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The stunning Havana Brown is a cross between a Siamese and a domestic black cat. This hybrid feline was first created in the 1950s by a group of British breeders. At this time, they were known as the Chestnut Brown Oriental. 

Cat Fanciers Association accepted Havana Browns in 1959. However, this gorgeous tobacco-coloured kitty is one of the rarest breeds around, with only about 1,000 of them in the world today.

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Meet the Havana Brown cat

The Havana Brown is a medium-sized cat, weighing 6 to 10 pounds. Males tend to have a more athletic figure than females, who have slender rather than muscular legs. Although they appear black at first glance, their short fur is a warm brown, usually a rich mahogany tone, with matching whiskers. There are also a few Lilac Havana cats with a pinkish-grey colour, but this variety is scarce.

The most distinctive features of a Havana Brown are its oval-shaped green eyes set wide apart and its large ears that tilt forward. These sit on a long, narrow head accompanied by a broad nose and rounded muzzle. Also, unlike other dark-coloured cats, the Havana Brown’s paw pads are pink or rose rather than black.

The Havana Brown’s short fur is silky, soft and easy to groom. It does not shed much, and they generally take good care of it themselves. However, you can help to keep it smooth and shiny with weekly brushing.

The temperament of a Havana Brown

Havana Brown cats are affectionate, playful and intelligent. However, like the Siamese, they crave human interaction and can be pretty needy. If they do not receive the attention they need, they will display their unhappiness through destructive behaviour. Therefore, if you choose a Havana Brown, ensure you have plenty of time and energy for this vibrant kitty.

One trait they didn’t inherit from their Siamese ancestors is high vocality. Thankfully, Havana Browns tend to be pretty quiet and will follow you around and rub their head against you to get your attention rather than endlessly meow.

They are incredibly confident cats that can adapt well to any change. They enjoy busy environments where there is lots of action, and they have no fear of strangers. They also accept children, other cats and dogs and don’t have a territorial or alpha-cat disposition.

Havana Browns adore playtime, but they are not a kitty who will play happily on their own. They need interactive play sessions and challenging games to keep them mentally and physically healthy and happy. They can get bored of their toys quickly, so it’s best to rotate them every few days to prevent this. After a satisfying play session, your Havana will thank you with some head nubs or a snuggle on your lap.

10 reasons to add a Havana Brown to your family

  1. They are super intelligent - Havanas can crack any puzzle toy you give them and learn tricks and commands effortlessly.
  2. They are curious explorers - Your Havana will adorably explore any new object in the home using its paws. Marvel at them in wonder as they pick up and hold small things.
  3. They are less vocal than the Siamese - Not only do they not meow as much as their ancestors, but their noises are much more pleasant, too.
  4. They are confident and friendly - A Havana Brown will make friends with anyone and loves when guests come to visit. This is not limited to 2-legged creatures, as they are known to make friends with other felines and even friendly canines.
  5. You can travel with them - Because Havanas are so adaptable, they enjoy car rides and travelling. They will undoubtedly be happier if you take them on holiday with you rather than leave them at home.
  6. They have matching whiskers - Not only is their fur a lush chocolate brown colour, but their whiskers uniquely match their coat, too.
  7. The breed was recreated various times - Havana Browns have been recreated to perfection, making them as healthy as a mixed breed can be.
  8. They don’t shred much - You won’t find dark cat hair all over your furnishings as Havana Browns have very low shedding levels and minimal grooming needs.
  9. They are excellent company - Your Havana Brown will regularly chat to you, follow you around, lay by your feet, and snuggle up on your lap. In short, you’ll never feel lonely with a Havana Brown cat.
  10. They will settle in instantly and adapt well to any change - When you bring a Havana Brown cat home, they will quickly settle in and bond with you. Moreover, whether you move house or have a baby, a Havana cat will take any new change in their stride throughout their lives.

Best homes for a Havana Brown cat

While some cats prefer quiet, predictable environments, a Havana Brown thrives in the opposite type of home. This feline loves activity and will make themselves the centre of the action in the house. They love busy family homes, and they thrive on social interaction.

Therefore, if you live alone and work full time, a Havana Brown is not the best breed for you. They quickly get lonely when left alone. Without someone there to keep them entertained, they will make their unhappiness known upon your return.

