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The Nebelung cat is a rare pedigree breed created in the USA. They have only been around since the 1980s, so they are a new breed and an uncommon sight in America and the rest of the world.

Aesthetically, Nebelungs look similar to Russian Blues, but their shimmery blue coats are longer and thicker. They are super sweet and affectionate and are known to create close bonds with their owners.

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Meet the Nebelung cat

Nebelung cats are medium sized, with a long but well-proportioned body and athletic figure. They reach a weight of 7 to 15 pounds and generally have a good life expectancy, averaging 13 to 16 years. They have long legs with oval paws and a long fluffy tail.

They have long necks with slightly pointed heads. Like Russian Blues, they have vivid green eyes, creating a stark contrast to their grey-blue fur. Another similarity with the Russian Blue breed is that as kittens, Nebelungs will have yellow eyes that will slowly turn green as they get older.

While their fur is the same colour as Russian Blues, blue with silver tipping, the critical difference is the length. Nebelung cats sport a long coat of thick, silky fur. It’s double-layered and thus is suitable for all-weather, including cold British winters. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so it protects them from the rain.

The hair around their head and neck is usually extra thick with more silver tipping, giving these areas a particularly sparkly look. This is often more noticeable in males, though. Another attractive physical trait is that both males and females have tufted fur between their toes. However, it can take up to 2 years for a Nebelung’s coat to fully develop.

Nebelungs shed a fair amount and will need brushing a few times a week. As they are a new breed, we don’t know if they have any breed-specific health concerns, but early analysis shows no medical issues.

The temperament of a Nebelung

Nebelungs are very cuddly, affectionate cats who devote themselves to their owners for life. Having a Nebelung in the house can develop into a beautiful companionship, but their loyalty means they lack independence. A Nebelung will stay close to you at all times and doesn’t like being left alone for too long, especially if it’s out of the norm.

Nebelongs are creatures of comfort, and they need routine in their life. It’s vital to feed them at the exact time each day as even small changes to their schedule can stress them out. Thus, they don’t cope well with change, so they prefer to be in a predictable and peaceful home.

Nebelungs love to play but do not have high energy levels, so they will usually tire quickly. Plus, they don’t need interactive play sessions, and you’ll often find your Nebelung happily playing on their own.

This breed can be pretty shy around strangers, so early socialisation is crucial. If they don’t meet lots of people as kittens, they will struggle to accept strangers and adjust to new environments when they get older. In fact, the way they see it is that they don’t need lots of friends when they have such close bonds with their owners.

Finally, Nebelungs are very quiet and softly-spoken. If they are meowing loudly and continually, it’s a sign that they are hungry or that something is wrong.

10 reasons to add a Nebelung to your family

  1. They have luxurious coats - One of the best physical traits of a Nebelung is their luscious long silky coat that sparkles as they walk.
  2. They have striking eyes - The Nebelung's bright green eyes are so incredible that you could stare into them all day.
  3. They are full of love - If you’re looking for an affectionate cat, you couldn’t find a better choice than a Nebelung. You are guaranteed a lifetime of love when you take this gorgeous kitty home.
  4. They are softly-spoken - Your Nebelung will never whine at you or cry all night (unless something is seriously wrong). They like a quiet environment and will maintain peace with their soft, gentle noises.
  5. They have a calm nature - While they can have playful streaks, Nebelungs are relatively subdued and do not have high energy levels. They will happily spend a large portion of their day cuddling in the lap of their favourite human.
  6. They are suitable for apartments - Because they are not fond of strangers, Nebelungs prefer to stay inside. They don’t need much space to run around either, so they can make a good apartment cat.
  7. They will inspire you to create a routine - If you’re someone who spends their days in a frenzy, lacking organisation, your Nebelung will undoubtedly bring some order to the chaos.
  8. They have a medieval German name - Their name comes from a medieval German poem and translates to “creature of the mist” because of their foggy coloured fur and mysterious aura.
  9. They also make gorgeous cross-breeds - While a Nebelung is pretty perfect as it is, some breeders mix them with Russian Blues or Maine Coons, making an even more unique feline.
  10. They are super rare - Their exact population may be unknown, but Nebelungs are not a common sight and are mostly unheard of outside the USA.

Best homes for a Nebelung

Nebelungs need a quiet, predictable home with a set structure. Because of this, they tend to do well with seniors or older families. Furthermore, as they develop strong connections with their owners, they can suffer separation anxiety if you suddenly start working full-time or go on holiday. Therefore, if a change is inevitable, be sure to shower them with extra love and affection during this time, reassuring them that everything is okay.

