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The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair is a natural-occurring Russian cat breed originating from the Kamchatka Peninsula and Sakhalin Island. They have been in existence since the 20th century but have only gained popularity throughout Europe in the last 20 years.

The Kurilian Bobtail is a fabulous family pet because of its gentle, friendly, and easygoing nature. They are also intelligent, curious, and natural hunters. Aesthetically, they are unique, with a thick short coat that resembles a wildcat’s fur and a fluffy shortened or bobtail that gives the appearance of a pom-pom.

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Meet the Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair

The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair is medium to large but slow to mature. They take up to five years to reach their adult weight of 7 to 16 pounds and height of 10 to 14 inches.

Their bodies are muscular with solid legs, perfectly designed for jumping and sprinting to catch prey. Their chests are broad, and their backs can have a slight arch as their hind legs are longer than the front ones. Their heads have a rounded or rectangular appearance with large, alert ears and walnut-shaped eyes, which can be any shade of green or yellow.

Of course, though, this breed’s most distinguishing feature is their bobtail that varies in appearance between cats. It can be ultrashort, at just half an inch, or anywhere up to five inches long. Moreover, it can have kinks and be stiff or flexible. Standard cats have 30 vertebrae; however, the Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair will have between two to ten, a significant difference from the standard moggie.

The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair sports a short but thick double coat that feels soft and silky. Unlike the long-haired variety of this breed, their short coat is the same length all over, so their tails are not as fluffy as their siblings. However, it doesn’t mat or shed much, so they only require brushing once a week.

Their fur can be many colours and either solid, tabby, or tortoiseshell. This breed commonly has white markings (in any amount) and, less commonly, silver streaks.

The temperament of a Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair

The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair is renowned for its sweet and gentle nature and friendliness towards humans. They show affection to everyone and develop deep bonds with their owners but may latch onto one family member. They are equally loving towards pets they grow up with and even adapt quickly to any new furry friends that join the household.

Their affectionate disposition makes them fantastic lapcats, and they prefer to sleep with their owners than in their cat bed. Even so, they are not one to laze around all day as they have high energy levels. Thus, they are always looking for their next adventure and exploring every part of their environment. Moreover, they love discovering new things, whether it’s a new cat toy, cardboard box, or any household item that they have never seen before.

This breed has excellent hunting skills and will keep your home free from rodents. As you can imagine, they adore the outdoors, where prey is abundant. If you choose to let them play in the garden, they will thank you by bringing you a gift! Along with being skilful felines, they are intelligent, trainable, and learn quickly. This is music to the ears of any cat owner who knows the challenge of training other cats breeds to stay off the counters!

Another unique quirk of the Kurilian Bobtail cats is their love of water. As their ancestors grew up surrounded by it, these kitties don’t show fear towards baths, showers or ponds, as many other breeds do. Instead, they enjoy playing in the water, so they will splash in their water bowls and may even cool off in a shallow paddling pool during the summer.

10 reasons to add a Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair to your family

  1. Their tails look like pom-poms - Their stubby but fluffy tail is unique amongst other bobtail breeds and makes it look like they have a pom-pom attached to their backend.
  2. They have a wildcat appearance - The fur, colouring, and build all give the Kurilian a somewhat wild appearance, a stark contrast to their personality.
  3. They are kind, gentle and loving - As one of the most gentle cat breeds, Kurilians are ideal for families with young children and other animals.
  4. They are trainable - You don’t have to worry about scratched up furniture or broken ornaments with this breed. You can easily teach your Kurilian to understand where is off bounds.
  5. They are perfect for one person households - The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair does tend to pick a favourite human. So, if you live alone, you’re guaranteed to be the apple of their eye!
  6. They are fun and easy to live with - Kurilians are playful yet easygoing, making them a superb companion.
  7. They will keep pests away - Their innate ability to hunt and catch everything means you’ll never have a pest problem.
  8. Their grooming needs are minimal - Their short fur pretty much takes care of itself and needs no more than a weekly brush.
  9. They take five years to reach adult size - While they are a medium to large breed, it takes them up to five years to fully mature, so they stay small for a long time.
  10. They are a natural and healthy breed - The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair occurred without human intervention, has no health predispositions and has naturally developed over hundreds of years.

Best homes for a Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair

Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair cats are adaptable and social, making them a good fit for many types of families and homes. Although they enjoy being outdoors, they are happy as indoor-only cats, too. However, they need an enriched environment and receive plenty of interactive play with their owner.

