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The Lykoi is an extremely rare cat breed caused by a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair. This exclusive feline intrigues cat lovers worldwide because of its werewolf-like looks, with the appropriately given nickname “the wolf cat.”

Luckily though, the Lykoi does not have the personality of a werewolf. Instead, this unique kitty is intelligent, curious and extremely loving. The breed has been around for less than 20 years, so while their numbers remain very low, the wolf cat breed is slowly growing.

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Meet the Lykoi cat

The Lykoi is a medium sized cat, weighing 6 to 12 pounds. They have slender, toned bodies and wedge-shaped heads. When you look at their face, you’ll notice hairless patches around their eyes, nose and backs of the ears. These areas will have a leather texture and will be a shade of pink. Another distinctive facial feature is their large ears, pointed and set wide on their heads.

Lykoi cats can have a full coat of fur on their body or be partially hairless with patches of missing hair on their belly, legs, or paws. Although this makes them look similar to other hairless breeds, like the Sphynx and Devon Rex, DNA testing confirms Lykoi cats do not carry the Sphynx/Devon Rex gene.

Most Lykois will have black fur, which will feel fine, short, and coarse. Those with full coats may have some white hair too, which makes them appear silver. Moreover, because they have no undercoat, where their hair is patchy, they can look like they have mange, but this is not the case.

Lykoi cats are certainly not fluffy kitties and don’t win awards for the most aesthetically beautiful breed. Even so, if you can see the uniqueness of this wolf cat, you’ll see past their superficial appearance.

The temperament of a Lykoi

While Lykois are a domestic cat breed, they originated from feral cats and have solid hunting instincts. They are pretty playful, but they are happy to play on their own. They are most content as indoor-outdoor kittens due to their feral heritage. Still, as they lack a warm coat, keeping them inside during the winter is essential.

At first, Lykois can seem aloof, but that is not the case at all. The truth is Lykois just take a little while to warm up to new people. But once they accept a human, they will quickly build a solid, lasting bond with them.

They are too busy being on the lookout for prey to follow you around as some breeds do, but they will show you affection nonetheless. They will happily sit on your lap or curl up by your feet, and when they’re in a relaxed mood, they will welcome petting.

They display a good amount of independence, and they are happy to stay at home during the day while you are out working. Compared to many other domestic cat breeds, they don’t have high social needs, making them easy-going companions. However, as they are very playful and intelligent, make sure you have plenty of toys, cat trees, and cardboard boxes around to keep them entertained.

10 reasons to add a Lykoi to your family

  1. They can stay home alone - If you dream of having a feline companion but have a demanding full-time job, a Lykoi could be a good option. While they are affectionate kitties, they don’t have a strong need for social interaction and don’t get stressed when left alone.
  2. They like to cuddle - Despite their feral instincts, they develop deep bonds with their owners and will often spend the night sleeping by their feet.
  3. They are excellent problem solvers - Something you’ll discover when you live with a Lykoi cat is how smart they are. They are great at solving problems and cracking puzzle games, as well as playing fetch.
  4. Some have silver fur - ​​Black roan Lykoi cats have white hairs that give their coat a shiny grey appearance.
  5. Every Lykoi is unique - Some Lykois have a full coat, others are almost entirely hairless, and some have a few bald patches. Plus, as their fur colour and thickness change throughout kittenhood, how a Lykoi kitten turns out is always a surprise.
  6. They make unique sounds - Lykois don’t have the standard feline meow. Instead, when they vocalise, it’s usually a cute chirp-like sound.
  7. They are easy going - Lykois are easy cats to look after. While they are pretty playful and active, they will entertain themselves and never demand attention from you.
  8. They are new and exclusive - They were only registered as a breed by TICA in 2012, making them one of the most recent and rarest breeds today.
  9. They have no health concerns - Although it’s still too early to tell, it does seem that Lykois do not have any breed specific health problems.
  10. They are mini werewolves - Lastly, let’s face it, there is no other cat breed that looks like a werewolf.

Best homes for a Lykoi cat

A Lykoi cat will do best in a predictable home and peaceful environment as they do not handle change very well. Lykoi owners should establish and stick to a regime and honour their need for space and alone time. Therefore, they are more suited to young working couples or older retirees rather than a family with young, loud kids. That being said, they are very friendly towards children once they get to know them.

Lokis will stay away from strangers as they size them up from a distance, so if many new people come in and out of your house, this could stress out your wolf cat. However, it’s not a problem with friends and family as once they meet someone a few times and realise they are not a threat, they will let their guard down.

