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The Exotic Longhair is a sturdy-looking breed that was first developed in the 1950s. It was originally only bred as a shorthaired version by crossing Persian cats with the American shorthaired cat breed. However, a number of Long-haired kittens kept cropping up in the litters. Today, these cats are loved for their placid, affectionate natures and exotic appearance.

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Meet the Exotic Longhair

The Exotic Longhair is a large, stocky breed that looks very similar to its Persian ancestors. Males have been known to reach weights of 9kg or more, whereas females average around 6kg. These cats have wide rounded heads that sit atop a thick neck, with large round eyes and ears that are set low on the head. They are classed as brachycephalic cats, meaning that their faces are short with a flattened muzzle, which gives them their sweet, endearing appearance. This unusual trait also gives them a kitten-like appearance that is retained right into adulthood. Their bodies are compact and rounded, with relatively short legs, and a short, dense tail.

When it comes to their coats, Exotic Longhairs boast a long, dense, multi-layered coat that must be groomed regularly to prevent mats and tangles from forming. Original breeders of the Exotic Shorthair and Longhair cats wanted to name the breed ‘Sterling’ as their aim was to create a cat with a shiny silver coat. However, different coat colours kept popping up in litters so they settled on the name of ‘Exotic’. Today. Exotic Longhairs come in a range of colours including red, cream, black, tortoiseshell, tabby, silver, and colour-point varieties.

Exotic Longhair Temperament

The Exotic Longhair is known for its kind-natured personality and playful nature. These cats have a somewhat independent nature so they prefer to interact on their own terms but will still happily curl up on your lap at the end of a long day! They have even been known to follow their owners around the house looking for attention when they are in the mood. Play sessions with the Exotic Longhair are likely to be shorter than more energetic breeds, but they do love games that exercise their hunting instincts. These cats are just as happy to curl up and watch TV with you, as they are playing with a crumped up piece of paper!

Compared to many other cat breeds, the Exotic Longhair is considered to have a low-energy level which makes them the perfect companions for quiet families who will lavish these regal cats with the love they crave. They are also considered to be social cats who are confident and comfortable in their own environment. They are good around children due to their placid natures and also get along well with cat-friendly dogs and other cats. They can be a little reserved around strangers at first but, in time, their affectionate natures will appear. Due to the brachycephalic build of this breed, these cats can overheat quickly so you will need to keep an eye on the temperature in your house. If it is a particularly hot day, you may find your Exotic Longhair sprawled out on the kitchen tiles trying to cool himself down.

10 Reasons to add an Exotic Longhair to your Family

1. They are quiet companions: These cats are not known to be particularly vocal. Instead, they will seek attention in their calm, non-demanding way!

2. They are affectionate: The Exotic Longhair is a breed that is incredibly affectionate towards its owners. They love fussing and especially enjoy a good cuddle with their favourite person.

3. Their calm demeanours: These cats are very placid and do not require much stimulation to remain happy. In fact, these cats have a reputation for not liking training of any sort! Instead, they prefer to curl up with you and chill. Saying that, it is important to try to keep their minds stimulated with new games and small commands such as ‘sit’. Ensure you have tasty treats ready to entice your Exotic Longhair to join in!

4. They are child-friendly: These cats get on well with children of all ages, as long as they are given the attention they desire. They rarely ever scratch and are considered to be one of the calmest cat breeds out there!

5. They are pet-friendly: Exotic Longhairs get on with most other animals. They are very tolerant of other cats in the household and will get along with cat-friendly dogs and even other smaller pets. However, all interactions between your pets must be supervised to prevent any mishaps.

6. Their Teddybear-like appearance: These cats are adorable to look at! Their squished facial features really do make them look like teddy bears and they have the affectionate natures to match!

7. They are easy-going: These cats do not demand too much from their owners, only love! They do not require long play sessions and they are more than happy to sit with you and watch a film, which makes them the perfect companions for quiet families looking for a sweet-natured, calm companion.

8. Their intelligent curiosity: Despite their docile nature, these cats are fairly intelligent and love to check out what their beloved family members are doing, whether you are cooking, working, or playing a game.

9. Their low-activity levels: These cats go with the flow! They don’t require excessive physical stimulation. In fact, they can quite happily entertain themselves for hours with a simple toy that they can bat around and chase, or by having cuddle time with their favourite humans.

10. They are loyal: As mentioned above, these cats can be nervous around strangers. However, once your Exotic Longhair gets to know you, you can be certain that you will have a devoted, loyal companion for life!