The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair is easygoing enough to accept and enjoy the company of other cats and dogs. However, as they have a strong prey drive, we don't recommend this breed if you keep hamsters, gerbils or any other typical cat prey as pets. Luckily though, Kurilian Bobtail cats are excellent around children and enjoy gently playing with them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair Kittens

Why should I choose a Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
At The Pedigree Paws, we work with leading British and European Kurilian Bobtail breeders with an immense passion for animal welfare. We are firmly against pet mills and how they breed animals; thus, we only associate with honourable breeders with feline health and wellbeing as the prime focus. This guarantees that your Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair kitten will be in top condition, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Is a Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair the right kitten for me?
Kurilian Bobtail Shorthairs are active, intelligent, and gentle felines. They are playful and entertaining yet super affectionate and cuddly. They have a lovely, delicate nature; thus, they are great with children, other cats, and dogs, making them fantastic family pets. However, they are equally ideal for single people, as they form strong connections and shower their owners with love.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
We're sad to see immoral pet mills and farms continuing to operate in this day and age. However, we set ourselves apart and aspire to be fully transparent in our operations to build trust with our customers. We also pick the top cat breeders in the country and conduct comprehensive checks to ensure they give their kittens the best start to their lives. We're proud to say that our hard work is paying off, as hundreds of our previous customers agree. Check out our testimonial page to hear from our happy clients.
Are Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair cats are a natural breed with no genetic health predispositions or breed-specific concerns. Moreover, our breeders share the same high values as us and follow strict health procedures. We also ensure that each Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair is in top health condition by getting the green light from a licensed veterinarian. The vet will deworm them and give them the necessary vaccinations, along with a physical examination. Our breeders also run DNA tests on the mother and father of their Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair kittens. Although this breed has no known genetic health conditions, DNA checks confirm their pedigree status and give you peace of mind.
When can I receive my Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair?
We know you're waiting for your new kitten with anticipation. However, the health of the kittens is always in our best interest and separating them from the mother too early can be harmful. Likewise, they can develop behavioural or developmental issues from weaning before they are ready. Because of this, we prefer our Kurilian Bobtail kittens stay with their mum and littermates until they are at least eight weeks, but if possible, between 10 to 13 weeks old. Moreover, the breeder will contact you about the delivery date after completing the sale.
Can I see the parents of my Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair?
Yes, in line with our transparent operation, you can see the kitten and its parents via a video call before choosing your Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair kitten. Seeing a friendly, healthy and happy mother cat will assure you that your bobtail kitten will grow into a friendly feline and remain in top health.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair kitten?
Sometimes when you buy through private breeders, you do not receive the pedigree document of your new kitten. However, at The Pedigree Paws, this is not the case. Instead, every Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair comes with official records from one of the leading breeding organisations worldwide. Most Kurilian kittens in Europe receive registration from TICA (The International Cat Association), which is recognised internationally.
Do your Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair kittens come from good breeders?
Yes, all our Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair kittens come from the most honourable and reputable breeders in Britain and Europe. We have a comprehensive application procedure that helps us filter out breeders who do not match our high values. For example, every breeder who partners with us must prove they treat their cats and kittens like family members rather than products that make them money. Our breeders also fulfil the stringent welfare guidelines set by the leading international pedigree institutions. Therefore, there is no doubt that your Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair will live a long, healthy life and display the beautiful qualities of the breed.
Are these Kurilian Bobtail Shorthairs raised in a family home or breeding facility?
Our breeders take care of their Kurilian Bobtail kittens in their homes to familiarise them with a caring family environment and prepare them for their forever home. Along with socialisation, they also receive sufficient care and stay with their mum until they are independent and ready to leave. We believe that raising kittens in a homely environment with their mum and siblings is the only honest way to breed cats. Therefore, we avoid working with any kind of pet farm or commercial breeding facility. These organisations do not deliver the care kittens need and separate them from their mother before they are ready. As you can imagine, this quickly leads to poor development and health issues.
How can I help settle my Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair into their new home?
The Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair is a friendly and people-loving cat, so these kittens usually settle into their new home straight away. Nevertheless, leaving their mum is still a significant change that can be overwhelming. So there are things you can do to help them feel at ease. When they arrive, don't rush to introduce them to their new home. Instead, let them come out of their carrier when they are ready. Plus, familiarise them with just one room at first, and create a cosy corner here with the blankets they travelled with, which have their scent.