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The Japanese Bobtail Shorthair is a playful and energetic cat breed known for its bunny-style Bobtail. They originate from Japan, where bobtailed street cats have been around since the 1600s. However, they didn’t become known worldwide until the late 1960s and gained Cat Fanciers’ Association registration in 1976.

Today, most Japanese Bobtail Shorthair breeders are in the USA, but there are some throughout Europe. The most common Japanese Bobtail is white with black and red spots, known as tricoloured and considered a lucky charm in their homeland.

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Meet the Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

The Japanese Bobtail Shorthair is medium-sized, weighing 5 to 10 pounds, with a muscular body and a long, lean torso. They have slender legs with higher hind legs than front legs, helping them jump high. They have triangular heads with large, upright ears set wide apart and big oval-shaped eyes.

The Japanese Bobtail Shorthair has a short and kinked tail caused by a gene mutation. Moreover, each cat’s tail is unique and can feature tufts of fur or curl or kink to one side. Some may appear as stubs; however, most Japanese Bobtails will have a tail no longer than three inches.

The dominant gene means that only one bobtailed parent is usually required to produce an entire litter of bobtail kittens, making them a genetically diverse breed. In addition, the gene results in a reduction of tail vertebrae, along with the fusion of some. However, there is no link to spinal or bone abnormalities or disorders, like some bobtail breeds, such as the Manx.

The shorthaired Japanese Shorthair has silky smooth short fur with no undercoat. It is water-resistant, low shedding, and easy to groom. Their fur can be various patterns and colours, but they are commonly white with a harlequin pattern, creating a tri-colour coat.

The temperament of a Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

The Japanese Bobtail Shorthair cat is outgoing, social and energetic. Bobtail owners describe them as charming, affectionate, and confident, winning over anyone they meet. Their love of human interaction naturally makes them fabulous family pets, including those with children or other animals, which they quickly accept.

Japanese Bobtail Shorthairs are very active and retain their kitten-like playfulness as adults. However, they need plenty of interactive play sessions. In an unenriched environment with a lack of human interaction, they will get pent-up energy, resulting in mischievous behaviour. Therefore, if bringing a Japanese Bobtail into your home, schedule regular play sessions and provide lots of toys, puzzles, and cat towers to keep them entertained.

This feline’s confidence means they are not easily startled, which is excellent as they won’t dart under the bed at any unfamiliar sound. However, they can be pretty feisty in how they demand your attention and involve themselves in anything and everything you do. They are also very vocal cats with pleasant-sounding voices that they frequently use to chat with you.

Japanese Bobtail Shorthairs show their affection through their need to be near you at all times. While they may be too active to lay on your lap, they will follow you around and stay by your side like the loyal companion they are. They also have a super cute quirk of sitting on their owner’s shoulders like a parrot!

10 reasons to add a Japanese Bobtail Shorthair to your family

  1. They have been around for centuries - This natural breed has been around in Japan since as early as the 6th century.
  2. ​​They’re lucky charms - Their long and interesting history involves their use as pest control and their ability to attract good fortune. This is especially true for the tricoloured (Mi-Ke) variation.
  3. They are social beings - Thanks to their long history of domestication, Japanese Bobtail Shorthairs are naturally people-loving felines that love to be around their owners all the time.
  4. They are playful and curious - These felines play like kittens for most of their lives, bringing years of entertainment into your home.
  5. They have cute bunny tails - If you love both cats and rabbits, the Japanese Bobtail Shorthair makes an ideal ‘two-in-one’ pet.
  6. They’re easy to groom - Their short fur has minimal to zero undercoating, which keeps shedding at a minimum. As a result, you’ll only need to brush them once a week.
  7. They are not at risk of any skeletal disorders - Unlike some bobtail breeds, the gene mutation that shortens these kitties’ tails does not bring any bone abnormalities. Moreover, they are generally a very healthy breed.
  8. They like meeting new people - These sociable felines have no fear of strangers and are known to instantly win over and make friends with anyone who enters the home.
  9. They make friends with other animals - Their amiable nature and fearless personality mean they’ll likely get on well with any existing pets you have.
  10. Some have odd eyes - Although rare, the Japanese Bobtail is an odd-eyed breed as some are born with heterochromia (different coloured eyes).

Best homes for a Japanese Bobtail Shorthair

The most significant need of a Japanese Bobtail Shorthair is to receive regular attention and interactive play with their owners. As a result, they will be unable to thrive in a home where their owners are never around. Instead, they will do best with humans who work from home or in a household where people work different shifts.