Most Havana Brown cats will do fine around other animals and young children. However, like always, be sure you do a proper introduction process in the beginning

Frequently Asked Questions About Havana Brown Kittens

Why should I choose a Havana Brown from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
Although breeding laws do exist in the UK and parts of the EU, unethical cat breeding facilities sadly still exist today. This deeply saddens us, which is why we keep kitten welfare as our number one priority at The Pedigree Paws. To protect these tiny kittens, we run extensive checks and procedures on our partner breeders. These checks ensure they are professional, ethical, and as passionate about kitten welfare as we are. We avoid working with any breeding facility, and instead, all our partner breeders work privately, raising their Havana Brown kittens in their homes. These extensive requirements have led us to become a trustworthy matchmaking agency for kitten lovers in Britain and Europe.
Is a Havana Brown the right kitten for me?
Havana Brown cats are confident, playful and affectionate. They do best in bust environments full of activity, where there is always a human around to meet their high social needs. If you’re considering a Havana Brown kitten, make sure you will have the time for them. We do not recommend people who work full time out of the house to get a Havana Brown as they can quickly get lonely when left alone.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
The purpose of creating Pedigree Paws is to provide cat lovers with an enjoyable, stress-free experience when looking for a new kitten. We act transparently in everything we do and guide our customers through the process of buying a kitten, so you know exactly what to expect. There is no worry of supporting illegal breeding farms when you buy a Havana Brown kitten through us, either. We have carefully selected the most ethical Havana Brown breeders in the industry, and we feel positive that all our kittens receive excellent care. Our wonderful reviews from past happy customers reflect this too, which you can read about on our testimonials page.
Are Havana Brown kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
As kitten welfare is the prime concern of The Pedigree Paws, we would never sell any kittens unless they are in excellent health. Furthermore, all of our cat breeders follow our strict health and welfare protocols. One of these is to take every Havana Brown kitten for a health checkup with a licensed veterinarian before listing them for sale. We also require our breeders to conduct DNA tests for both parents of their Havana Brown kittens to prove their heritage and check for genetic diseases. Like all pedigree and crossbreeds, there is a chance that a Havana Brown could have inherited something, so a DNA test on the parent can prove this is not the case. Furthermore, the breeder will deworm, microchip, and vaccinate your new furry friend, so you don’t have to.
When can I receive my Havana Brown kitten?
Every Havana Brown kitten needs to stay with their mum until they are at least eight weeks old. However, we often find that kittens are not fully ready until 10-13 weeks, so we may choose to keep them together for this duration. We understand you are keen to get your new Havana, but we ask for your patience to ensure sufficient development. Our breeder will confirm with you the exact date you can receive them.
Can I see the parents of a Havana Brown kitten before purchase?
Yes, before purchasing your Havana Brown kitten, we will happily arrange a video call between you and the breeder. Here, you can virtually see one or both parents of your new kitten to check that your baby Havana is coming from healthy cats.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Havana Brown?
Yes, when you buy a Havana Brown kitten through The Pedigree Paws platform, you will receive pedigree documents from GCCF. This is a top breeding organisation, and the record is recognised all over the world.
Do your Havana Brown kittens come from good breeders?
Havana Browns are rare cats, so there are not many breeders around. Even so, we have found and partnered with the very best ones in Britain. Before working with any breeder, we carry out precise checks to ensure they are not only registered and licensed but that they operate ethically. As a result, we can say that all our Havana Brown breeders treat their kittens like they would a family pet. Furthermore, along with meeting our particular requirements, our breeders also follow the top breeding organisations’ regulations. Therefore, you can rest assured that your new Havana Brown kitten has had the best start to its life and will thrive in its new home with you.
Are your Havana Brown kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
Our breeders treat their Havana Brown kittens like pets by raising them with their mum and siblings in their own homes. Here, they spend 100% of their time with their mother and develop into loving and happy felines. Plus, they get used to a family environment, various humans, and often other pets, too. We do not partner with any commercial breeding facility as these businesses focus solely on making money. They often keep kittens separate from their mother, and as a result, the kitten’s welfare and wellbeing suffer immensely.
How can I help my Havana Brown settle into my home?
Havana Brown cats are very confident and deal well with change, especially as kittens. Therefore, most do not find moving to their new home a stressful experience. Of course, each kitten is different, though, and it’s always worth making their new environment comfortable and welcoming for them. Set them up a cosy space in a small room for them to stay in for their first day. If you have other pets, avoid introducing them to each other until your baby Havana appears settled. Finally, as they have high social needs, be sure to spend as much time with them as possible in the first few days to create a strong bond from the get-go.