Best Homes for Exotic Longhairs

Exotic Longhair cats are affectionate without being demanding. They are also known to have low energy levels so will easily settle into most home environments, from apartments to large houses. They get along well with children and other animals so they make very affectionate family pets. These cats do not do very well with strangers so they are best suited to quiet households. They can also overheat easily so ensure you have an area of tiled flooring or air conditioning in your home so they can cool themselves down effectively in hot weather.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exotic Longhair Kittens

Why choose an Exotic Longhair kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
We pride ourselves on only working with the very best licensed breeders in the UK and Europe. So, you can be certain that you are purchasing a healthy kitten if you buy from us. There are still unlicensed breeders that are just out to make money by breeding puppies and kittens in environments that are often detrimental to their health. We fight against these unethical establishments which is why we only work with the very best breeders.
Is an Exotic Longhair kitten the right pet for me?
Exotic Longhair cats are incredibly docile, affectionate, and kind-natured. They are known to have low energy levels compared to many other cat breeds, which means they are attentive without being demanding. This doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy play sessions, especially ones that exercise their hunting instincts, but they are just as happy to curl up with you in front of the television! These cats can be shy around strangers but become incredibly devoted companions once they get to know you. These loving felines have even been known to follow their owners around the house looking for a bit of fuss when they are in the mood. Due to their laid-back natures, Exotic Longhairs get along well with children of all ages as long as the children have been taught to teach cats with respect. They also get along well with cat-friendly dogs and other cats.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
We pride ourselves on being trustworthy which is why we are completely transparent with all of our customers. We choose all of our breeders based on a comprehensive breeder selection process so you can be assured that you are purchasing a healthy kitten that has been raised in a loving environment. Since our launch as a company, we have rehomed hundreds of kittens into loving forever homes. You can check out our testimonials to see our success stories for yourself.
Are Exotic Longhair kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Yes, all of our kittens are given a full health check by a licensed vet before being rehomed. They are also fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped so you don’t have to worry about it. Instead, you can simply enjoy the company of your new feline companion. The Exotic Longhair breed is known to suffer from a number of health issues so we ensure that all of our kittens come from parents who have been DNA checked. We also DNA test all of our kittens to see if there are any genetic mutations present that may cause them to develop health conditions later in life. If no issues are present, you will know that your Exotic Longhair is as healthy as he can be and will grow into a well-rounded adult.
Can I see the parents of an Exotic Longhair kitten?
Yes, of course you can! We will happily set up a video call between you and the breeder so you can see the kittens with their mother or both parents.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of an Exotic Longhair kitten?
Yes, absolutely. All of our kittens come with internationally recognised pedigree documents from cat organisations like the GCCF, TICA, or FIFe. The exact registration will depend on the location of the breeder. For example, most kittens bred in the UK will be registered under the GCCF.
Do Exotic Longhair kittens from The Pedigree Paws come from good breeders?
Here at The Pedigree Paws, we only offer kittens from the very best licensed breeders in the UK and Europe, who follow the strict breeding and welfare regulations set out by internationally recognised cat organisations. Our breeders are passionate about animals which is why they raise all their kittens in their own homes. So, if you buy from us, you will know you are buying a well socialised and appropriately weaned kitten that will grow into a healthy adult.
When can I receive my Exotic Longhair kitten?
Buying a kitten is exciting, so we know that you will be eager to meet your new family member! However, early weaning is known to be detrimental to a kitten's health. So, we prefer that all our kittens stay with their mother until they are at least 10-13 weeks old. However, this is only a guide, and you will be able to discuss the exact time scale with the breeder.
Are Exotic Longhair kittens from The Pedigree Paws raised in a family home or breeding facility?
All of our kittens are raised in loving home environments. We do not work with commercial breeding facilities on any level. All of our breeders follow the highest standards of animal welfare so you can be certain that your new kitten has been well cared for.
How can I help settle my Exotic Longhair kitten into their new home?
Exotic Longhair kittens can be very anxious in new environments, just like many other cat breeds. So, you must ensure that you give your kitten the time he needs to settle into his new home. Firstly, we strongly recommend that you ask the breeder to send your kitten with a blanket or towel that carries their mother's scent. The pheromones given off by the mother are extremely calming so will help your Exotic Longhair kitten to feel safe and secure in his new home. When you first bring your kitten home, we recommend that you only allow him or her access to one room of the house at a time. Once your kitten appears comfortable, you can slowly introduce him to other parts of the home under supervision. Your Exotic Longhair kitten is likely to be very nervous at first so make sure you offer plenty of reassurance and allow your kitten the time it needs to adjust to the new environment. You should also introduce new family members and other pets slowly so as not to overwhelm your new addition.