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The Scottish Straight Longhair is one of the lesser-known Scottish breeds and the sibling of the controversial Scottish Fold. In fact, these two breeds are almost the same and even born into the same litters. The difference is that Scottish Straight Longhairs have upright ears rather than folded ears like their Scottish Fold siblings.

Scottish Straights came about as the selective breeding program for Scottish Folds includes one parent with natural straight ears. This means that the parents do not produce all lop-eared kittens. Scottish Straight Longhairs have full coats with fluffy tails and tufts between their toes and by their ears. These boast a sweet, relaxed nature and are adaptable yet loyal felines.

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Meet the Scottish Straight Longhair

Scottish Fold Longhairs are medium-sized cats with round features and long hair that gives them a solid structure. They typically stand between 8 and 10 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 6 and 14 lbs. They have well-balanced and aligned features creating a gorgeous appearance.

Along with their round bodies are round heads and eyes. They have broad, short noses and straight, small ears with rounded tips, set wide. They can have any eye colour, but copper is most common, and they can also come in various patterns and colours. These include tabby, bicolour, white, and solid. Therefore, just as breeders cannot predict how many Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights they will get from a litter, the colours are a mystery, too.

Because of their long hair, you’ll need to brush your Scottish Straight regularly (multiple times a week) to prevent tangling or matting. However, as they do not carry the gene mutation that affects their ear cartilage, they are less prone to osteochoendrodysplasia and ear infections than Scottish Folds.

The temperament of a Scottish Straight Longhair

Scottish Straight Long Hairs are chilled lap cats that love spending time with their owners. They are sweet, loyal, and gentle and will lovingly follow their owners around the house. They have relatively low energy levels and prefer snuggling on their owner’s lap rather than running around, but they still love to play nonetheless.

Scottish Straight Longhairs are also very curious and intelligent. They want to know about everything you are doing and need sufficient mental stimulation to prevent boredom. While interactive play sessions are best, supplying lots of interactive toys like puzzle feeders is vital for keeping them occupied when you are out. You’ll know if your Scottish Straight is not getting the mental activity they need as they will become lethargic and appear depressed.

One thing to note about Scottish Straight Longhairs is that they do not like to be picked up or held. They love staying close and will happily climb onto your lap, but they feel restrained if you pick them up. Although Scottish Straights love their humans, they have an independent streak, so they do not like to be in a situation where there is no feeling of control.

Scottish Straights are adaptable felines and have the right balance between being devoted to their owners but not clingy. Furthermore, if they receive sufficient socialisation as kittens, they will not be shy around strangers and other animals. However, if they did not meet various people while young, they may be more timid and wary around people they meet for the first time.

10 reasons to add a Scottish Straight Longhair to your family

  1. There is a Scottish Straight for everyone - As they come in all colours and patterns, you can find your new Scottish Straight Longhair in your favourite shade.
  2. They are incredibly adorable - Their round bodies and heads combined with their lusciously long coats give them a super cute teddy-like appearance.
  3. They are loyal but not needy - If you want a cat that will shower you with affection but is happy to spend time alone too, a Scottish Straight is ideal.
  4. They are quiet and laid back - Scottish Straight Long Hairs may follow you around, but they are pretty silent and will not whine or meow endlessly at you for attention. They are reserved and laidback, especially if all their needs are met.
  5. They learn quickly - Thanks to their intelligent nature, A Scottish Straight Longhair can learn basic tricks and even fetch a ball.
  6. They are an adaptable breed - A Scottish Fold Longhair kitten will adapt quickly to their new home and family, including any new furry siblings. Plus, they tend to adapt well to changes throughout their lives, like moving houses.
  7. They have cute quirks - Like Scottish Folds, Straights do a range of funny things, from splashing in their water bowls to sitting in a Buddha position.
  8. They are well accustomed to British and Northern European climates - The breed originates from a barn cat in Scotland. Plus, they boast warm, long fur, making them well suited to the cold temperatures of the UK and parts of Europe.
  9. They are a healthier alternative to Scottish Folds - If you’re worried about the potential health issues of Scottish Folds, we recommend getting a Scottish Straight instead. As they do not have the gene which causes osteochondrodysplasia, Scottish Straights are a much healthier breed.
  10. They are usually cheaper, too - Scottish Folds are the most desirable of the Scottish cat breeds, despite the health disposition. So Scottish Straights are healthier and generally more affordable as they are less in demand.

Best homes for a Scottish Straight Longhair

Scottish Straight Longhairs seem to adapt well to most types of home environments. Providing they receive plenty of interaction with their owners and have an enriched environment, they will generally be happy cats.