Nebelungs do well with a buddy, so we highly recommend getting a Nebelung as a pair. That way, they will have a furry friend to grow up with and feel less lonely when their humans are away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nebelung Kittens

Why should I choose a Nebelung kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
Despite the relatively new breeding laws in Britain and the EU, sadly, some unethical cat breeding facilities are still around. We are firmly against illegal pet farms at The Pedigree Paws, and kitten welfare is our number one priority. We do our utmost to defend these tiny kittens from immoral treatment by implementing comprehensive procedures. These controls ensure that all our breeders are licensed, experienced, and genuinely passionate about kitten welfare. By only working with private, licensed breeders, we know that all our kittens are being raised in the breeder's homes. The thorough requirements we have in place make us stand out as a trustworthy matchmaking agency for kitten lovers in Britain and Europe.
Is a Nebelung the right kitten for me?
Nebelung cats are incredibly cuddly, affectionate, and loyal, so if you're looking for a lifelong companion, you can't go wrong with this breed. However, they are not very independent and don't cope well with change. Therefore, they need a predictable, structured home where they receive plenty of attention. Because of this, they tend to be most suitable for seniors or older families.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
The idea of creating a matchmaking platform like Pedigree Paws stemmed from our desire to create a pleasant, stress-free experience for cat lovers buying a new pet. Therefore, we always act transparently and ensure you know what to expect by guiding you through the process of purchasing a kitten. You don't need to be concerned about supporting any illegal breeding farms when you buy a Nebelung kitten through our platform. We have meticulously chosen the most ethical licensed breeders around, so we firmly believe that all our kittens receive excellent care before coming to you. Moreover, we're proud of the awesome reviews we have received from our previous customers, which you can read on our testimonials page.
Are Nebelung kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
With kitten welfare being our prime concern, you can trust that the kittens you see on The Pedigree Paws are in excellent health. We require all our cat breeders to follow strict health and welfare protocols, such as taking every kitten for a veterinary check-up before listing them for sale. All our breeders carry out DNA tests on both parents of their kittens, too. This procedure serves two essential purposes; establishing the kitten's heritage and checking for genetic diseases. Moreover, all breeders prepare their kittens for their forever homes by taking them to a vet for deworming, microchipping, and vaccinating before the sale.
When can I receive my new Nebelung kitten?
Every Nebelung kitten must stay with their mother and littermates until they are 8 - 13 weeks old. We give this loose timeframe as the specific date they will be ready depends on the kitten's progress and the breeder. As kitten wellbeing is in our best interest, we will not remove a kitten from their mother until they are fully ready. However, once you make your purchase, our breeder will let you know the exact date to get your new kitten.
Can I see the parents of a Nebelung kitten before purchase?
Yes, before you purchase your Nebelung kitten, we will be happy to set up a virtual meeting between you and the breeder so you can see the parents. Seeing healthy adult Nebelung cats will give you the confidence that your new kitten will live a long life with no genetic health issues.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Nebelung kitten?
Yes, when you buy a Nebelung kitten through The Pedigree Paws platform, you'll get pedigree documents from one of the leading breeding organisations, such as GCCF or TICA. What's more, the records you receive are officially recognised worldwide and are not limited to your country.
Do your Nebelung kittens come from good breeders?
Purchasing a rare cat like a Nebelung does mean that there are fewer breeders around. Even so, it's always vital to use a good breeder, no matter how exclusive the breed is. Luckily, though, we've done the hard work for you and have partnered with the top Nebelung breeders who are as passionate about kitten welfare as we are. Therefore, all you need to focus on is planning for your new kitten's arrival, with the assurance that your new kitten is coming from a loving family home.
Are your Nebelung kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
Here at The Pedigree Paws, we pride ourselves in working with breeders who raise their Nebelung kittens with the mother cat in their family homes. Because of this, we can guarantee they receive the care they need from their mother and wean at a natural rate. What's more, breeding cats in a family environment has the added benefit that it mimics their new home, so they will already be well socialised. We have zero interest in working with commercial breeding facilities. This is because these businesses' sole focus is on making money and pumping out kittens, often at the expense of these baby cats' welfare.
How can I help my new baby Nebelung settle into my home?
Nebelung cats are timid and take a while to adjust to changes. However, as you're getting your feline while they are still young, the process is generally not so stressful for them. However, this all depends on how comfortable and welcoming you make their new environment. Confine them to one room for a day or two and set up a cosy space there. Additionally stay with them as much as you can during the first few days to help them settle.