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The Munchkin Shorthair is the short-haired version of the iconic Munchkin, or Sausage kitten, known for its short legs and playful nature. Munchkin Shorthairs are one of the newest breeds around, and still today, they are accepted by TICA and CFA feline pedigree organisations.

When you first see a Munchkin, you will wonder what makes their legs so short? These kitties were not initially bred to appear this way but occurred naturally due to a spontaneous genetic mutation.

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Meet the Munchkin Shorthair

Munchkin Shorthairs stand out from other domestic breeds because of their short legs and petite appearance. Female Munchkins are the smallest, usually weighing between 4 and 7 pounds. Males tend to be bigger but are still petite at 6 to 9 pounds. However, unlike other dwarf cat breeds, the Munchkin Shorthair is not actually a miniature cat as all their body parts, except their legs, are a standard cat size.

So just how short are their legs? A Munchkin Shorthair’s legs will be, on average, 3 inches smaller than the average moggie. Breeding Munchkins is not the most straightforward procedure, though. Breeders will often mate a Munchkin Shorthair with another breed, such as a British Shorthair or an exotic shorthair. The height of a Munchkin will depend on its parents, but most will be about 7 or 8 inches tall.

Munchkin Shorthairs have plush short to medium coats that can come in various colours and patterns, including tabby, calico or solid. Unlike their long-haired siblings, Munchkin shorthairs are much easier to groom. As their fur does not matt, they require only a weekly brush or comb.

The temperament of a Munchkin Shorthair

Munchkin Shorthairs are fun, playful and extremely loving. As pets, they are friendly, entertaining and cuddly, boasting all the most popular personality traits. They are also one of the most confident cat breeds who love to be around people and thrive in busy environments.

Many cat breeds are prone to “Zoomies”, but the Munchkin Shorthair races around at an impressive speed. When it comes to their agility, the Munchkins’ short legs do not hold them back at all. The only difference you will notice between a Munchkin and a standard cat is that these short kittens can not jump too high. So while they will make it up onto the couch or bed, you won’t find them sleeping on the top shelf.

Munchkin shorthairs are extremely curious and love to seek out things to chase and catch. Therefore, it’s helpful to have plenty of toy mice lying around. What’s more, whenever a Munchkin sees something interesting outside the window, it’s an endearing sight. This little sausage cat will take the position of a meerkat by perching on its back legs and sitting upright to get a better view.

When they’re not running around or chasing moving objects, your Munchkin will pass out on your lap with a happy purr. Munchkins don’t just like to be around people, but they adore touch and affection, too.

10 reasons to add a Munchkin Shorthair to your family

  1. They are easy to care for - As a short-haired cat, their grooming schedule is minimal. They don’t need baths, and a weekly brush is more than sufficient for preventing their soft fur from matting.
  2. They make an incredible companion - Cats are at their cutest when they are cuddly and playful, and Munchkin Shorthairs have the best balance between the two. You’ll enjoy watching their funny antics and will get plenty of snuggle time, too.
  3. They are the ultimate family pet - If you have loud children or other animals in the home, this confident kitty will take it all in its stride and enjoy the lively environment.
  4. They love to cuddle - While most of us love cuddling cats, not all breeds enjoy being held. Munchkins are one feline that loves cuddles and petting, though.
  5. You won’t have the challenge of training them to keep off the table - Some cats are notorious for jumping up onto the table at dinner time, and it can be challenging to put a stop to this behaviour. However, this is never a concern with a Munchkin as they spend most of their time at ground level.
  6. They have a long life expectancy - Although Munchkin Shorthairs have some health predispositions, most will live just as long as other domestic cat breeds.
  7. They have adorable meerkat traits - Meerkats may not be suitable for a family home, but a Munchkin is the next best thing. You’ll never get bored of their cute sitting position.
  8. They are curious about everything - The Munchkin’s curiosity is similar to that of a small child. They find everything exciting and want to know about everything you do. This endearing personality trait will make you fall in love with them even more.
  9. They are smart - Munchkin Shorthairs are also very wise. Give them puzzle toys and see how quickly they crack them, or teach them a few tricks and be amazed at their intelligence.
  10. They stand out from the crowd - Whether you like to be different yourself or you’ve had cats all your life and are looking for a more unique feline, a Munchkin Shorthair ticks that box.

Best homes for a Munchkin Shorthair

Despite the controversy and health concerns surrounding this breed, there is no denying that a Munchkin Shorthair makes a fantastic addition to any family. Their confidence and adaptability help them settle into a new home quickly. Plus, being social butterflies, they will welcome other pets and young children into their life.