Scottish Straights are playful but gentle, making them an ideal cat for families with children and other animals. However, if you’re bringing a Scottish Straight into a home with young kids, they must know not to pick up the kitty or carry it around. Moreover, getting a Scottish Straight as a kitten is ideal if you already have other pets. They will accept them immediately and likely grow up to be best friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scottish Straight Longhair Kittens

Why should I choose a Scottish Straight Longhair from The Pedigree Paws over somewhere else?
At The Pedigree Paws, we prioritise the health and wellbeing of animals. Still, unfortunately, not all breeders and breeding facilities operate in this way. Our primary concern is that kittens are being raised ethically in a family home rather than a cage. This is why we created this matchmaking service to be a trustworthy go-to website for cat lovers throughout Britain and Europe. We operate fully transparently and only work with certified and licensed breeders. This gives our customers total assurance that their new Scottish Straight kitten is coming from a good home and is fully healthy.
Is a Scottish Straight Longhair the right kitten for me?
Scottish Straight Longhairs have one of the best personalities in the feline world. They are affectionate and loyal yet do not demand attention; thus, they make an ideal companion for most homes. They enjoy cuddles and petting but do not like to be held or carried. They will get along with children, but they mustn’t stress out the kitty by picking them up. Most Scottish Straight Long Hairs will be fine when left alone. However, be sure to give them plenty of attention when home and ensure they have lots of interactive toys.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Getting a new pet should always be an exciting time. However, as not every breeder operates morally, this is not always the case. So, as cat owners, we made it our mission to fight against these rogue breeders and create a trustworthy platform for cat lovers. Moreover, The Pedigree Paws provides a space for passionate, ethical breeders to share their high-quality kittens, too. We recommend you check out some of our success stories on our testimonials page to see these positive results for yourself. We’re always incredibly proud to hear about the happy partnerships between cat lovers and our Scottish Straight kittens.
Are Scottish Straight Longhairs from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Kitten health and wellbeing are the top priorities at The Pedigree Paws, so we will never list any Scottish Straight Long Haired kittens that are not 100% healthy. So, our breeders take every kitten to a licensed vet for a thorough health checkup to check for any prominent medical concerns. They also run DNA checks on both the kitten’s parents to determine their likelihood of inheriting genetic health issues. Moreover, Scottish Straights do not have the gene mutation that Scottish Folds have. Therefore, they have fewer health predispositions, so they are generally healthier.
When can I get my new Scottish Straight Longhair?
To ensure the full development of your Scottish Straight Longhair, they must stay with their mother and littermates until they are at least eight weeks, but preferably older. We find kittens do better when they spend 10 to 13 weeks with their mum, so we try to keep them together for this duration to give them the best start in life. The breeder will let you know when your new fluffy friend will be ready.
Can I see the parents of a Scottish Straight Longhair before purchase?
Sure, you can arrange a video call with the breeder to see your Scottish Straight kitten and its parents. Seeing that the parents are healthy and friendly will give you confidence that your new feline companion will live a long and healthy life.
Will I receive pedigree documents of my Scottish Straight Longhair kitten?
Yes, all kittens on The Pedigree Paws come with official pedigree documents. In addition, both The International Cat Association and Cat Fanciers’ Association recognise Scottish Straight Long Hairs as a pedigree breed and allow registration. Thus, the breeder will register your new kitten with one of these organisations, depending on their location. You’ll receive these documents with your new longhaired kitten.
Do your Scottish Straight Longhair kittens come from reputable breeders?
Yes, we have strict regulations to limit who can advertise on The Pedigree Paws. Furthermore, we will not work with companies whose primary concern is making money from breeding cats. Instead, we only partner with private breeders who demonstrate ethical operations. All The Pedigree Paws breeders raise their kittens with their mother and care for them as family pets in their homes. Furthermore, as well as meeting our in-house breeder requirements, they follow international pedigree organisation regulations. Thus, you can have total assurance that your longhaired Scottish Straight kitten comes from a top breeder.
Where are your Scottish Straight Longhair kittens raised?
As previously mentioned, every kitten on The Pedigree Paws is raised in a family environment with its mother and siblings. We do not work with commercial breeding facilities as many keep kittens in cages and separate them from their mother before they are ready. Keeping young kittens in an environment like this can massively harm their health and wellbeing and cause various behavioural problems. Kittens are healthiest and happiest growing up in a family home and receive sufficient attention and socialisation here. This environment makes it easier for them to adjust to their forever home and new family, too, as they gain many positive human experiences.
How can I help my Scottish Straight Longhair adjust to its new home?
Scottish Straight Longhairs are adaptable and easy-going felines, so most will settle into their new home without any problem and quickly bond with you. However, their personality can differ, so we recommend taking some precautions to prevent a stressful experience, regardless. One thing you can do is ask the breeder to send your new kitten with something that contains its mother’s scent, such as a towel. Their scent contains feline pheromones that will relax the kitten during the journey. Then, once your fluffy feline arrives, put them in one room for the first day to avoid overwhelming them. Then, once they seem settled, you can slowly introduce them to the other rooms.