The same goes for animals. While they can become friends with other cats and dogs, a slow introduction is vital for success. However, if you introduce them to other pets from a very young age, creating a multi-pet household will rarely be a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lykoi Kittens

Why should I choose a Lykoi from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
Despite restrictive breeding laws in place in the UK and parts of the EU, illegal cat breeding facilities sadly still exist. However, kitten welfare is our number one priority at The Pedigree Paws. As we aim to help fight against these unethical pet farms, we run extensive checks before we partner with any breeder. These controls ensure we only work with professional and ethical breeders who are as passionate about kitten welfare as we are. What's more, all our partner breeders work privately, raising their Lykoi kittens in their homes. With our comprehensive requirements and checks, we have fast become a trustworthy matchmaking agency for kitten lovers.
Is a Lykoi the right kitten for me?
The Lykoi is an easy-going feline that makes a good pet for first-time cat owners. They are affectionate yet independent and don't have high social needs. Therefore, they are well-suited to professionals or working couples. A Lykoi prefers a peaceful and predictable home over a loud, constantly-changing environment. They are often wary of strangers, so they may get stressed in a house where new people regularly pass through. Moreover, as kittens, they can become friends with children and other animals quickly. Though, as they grow up, it can be harder to introduce them to new pets.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
The Pedigree Paws mission is to facilitate an enjoyable, stress-free experience for cat lovers buying a new kitten. We act 100% transparently in everything we do. If it's your first time becoming a cat parent, we'll guide you through the process, so you know what to expect and can enjoy the exciting experience. We do not support illegal breeding farms, so when you buy a Lykoi kitten from us, you know they are coming from a good home. We have carefully selected the most ethical Lykoi breeders in Britain, and we can confidently say that all our kittens receive excellent care. Our impressive reviews from many of our past happy customers reflect this too.
Are Lykoi kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
The Lykoi is a very new cat breed but as far as we can tell; they are a very healthy breed with no genetic predispositions. Regardless, as kitten welfare is our prime concern, we would never sell any kitten that is not in excellent health. Plus, all breeders follow strict health and welfare protocols set by breeding organisations and us. One thing we require from them is proof that the kitten has had a complete health checkup with a licensed veterinarian. Another requirement is that they conduct DNA tests for both parents of their Lykoi kittens to prove their heritage and check for genetic diseases. As they are such a new breed, it's crucial to ensure our Lykoi kittens do not have genetic diseases, and a DNA test on the parent can check this. Furthermore, the breeder will deworm, microchip, and vaccinate your new wolf cat for you.
When can I receive my Lyoki kitten?
No Lykoi kitten can leave their mum until they are at least eight weeks old. Even so, we often find most kittens are not fully ready until 10-13 weeks, so we aim to keep them together until then. Therefore, the exact date varies depending on the kitten and breeder, and they will confirm when you can receive them.
Can I see the parents of a Lykoi kitten before purchase?
Yes, before purchasing your new wolf kitten, we will happily arrange a virtual meeting between you and the breeder. This will allow you to see one or both parents of your new Lykoi to check that they come from healthy cats.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Lykoi kitten?
Yes, when you buy a Lykoi kitten through The Pedigree Paws platform, you will receive pedigree documents from either GCCF or TICA. These are top breeding organisations that are recognised worldwide.
Do your Lykoi kittens come from good breeders?
Lykois are one of the rarest cat breeds, so naturally, there are not many Lykoi breeders around. Even so, we're proud to say we have found and partnered with the very best ones in Britain and Europe. Before we begin working with any breeder, we carry out thorough checks to ensure they are registered, licensed and operate ethically. As a result, we can say that all our Lykoi breeders treat the kittens they raise like they are family. Our breeders also meet the top pedigree organisations' regulations for breeding cats ethically. Therefore, you can rest assured that your new wolf kitten has had the very best start in life and will live a happy and healthy life.
Are your Lykoi kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
Our breeders raise their Lykoi kittens with the mother cat and littermates in their own homes rather than at a separate facility. A family home environment is essential as they get used to various humans, and often other pets, too, giving them vital socialisation from an early age. We do not partner with any commercial breeding facility as these businesses often keep kittens in cages. What's more, they will often stay separate from their mother and are weaned too early.
How can I help my Lykoi kitten settle into my home?
Your new Lykoi might be a little timid towards you initially, but as kittens, they warm up to strangers pretty quickly. However, as leaving their mother may be a stressful experience for them, we recommend making the process as calming as possible. Before they arrive, set up a cosy space in a small room where they can stay for their first day. Keeping them in one room will prevent them from feeling overwhelmed by their new environment. If you have other pets, do not introduce them to each other until your Lykoi seems settled.