ€“ Bombay cats thrive on being around humans which makes them the ideal family pet. They are also incredibly tolerant of young children and will choose to walk away rather than scratch when play gets a little too rough.

5. They are playful โ€“ Bombay cats love to play games! They are famed for their care-free outgoing natures and enjoy regular play sessions with members of the family.

6. They are chatty without being demanding โ€“ These beautiful cats have relatively quiet voices compared to their Burmese counterparts. This is thought to be down to the calming influence of the American Shorthair. For this reason, Bombay cats will interact and chat with you but they do not often become destructive, demanding, or over-clingy.

7. They do not require much grooming โ€“ The short, close-lying coat of this breed makes them very easy to maintain when it comes to grooming. A short brush once a week is perfectly fine for these cats. They also do not shed much which means they are less likely to trigger allergic reactions than many other breeds.

8. They get on well with other pets โ€“ Bombay cats generally get along well with other cats and dogs due to their laid-back personalities. They have also been known to get along with smaller animals however all interactions should still be supervised just to be safe.

9. They are very adaptable โ€“ Bombay cats go with the flow! So, they tend to be more accepting of strangers in their home compared to many other cat breeds. This personality trait also makes them idea cats for people living in apartments as they do not require much space, as long as they have toys and humans to play with!

10. Their stunning copper eyes โ€“ The eyes of this breed are truly striking! They are large, round, and only come in a vivid copper or gold colour. Alongside their jet-black coats, their eyes have earned them the nickname โ€œthe patent leather kid with the new penny eyes.โ€

Best Homes for Bombays

Due to their laid-back natures, Bombays can adapt well to most environments. They make suitable pets for people living in apartments, houses, and houses with gardens. However, it is important to keep their minds and bodies stimulated with a variety of toys and interactive games. These cats are highly social so they do not like being left alone for long periods. For this reason, they are best suited to households where someone is home for most of the day. These cats are known to suffer from depression if left alone for too long so this must be factored in if you are considering adopting a Bombay cat.

If given the attention they crave, Bombay cats can easily become a much loved and devoted companion for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bombay Kittens

Why choose a Bombay kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
At The Pedigree Paws, we only work with the best licensed breeders in Europe and the UK. This guarantee reassures our customers that their Bombay kitten is healthy and will grow into a sweet-tempered adult that displays the very best traits of this breed. Kitten and puppy mills are illegal in the UK, but there are still some unlicensed breeders that are looking to make money by breeding these animals in unsuitable conditions. Our mission is to fight against these unethical pet farms so we only support the very best breeders who work to the highest standards of animal welfare.
Is a Bombay kitten the right pet for me?
Bombay kittens are active and curious felines that adapt well to change. You will often find one staring excitedly out of a window or playing with a piece of fluff on the carpet. These cats are also known to be very affectionate and love nothing more than curling up on their owners' lap (usually at the most inappropriate times, such as when you are reading a book or working on a laptop!). They are highly intelligent cats so it is important to stimulate their minds with puzzle toys and regular games. Daily petting and playtime are essential with this breed! Due to their easy-going natures, Bombay cats often get on well with children, cat-friendly dogs, and other cats, as long as they have been introduced from a young age. However, it is important to bear in mind that this trait may also make them a little lazy later in life so ensure you watch your Bombays' diet to prevent obesity.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
It is a question on so many new feline parents' minds. How can I make sure I am buying from a reputable breeder? Well, you donโ€™t need to worry if you choose to purchase a kitten from us as we guarantee that your new family member will come from the best breeders. We pride ourselves on our transparency and dedication to providing only the very best kittens from reputable breeders. To date, we have facilitated hundreds of successful human and animal meetings but donโ€™t just take our word for it. Feel free to check out our testimonials to see our success stories for yourself!
Are Bombay kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Yes, all of our kittens are given a full health check by a licensed vet before moving on to their forever homes. In addition, we make sure that they are fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. Bombay cats are known to be a relatively healthy breed however they are still susceptible to developing common health issues that affect other breeds, as well as more breed-specific birth defects. So, we make sure all of our kittens come from parents that have been DNA checked. We also DNA test all of our kittens to ensure they do not have any genetic mutations that may cause detrimental health conditions later in life. If no issues are present, you will know that your Bombay is healthy. At The Pedigree Paws, we prefer our kittens to stay with their mother and siblings until they are at least 10-13 weeks old. This ensures that they have been fully weaned and socialised.
Can I see the parents of a Bombay kitten?
Yes of course, we recommend it! We will arrange a video call between you and the breeder so you can see your new kitten with either both parents or with its mother.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of a Bombay kitten?
Yes, all of our Bombay kittens come with recognised pedigree documents, which can include GCCF, TICA, or FIFe. Exact registrations will vary depending on the location of the breeder.
Do Bombay kittens from The Pedigree Paws come from good breeders?
Yes, we pride ourselves on only offering kittens from the very best breeders who stick to the strict breeding and animal welfare regulations that have been set by internationally recognised cat organisations. Our breeders are passionate about animals and dedicate themselves to ensuring that every kitten is healthy and well socialised. At The Pedigree Paws, we follow a strict breeder selection process that ensures all of our breeders treat their animals as family and look after them in their own homes. We do not sell kittens from commercial breeding facilities.
When can I receive my Bombay kitten?
We know that you will be dying to see your kitten as soon as you have decided to bring him into your home. However, early weaning can be extremely detrimental to a kitten's wellbeing and development. For this reason, we recommend that all kittens stay with their mother and siblings until they are at least 10-13 weeks old. However, this is just a guideline. You will have the opportunity to discuss the exact time scale with the breeder.
How can I help settle my Bombay kitten into their new home?
Bombay kittens are social and curious so they should bond with you fairly quickly. However, as with all cats, Bombays can be a little resistant to change and so can become nervous in new environments. Here are a few ways you can help your Bombay kitten settle into his new forever home: Firstly, we recommend that you ask the breeder to send your kitten with some sort of towel or blanket that has their mothers' scent on it. This will help your kitten to feel safe in a new environment. Only allow your kitten access to one room of the house at a time. Once your kitten seems comfortable, you can then slowly introduce them to other parts of the home. It is not advisable to invite any guests over until you are confident that your kitten feels secure and settled. Finally, make sure you offer continuous reassurance to your kitten as he settles in, and make sure you introduce new family members and other pets slowly.