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The Scottish Straight Shorthair is one of the four Scottish cat breeds, consisting of Scottish Straight Shorthairs and Longhairs and Scottish Fold Shorthairs and Longhairs. Interestingly, although they are different breeds, they all come from the same litter. The difference between Scottish Straights and Folds is that Straights do not have the gene mutation that Folds have, causing lop-sided ears. Therefore, Scottish Straights have normal pointed ears, although slightly smaller.

Differing further between the Scottish Straight Longhairs and Shorthairs, Shorthairs have a short coat of dense and plush hair that stands away from the body. On the other hand, Longhairs have long, fluffy coats with tufts of fur on certain parts. However, all four Scottish Breeds share the same loving nature and gentle disposition regardless of their physical characteristics.

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Meet the Scottish Straight Shorthair

The Scottish Straight Shorthair is a medium-sized cat that weighs between 6 to 12 pounds, depending on its gender and lifestyle. They have a rounded, medium boned structure where all body parts are well proportioned. Along with their rounded bodies, they have gorgeous round faces and wide circular eyes. This gives them an adorable appearance that makes you want to squeeze them like a teddy bear.

Their most distinctive facial feature is their straight ears that set them apart from their Scottish Fold siblings. Their eyes appear slightly small, are positioned wide on their head and have rounded tips. Their glistening round eyes can be any colour but are usually copper. Moreover, they have cute short noses, creating a sweet expression that matches their personality.

A great thing about this breed is that their short, plush coats can be almost any colour or pattern. What’s more, unlike their long-haired siblings, they don’t require much grooming. Once a week is sufficient as their fur does not tend to tangle or matt.

Another pro of the Scottish Straight Shorthair is that they do not carry the Scottish Fold’s gene mutation. This means their ear cartilage is not affected; thus, they have a much lower risk of developing osteochondrodysplasia. Moreover, as their ears do not fold, they are no more susceptible to ear infections than any other breed with straight ears.

The temperament of a Scottish Straight Shorthair cat

Short Haired Scottish Straights are best described as loving and loyal yet laid back. They feel a great deal of devotion to their owners and shower them with affection. However, they are not attention seekers and do not have extremely high social needs. Instead, they have an independent side where they enjoy spending time alone now and again.

Scottish Straights adore cuddles and snuggles on their owner’s lap and make one of the best lap cats. However, unlike docile breeds like Ragdolls, they do not appreciate being picked up or carried around. Every Scottish Straight owner should be aware of this as it causes feelings of restriction and can stress this kitty out.

Scottish Shorthair cats are intelligent and curious. They are aware of what’s happening in their environment, and they respond well to their owners’ attempts to teach them commands and tricks.

However, their high IQ means their brains need more stimulation than some breeds. While they don’t have high energy levels, interactive play sessions are beneficial to prevent boredom. In addition, having plenty of challenging cat toys around will help keep them entertained when you are not available.

10 reasons to add a Scottish Straight Shorthair kitten to your family

  1. They are low maintenance - In both the grooming and playing departments, a Scottish Straight Shorthair has minimal needs. You only need to brush them once a week, and their low energy levels mean they don’t need or want regular play sessions.
  2. They come in all colours - A litter of Scottish kittens is a pick and mix. They can be almost any colour or pattern, including less common ones.
  3. They have a unique appearance - Although their eyes may be normal, their round bodies, faces and eyes give them a truly unique and incredibly adorable look.
  4. They will fit into any home - A Scottish Straight will do well in an apartment, house, or other types of home as they adapt well to all environments.
  5. They are super affectionate - Shorthaired Scottish Folds are known to shower their owners with love with regular snuggle sessions.
  6. They are healthier than Scottish Folds - There is a lot of controversy around the Fold breed due to the gene mutation that causes their ears to fold. However, as straights don’t have this mutation, they are not at risk of the associated health problems.
  7. They are trainable - Scottish Straight Shorthairs are smart enough to learn commands and basic tricks without much effort.
  8. They are not attention seekers - Your Scottish Straight will probably follow you around. However, this is not to get attention from you, but to express their love and loyalty.
  9. They are not loud - Scottish Straights are a quiet breed. You won’t hear much from them, making them a peaceful companion.
  10. They are more affordable than Folds - Because Scottish Folds are highly desirable, they can be pretty expensive. However, Scottish Straights usually sell for a much lower price.

Best homes for a Scottish Straight Shorthair

The desirable temperament of the Scottish Straight Shorthair makes them a fabulous pet for most homes and families. They will adapt whether you live in a flat or house and if they have access to the outdoors or not. What’s more, as they do enjoy some alone time, many Shorthaired Straights will do fine left alone during the day if you’re out at work. However, be sure to enrich their environment if this is the case.

