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The LaPerm Longhair is a curly-coated cat with a cute appearance and personality. The LaPerm naturally emerged from a spontaneous mutation in barn cats in Oregon, USA. Since the first occurrence of the LaPerm in 1982, they have achieved recognition from several pedigree organisations, including The International Cat Association (TICA) and Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

The LaPerm Longhair is unique from the other curly-haired rex cats as their woolly coats result from a dominant gene. Moreover, LaPerms are often outcrossed to non-pedigreed domestic cats to maintain healthy genetic diversity. Nowadays, you can find these fluffy felines in many countries outside the USA, but they are relatively uncommon, nonetheless.

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Meet the LaPerm Longhair

The LaPerm Longhair is a small to medium cat, weighing five to eight pounds at maturity, which is usually two to three years old. They have an athletic yet elegant build, and their thick, woolly coats typically make them appear bigger than they are. LaPerms have slightly rounded heads with expressive eyes that can be any colour.

Interestingly, LaPerms are usually born bald or short haired, and they gradually develop their long coat as they grow. By the time they reach maturity, they will sport a combination of soft waves, curls, and ringlets, resembling a shaggy perm that feels soft to the touch. However, some LaPerms do not develop ringlets and maintain a straight coat instead.

Most longhaired LaPerms will have looser curls around the body, tighter ringlets around the neck and ears and a curly plumed tail. Their fur can be any colour or pattern, but tabbies, calicos and tortoiseshells are common. Furthermore, they often have curled whiskers.

The longhaired LaPerm’s curly coat is not too difficult to care for, but you do need to brush or comb it multiple times a week to prevent tangling or matting. After brushing, you can spray a little water to set the curls. You should not need to bathe them, but if you do, towel-dry them instead of using a hairdryer, which will create frizziness.

The temperament of a LaPerm Longhair

The LaPerm Longhair is an affectionate and playful kitty. They have an inquisitive nature and a clownish sense of humour. They are pretty smart and can figure out things like opening doors, which can sometimes cause mischief. They love to be up high and always look for something to climb, so don’t be surprised if they clamber up onto your shoulder!

LaPerms are super affectionate and like being in the same space as their owners but do not display neediness. So whether you’re cooking, on your laptop, or watching a movie, your LaPerm will likely be with you. They do not meow a great deal, but they have deep purrs that promote comfort and relaxation.

Provided they receive sufficient socialisation as kittens, LaPerms grow to be very friendly and at ease around strangers. Likewise, they do not feel fearful in the presence of children, so they make good family pets. Furthermore, as they descend from barn cats, these felines have a strong prey drive and love to hunt.

10 reasons to add a ​​LaPerm Longhair to your family

  1. They have unique, sheep-like coats - Curly haired cats are not a common sighting. Thus, LaPerms are distinctive, different, and incredibly cute.
  2. They feel super soft - Their curly fur is super soft like a teddy bear, rather than coarse, which makes them the ideal snuggle buddies.
  3. They are easy going - These affectionate kitties are not needy by any means. They love receiving attention but are also happy to play on their own.
  4. They are ideal for a variety of homes - Because of their low needs and adaptable nature, they can find happiness with all types of families and home environments, including apartments and with first-time cat owners.
  5. They have soothing purrs - Any LaPerm owner will agree, there is something exceptional about this kitty’s loud, deep purr.
  6. They have a fantastic sense of humour - Playful LaPerms love to clown around and show off, bringing your hours of laughs.
  7. They are not as tricky to groom as you think - It’s easy to take one look at a LaPerm longhair and assume they have high grooming requirements. However, they only need to be brushed or combed a few times a week, typically don’t need baths, and don’t shed much either.
  8. They are fab company - LaPerms will stay close to their owners for most of the day. So if you work from home, they make an excellent companion who will lay on your desk, keeping you company as you work.
  9. They are generally healthy - As they are a naturally occurring breed, LaPerms do not have any known inherited health problems.
  10. They are rare and eye-catching - LaPerms are not cats you often come across, but they always catch your eye when you do. Being so exclusive, your guests will always be in awe of your curly haired feline.

Best homes for a LaPerm Longhair

LaPerm Longhairs will also be around as they prefer to be with their owners than off doing their own thing. Because they love to play and hunt, they will need plenty of toys, cat trees and high platforms to keep them happy. They are also content spending most or all their time indoors, making them a good choice for those living in apartments.

