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The British Longhair is an impressive-looking breed that was developed in the 20th century by crossing the British shorthair with longhaired breeds like Persians and Turkish Angoras. These cats are famed for their efficient hunting skills and independent but loving natures. Thinking about buying a British Longhair kitten? Here’s what you need to know. 

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Meet the British Longhair

The British Longhair is a medium to large cat breed with a long silky coat, large square-like head, long fluffy tail, and a muscular, sturdy physique. Their luxurious fur typically stands away from the body which can make these cats appear larger than they actually are. Due to their thick undercoats, these cats benefit from daily brushing with a slicker brush, to reduce the risk of matting. People often refer to these cats as the teddy bears of the cat world because of their rounded, cuddly appearance.

British Longhair cats have large, round, expressive eyes, that just add to the elegant charm of this breed. The ears are medium-sized and slightly rounded at the tips; sitting far apart on the head. These cats have relatively short noses and a strong broad muzzle which comes from their Persian cousins. The necks are short and thick, with a bulldog-like appearance.

British Longhairs come in a wide variety of colours from lilac, chocolate, and black, to tortoiseshell and colour point patterns. Many British Longhairs have gold eyes; however, they can also come in shades of green and blue. Females tend to be significantly smaller than males, weighing around 3.6-4.5kg. Males can weigh anything up to 7kg.

British Longhair Temperament

The British Longhair is a very social and affectionate breed however they are also more than happy to entertain themselves when their humans are at work. These cats are loving without being demanding which makes them the perfect feline companions for people who work outside of the home. British Longhairs are intelligent felines so they benefit from regular mental stimulation which can be provided with the use of interactive toys and puzzle feeders. They are pretty easy-going cats which means they can sometimes be a bit lazy! However, it is important to provide plenty of opportunities for exercise to ensure they do not become obese.

British Longhairs are known to be very lenient with young children and can get along well with dogs and other cats as long as they have been introduced properly. It is worth mentioning that these cats do not like to be picked up and generally prefer to cuddle up near you on the sofa rather than on top of you! With this breed, it is important to respect their independence so expect your cat to refuse games on occasion – purely because they are just not in the mood! British Longhairs are not particularly vocal however they have been known to strike up short conversations with their owners when they want something.

10 Reasons to add a British Longhair to your Family

Their large expressive eyes – These cats have very expressive faces due to their gorgeous round eyes and Cheshire cat grin. So, any conversation you have with your kitty, no matter how short, will feel very engaging and rewarding!

Their laidback attitude – If you are looking for an easy-going feline that is undemanding, then the British Longhair could be the cat for you! Although they love to be around their humans, they do not require constant attention like some other breeds.

Their luxurious coat – The coat of the British Longhair is a sight to behold! It is silky, soft, and plush and makes these beautiful kitties really stand out from the crowd.

Their social nature – These cats can be very affectionate and are very tolerant of young children. They love to be around their human companions and enjoy attention when they are in the right mood.

Their high intelligence – British Longhairs are intelligent cats so they love the mental stimulation that comes with training and interactive games. Be sure to provide these cats with plenty of puzzle feeders, toy mice, and wand toys to stimulate their strong hunting instincts and keep their brains busy.

Their calm, quiet demeanours – These cats are not known to be overly talkative or demanding, which makes them very sweet and easy-going characters that are relatively easy to care for.

They are adaptable – Due to their relaxed temperaments, these cats cope well in a variety of environments and are very tolerant of strangers in the house.

Their cuddly appearance – These cats really do look like big teddy bears which is one of the reasons why they have become so popular with families. However, it is important to note that these cats don’t generally like to be picked up. Instead, they much prefer to interact with you when all four of their paws are on the ground.

They get along with other pets – These laidback characters are known to get along well with dogs and other cats that they have grown up with. These cats are incredibly peaceful kitties that love nothing more than curling up on the sofa or enjoying the odd play session with a willing participant!

They are independent - Although these cats are affectionate towards their owners, they are also content being by themselves which makes them a great choice for feline-loving families that lead busy lives.

Best Homes for British Longhairs

Due to their laidback personalities, British Longhairs can adapt well to various environments. So, they are suitable companions for people living in houses, houses with gardens, and even apartments as long as they get the mental and physical stimulation they need. These prolific hunters do enjoy being in the great outdoors however you should only let your cat outside if it is safe to do so. British Longhairs are content with their own company so will suit people who have to leave the house for work or other commitments. They also get along very well with children which makes them the perfect family pet.