Their sweet and gentle disposition make them an ideal fit for families with young children, too. However, many Scottish Straights do not enjoy people picking them up. So if this is the case with yours, you’ll need to make sure the children understand and respect the cat’s boundaries. Finally, Scottish Straights typically get on well with other animals in the home, especially if they grow up with them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scottish Straight Shorthair Kittens

Why should I choose a Scottish Straight Shorthair from The Pedigree Paws over somewhere else?
The health and wellbeing of animals is always our top priority, and you can see this reflected in our operations. We believe that breeders must raise every kitten ethically in a family home rather than a cage. Thus, we only work with licensed breeders who share our values, which sets us apart from the many rogue breeders, agencies, and pet farms. We are proud of the matchmaking service we have created. Our previous customers agree that we are a trustworthy go-to website for cat lovers throughout Britain and Europe. You can read our customers’ testimonials for yourself on our reviews page.
Is a Scottish Straight Shorthair the right kitten for me?
Scottish Straight Shorthairs have lovely personalities as they are cuddly and loyal, yet they are not needy. They can stay alone during the day and typically get on well with other animals and children, providing they respect their boundaries. Their adaptable nature makes them ideal for most types of homes and families. Plus, as they are a breeze to live with, they are a perfect choice for first-time cat owners.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Shopping for a new pet should be an exciting time. However, because not every breeder operates ethically, this is sadly not always the case. So, as cat owners and animal lovers ourselves, we made it our mission to fight these rogue breeders by creating a dedicated space for cat lovers to buy a new kitten. In addition, The Pedigree Paws allows passionate, ethical breeders to share their high-quality kittens with a broader audience. Feel free to look at our reviews and ratings, commenting on how trustworthy and transparent The Pedigree Paws is.
Are Scottish Straight Shorthairs from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Kitten health and wellbeing are always our top priorities. Therefore, we will never list any Scottish Straight Short Haired kittens unless we know they are 100% healthy. To ensure this, we require our breeders to take the kittens to a licensed vet to examine them and check their blood. They also run DNA checks on the kitten’s mother and father to determine their likelihood of inheriting genetic health issues. Moreover, it’s worth noting that Scottish Straights do not have the Scottish Folds gene mutation. This means they have fewer health predispositions, so they are typically a healthy breed.
When will my Scottish Straight Shorthair be ready?
The date your Scottish Straight Shorthair is ready will depend on their current age and development rate. All Scottish Straight Shorthairs must stay with their mother and littermates until at least eight weeks, so it is impossible to receive them before then. However, we do find that kittens do better when they spend 10 to 13 weeks with their mum; thus, we aim to keep them together for this duration if possible. If there is no available date on the listing, the breeder will tell you when your new furry friend will be ready.
Can I see the parents of a Scottish Straight Shorthair before purchase?
Yes, of course, you are free to arrange a video call with the breeder to see your Scottish Straight kitten and its parents if you wish. If you have any concerns, we recommend doing this. Seeing that the parents are healthy and friendly will help assure that your kitten will live a long and healthy life.
Will I receive pedigree documents of my Scottish Straight Shorthair kitten?
Yes, every kitten from The Pedigree Paws comes with official documents to show its breed and status. The International Cat Association (TICA) and Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) acknowledge Scottish Straight Short Hairs as a pedigree breed and allow registration. Therefore, the breeder will register your new Shorthaired kitten with one of these, depending on their location. You’ll receive these documents along with your new Scottish kitten.
Do your Scottish Straight Shorthair kittens come from reputable breeders?
Yes, we have stringent regulations limiting who can advertise on The Pedigree Paws. Moreover, we do not associate with companies whose primary concern is to make money from breeding cats. Instead, we only partner with licensed private breeders who demonstrate ethical operations and passion for animal welfare. All The Pedigree Paws breeders raise their Scottish Straight kittens with their mother and care for them in their homes. Furthermore, they closely follow all international pedigree organisation regulations. Thus, you can have total confidence that your shorthaired Scottish Straight kitten comes from one of the top UK or European breeders.
Where are your Scottish Straight Shorthair kittens raised?
Our breeders raise every Scottish Straight kitten in their own homes with its mother and siblings. We don’t work with any commercial breeding facility because many businesses keep kittens in cages and separate them from their mothers. Keeping young kittens in an environment like this and away from their mum can stunt their development, cause health issues, and lead to behavioural problems. Kittens are undoubtedly the healthiest and happiest when they grow up in a family home. Here they also receive sufficient socialisation and gain many positive human experiences, making it easier to adjust to their new home and family.
How can I help my Scottish Straight Shorthair adjust to its new home?
Scottish Straight Shorthairs are adaptable and laid-back cats, so we find most settle into their new home effortlessly. However, their personalities differ, so we recommend creating a stress-free experience, regardless. Create a small cosy space for your new kitten for when they arrive. This can be a cardboard box and some blankets in the corner. It’s best to keep them in this room only for the first day and give them plenty of attention. Then, once they seem settled, slowly introduce them to the other rooms and other household members.