Their easygoing nature also means they get along well with children and other pets. In fact, as they love to play, they welcome any playmate, whether it’s a tiny human, feline, or canine. Moreover, as they don’t particularly like to be alone, it’s best to have a furry friend for them to grow up around if you work long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About LaPerm Longhair Kittens

Why should I choose a LaPerm Longhair from The Pedigree Paws over somewhere else?
Unfortunately, many unethical breeders and pet farms are only concerned about making money. As a result, the kittens are kept in dire conditions and separated from their mother far too early. Operating in this way is highly detrimental to the health and welfare of the animals. At The Pedigree Paws, our principal focus is to ensure all the animals on our platform are bred and raised ethically and receive excellent care. We believe that breeders should always raise kittens in a family home instead of keeping them in a cage, so we seek out the top-rated breeders who share these values. As a result, we have total confidence that our kittens are well taken care of, fully healthy and well socialised.
Is a LaPerm Longhair the right kitten for me?
If you're looking for a cat with adorable looks and an equally adorable personality, then yes! LaPerms are very friendly, loving, and make fantastic companions. They are adaptable, so they suit most types of families and homes. Plus, they are easy-going, so they are great even if you have no previous experience with cats. LaPerms don't particularly like to be alone, so they prefer an owner who is around often. However, they also enjoy the company of other animals, so having some furry friends for your curly kitty will help them thrive, too.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Choosing your new furry friend should be an exciting and heartwarming experience. However, because of some breeders' unethical operations, this is not always the case. We are cat owners and animal lovers ourselves, which is why we decided to create The Pedigree Paws. Our mission was to build a trustworthy space for cat lovers to buy a new kitten and a platform for the best breeders to share their high-quality offspring. Thus, as we only work with passionate, ethical breeders, The Pedigree Paws helps fight rogue pet farms and reduce animal neglect.
Are LaPerm Longhair kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
When you buy a LaPerm Longhair through The Pedigree Paws, you can have total confidence that your curly-haired kitten is 100% healthy. We do several things to ensure this, including the requirement for our breeders to take their kittens for a complete examination and blood check at their vets. Another condition is that they must run DNA checks on the kitten's mother and father. Even though LaPerms do not have any known genetic health issues, these tests are still crucial to ensure your LaPerm cat will live a long and healthy life.
When will my LaPerm Longhair kitten be ready?
The date your curly-haired kitten will be ready depends on the age they currently are and their development rate. We require our breeders to keep all kittens with their mothers until they are at least eight weeks old. Furthermore, we find kittens are less likely to display behavioural issues when they spend 10 to 13 weeks with their mum. So, if possible, we will try to keep them together for this period. There may be an availability date on the LaPerm kitten listing. If not, the breeder will inform you when your curly kitten will be ready to come to you.
Can I see the parents of my LaPerm Longhair kitten before purchase?
Although this is typically a healthy breed, it's understandable to have concerns regarding the health and welfare of your new kitten. Therefore, you have the option to arrange a video call with the breeder to see the kitten and one or both parents. Seeing them in good condition and observing their friendly nature will help assure you that your baby LaPerm will live a healthy and happy life with you.
Will I receive pedigree documents of my LaPerm Longhair?
Yes, every LaPerm Longhair kitten from The Pedigree Paws will be registered and come with official documents to prove its status. All the major international breeding associations acknowledge the LaPerm as a pedigree breed. The breeder will register your new kitten with one of them and send you the original documents along with your new fluffy friend.
Do your LaPerm Longhair kittens come from reputable breeders?
At The Pedigree Paws, we maintain stringent regulations to limit who can advertise on the platform, ensuring we work with only the top LaPerm breeders. Furthermore, we do not associate with pet farms or mills as their primary concern is making money and mass-producing kittens. In contrast, our partner breeders demonstrate honourable values and a strong passion for animal welfare. Furthermore, our breeders closely follow the rules and regulations around breeding that international pedigree organisations set. Because of this, you can be assured that your new LaPerm kitten is growing up in a loving environment preparing for its forever home.
Where are your LaPerm Longhair kittens raised?
All The Pedigree Paws breeders raise their kittens in their home. Here, the LaPerm kittens stay with their mother, receiving her milk and weaning at a natural pace. We do not work with pet farms or commercial breeders because they often keep kittens in cages, away from their mothers, and wean them before they are ready. When kittens grow up in a family home environment, they receive love, attention, and socialisation; thus, they thrive. They gain plenty of positive human experiences so are already confident and friendly towards people, making for an easier transition to their new home.
How can I help my LaPerm Longhair kitten adjust to its new home?
Because they receive early socialisation, most LaPerm kittens are confident, friendly and adaptable. Even so, leaving their mother for the first time is a big change that can be overwhelming. Therefore, there are a few things we recommend you do to create a stress-free environment for your new kitty. Firstly, you can help them settle quickly by creating a small, relaxing space to retreat if they feel scared. All you need is a cardboard box and some blankets in a quiet, dark corner. We also advise keeping them in one room during day one and giving them plenty of attention and time. Then, once they seem settled, introduce them to the rest of their new home and slowly introduce them to any new furry siblings.