Aside from their neediness, the Japanese Bobtail’s friendly and affectionate nature means they often become wonderful companions with children. Likewise, they typically get on well with other pets, especially those with equally high energy levels. In fact, it’s always a good idea to get two Japanese Bobtail kittens so they can grow up together and keep each other entertained, releasing the strain when life gets busy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Bobtail Shorthair Kittens

Why should I choose a Japanese Bobtail Shorthair from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
At The Pedigree Paws, we work with leading British and European breeders demonstrating an immense passion for animal welfare. We stand against the operation of pet mills and the way they breed animals. Instead, we only associate with honourable breeders who breed their cats with their health and wellbeing as the primary focus. This guarantees that your Japanese Bobtail Shorthair kitten will be well cared for, in top condition, and thus, a happy kitty.
Is a Japanese Bobtail Shorthair the right kitten for me?
Japanese Bobtail Shorthairs are energetic, confident, and affectionate. They develop strong bonds with their owners and love to be close to them at all times. However, this does mean that they need someone who can give them the time and attention they crave; otherwise, their wellbeing may suffer. Japanese Bobtails love busy environments where there are many people around. Thus, they will do well in a home where the household members work different shifts, so there is always someone around. They also do great with small children, who they enjoy playing with, and other pets, who they quickly accept.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Unfortunately, the pet breeding industry still has a long way to go as immoral pet mills and farms continue to operate. However, we aspire to be fully transparent in all we do to build trust with our customers. We select only the top breeders in the country and run comprehensive checks to ensure their kittens receive excellent care. Our hard work has paid off and continues to, as hundreds of previous happy customers agree. Check out our testimonial page to see our success stories.
Are Japanese Bobtail Shorthair kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
We're happy to say that the breeders on The Pedigree Paws meet our high values and follow strict health procedures. We know you may have concerns when buying a new pedigree kitten, which is why we ensure your new Japanese Bobtail Shorthair is in full health. Every kitten on our site has a complete health check and examination with a veterinarian, along with deworming treatment and the necessary vaccinations. The breeders also run DNA tests on the parents of their Japanese Bobtail Shorthair kittens. Although this breed is not at risk of genetic health conditions, DNA checks nonetheless give you peace of mind.
When can I receive my Japanese Bobtail Shorthair?
I'm sure you're anticipating the arrival of your kitten. However, it can be detrimental to their health and development if your kitten separates from the mother too early. Likewise, they can develop behavioural issues from weaning before they are ready. With kitten welfare as our best interest, we prefer our Japanese Bobtail kittens stay with their mum and littermates until they are 10 to 13 weeks old, or at least eight weeks. Moreover, the breeder will be in touch about delivery times after completing the sale.
Can I see the parents of my Japanese Bobtail Shorthair?
Yes, when choosing a Japanese Bobtail Shorthair kitten, you can see the kitten and its parents virtually before paying. Seeing a friendly and healthy mother cat will assure you that your new bobtail kitten will be amiable, confident, and remain healthy throughout its life. So, in line with our transparent operations, we'll arrange a video call for you with the breeder.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Japanese Bobtail Shorthair kitten?
Not all breeders supply pedigree documents of their kittens. However, at the Pedigree Paws, every Japanese Bobtail Shorthair comes with official documents from one of the leading international breeding organisations. The association where they will receive registration varies, but it is usually from CFA or TICA.
Do your Japanese Bobtail Shorthair kittens come from good breeders?
Yes, our Japanese Bobtail Shorthair kittens come from the most reputable and honourable breeders in the UK and Europe. We have a comprehensive application process to filter out breeders who do not match our high values. For example, every breeder who partners with us must prove that they treat their animals like family members rather than products by raising them in their homes. Our breeders also meet the strict welfare guidelines set by the international pedigree institutions. Thus, you can have total certainty that your Japanese Bobtail Shorthair will grow into a confident, friendly, and loving feline.
Are these Japanese Bobtail Shorthairs raised in a family home or breeding facility?
Our breeders all raise their Bobtail kittens in their own homes to familiarise them with a loving family environment before going to their forever home. Here, they receive sufficient attention and stay with the queen and the rest of the litter until they are independent enough to leave. For us, raising kittens in a homely environment is the only honest way to breed cats. Therefore, we avoid partnering with any pet farms or commercial breeding facilities. These organisations tend not to deliver the care that young kittens need, and they separate them from their mother too early. As you can imagine, this quickly leads to inadequate health and poor development.
How can I help settle my Japanese Bobtail Shorthair into their new home?
The Japanese Bobtail Shorthair is one of the most confident cat breeds, so most kittens usually settle into their new home in one to three days. Even so, leaving their mum can still be overwhelming, so you can help them feel more at ease. Firstly, keep them in their carrier when they arrive rather than letting them run and hide under the sofa. Then, create a cosy corner with a box and the blankets they travelled with, which have their scent. Moreover, avoid rushing to introduce them to the entire home; instead, let them get comfortable with one room at a time.