However, as Munchkins love people so much, they can get lonely if they are left alone every day. Therefore, they do best in households where there is always someone around. If that’s not possible, you should consider getting a furry friend or two to meet this sausage cat’s social needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Munchkin Shorthair Kittens

Why should I choose a Munchkin Shorthair from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
While not all breeders and breeding facilities prioritise their kittens’ health and wellbeing, at The Pedigree Paws, we act in a 100% ethical way, with the kittens best interests at heart. We created our matchmaking agency as a trustworthy go-to company for cat lovers in the UK and Europe. All our breeders are certified, registered, and extremely passionate about what they do. Moreover, they treat each Munchkin kitten as their own, taking excellent care of their health and development. So, whether you’re choosing a Munchkin Shorthair or any other breed, you’ll know you’re buying from one of the best fully licensed breeders around.
Is a Munchkin Shorthair the right kitten for me?
Munchkin Shorthairs have one of the best personalities around. A Munchkin Shorthair is for you if you find playful kittens adorable but also want a furry friend who is cuddly and affectionate. These kitties are ideal for family homes, too. They are confident around children and other animals and enjoy their company. However, as they are such social butterflies, Munchkin Shorthairs can get lonely if their owners are never home. So, if everyone in your house is working and studying full time, you might want to consider a cat breed that has lower social needs instead.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Getting a new pet should be an enjoyable experience, but with many rogue breeders around, this is not always the case. We built The Pedigree Paws to fit against illegal breeding facilities. We have created a space for the best kitten breeders in the industry to sell their pets and a trustworthy platform for cat lovers to use. As a result, getting your new Munchkin Shorthair kitten is always a joyful and stress-free experience with The Pedigree Paws. We’re super proud of our achievements so far, such as creating hundreds of happy partnerships between animal lovers and kittens. You can read about these success stories on our testimonials page.
Are the Shorthair Munchkins from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Kitten health is our number one priority, and we’re proud to say that our partner breeders follow comprehensive health protocols. These include taking each Munchkin kitten to a licensed vet for a thorough health checkup before advertising them for sale. Another protocol they follow is to run DNA tests on both parents of the Munchkin Shorthair kittens, which is vital for this breed, considering its health predispositions. These DNA checks not only show your kitten’s heritage but also that their parents are free from genetic mutations. Plus, with your convenience in mind, we require all our breeders to deworm, vaccinate and microchip each Munchkin Shorthair kitten beforehand.
When can I receive my new Munchkin Shorthair?
To ensure sufficient development, every kitten should stay with their mother until they are at least eight weeks old. Eight weeks is the minimum time they need to entirely wean and become psychologically ready to separate from their mum. However, 10-13 weeks is much better for the kitten’s wellbeing. We aim to keep them with their mum until this age, but we work with the breeder to create a timescale that works for them. So, your breeder will confirm precisely when you can get your new Munchkin.
Can I see the parents of a Munchkin Shorthair kitten before purchase?
Because this breed has some health prepositions, we advise anyone buying a Munchkin Shorthair to be extra cautious before making the sale. Therefore, we will arrange for you to see the Munchkin kitten’s parents via video call before purchasing. This will give you greater peace of mind that your Munchkin Shorthair will grow into a healthy cat with no medical issues.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Shorthair Munchkin?
TICA is currently the only international breeding organisation that recognises Munchkin Shorthairs as a breed. Therefore, all our Munchkin Shorthair breeders register their kittens with TICA before selling them. They will send you the official pedigree documents together with your new kitten.
Do your Munchkin Shorthair kittens come from good breeders?
We do not allow breeders to list kittens on The Pedigree Paws before checking they follow the strict policies of top international pedigree organisations. These companies put in place these regulations to protect the welfare of animals and ensure breeders raise them most ethically. We also have in-house requirements that we require our breeders to meet. For example, every one of our kitten breeders must treat their kittens like family pets rather than just an animal to sell. Being this vigilant means, we can assure our customers that their kittens come from the best breeders in Great Britain and Europe.
Are your Munchkin Shorthair kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
We never support commercial breeding facilities as these organisations operate unethically and keep kittens in cages separate from their mothers. Raising baby kittens in this way is often detrimental to their health and wellbeing, and thus is not a risk we would ever take. However, raising kittens in a family home together with their mother is much more ethical. In this environment, they remain healthy and happy and socialise well, too. This sets them up for an easy transition to their forever home. It also means that you, as their new owner, will not deal with any development or behavioural problems caused by early weaning.
How can I help my Shorthair Munchkin settle into my home?
Luckily, Munchkin Shorthairs are one of the most adaptable and confident breeds that don’t get anxious around new people. Instead, they are very social and enjoy meeting new people, so Munchkins will often settle instantly with their new humans. However, like with any breed, their specific personality can differ, so it’s worth taking some precautions to ensure an easy transition for them. We suggest that you ask the breeder to send your new kitten with something that has their mum’s scent on, like a blanket. The blanket will contain the mother cat pheromones that are a calming aid for kittens. This will help them stay relaxed as they travel to you. Then when your kitten arrives, you can prevent overwhelming them by keeping them in one room for the first day.