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The Siamese is a highly social, intelligent cat with a distinctive colour-point patterning. Siamese cats are native to Thailand and are one of the most ancient cat breeds still around today. Unfortunately, there is no clear evidence of when the breed first originated. However, many believe that they have been around since the 14th century, when they appeared in a Thai manuscript, “Tamra Maew” which means “The Cat Book Poems”.

Siamese cats have exquisite appearances and vibrant personalities. They are active, loud, intelligent, and incredibly affectionate, stealing the hearts of many. They are loved worldwide and are the 3rd most popular cat breed in the UK.

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Pumpkin - A Charming Siamese Kitten for Sale




Gender: Male

Age: 48 Week

Colour: Cream

Coat: Short

Type : Family Pet

Date of Birth: 02-07-2022

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Meet the Siamese

Siamese cats are small to medium-sized, weighing between 6 to 12 pounds as fully grown adults. Once fully grown, they will be around 10-inches in height. They have a long, muscular body, measuring 15 to 20 inches in length, with a short but fluffy coat. Their legs are noticeably tall and slim, with their back legs being higher than their front. In comparison to their long legs, their paws are small and dainty, contrasting their long, bushy tail.

Another distinct physical trait of the Siamese is their extra-large, wide ears. In addition, all Siamese cats have vivid blue eyes of an almond shape, which stand out from their neutral coloured fur. The most common Siamese colour is creamy white with dark markings on the face, tail, ears, and paws, known as seal point.

This colour-point patterning is similar to other colourpoint breeds, such as the Ragdoll. What’s more, like the Ragdoll, they can come in different colours too, including chocolate, lilac, and blue point. However, regardless of the colour, all Siamese have a beautiful, regal-like appearance!

The temperament of a Siamese cat

The Siamese cat’s personality is just as distinct as their looks. You will probably hear a Siamese before you see it, as they are undoubtedly one of the most vocal cat breeds. They have a lot to say, and they’re not afraid to share their opinion. The more you speak back to them, the more they will chat, almost as they understand you. Of course, this personality trait can be adorable or annoying, or both!

Siamese cats are very clever, and they need sufficient mental stimulation and social interaction for their wellbeing. They are also full of energy, so they need both physical and mental workouts. Therefore, if you get a Siamese, make sure you provide plenty of puzzle toys, cat trees, and scratchboards, along with dedicating time to play together. They don’t particularly like to be left alone, and if you go out for the day, expect them to be extra talkative when you arrive home.

Like many Thai breeds, Siamese cats can be very territorial, both of their environment and their owners. Because of this, some people believe that Siamese cats do not do well with other animals. However, that is not always the case.

If you already have pets or you get a buddy for your Siamese as a kitten, they will accept and become friends with them. However, introducing them to new cats as they get older can sometimes prove problematic due to their territorial nature.

A Siamese cat will thrive if it feels cared for and loved. They will follow their owners around and always stay close to them. However, they can be pretty sensitive to their owner’s emotions, body language and words, so bear that in mind when telling them off. Siamese cats react much better to positive reinforcement over punishment.

10 Reasons to add a Siamese to your family

  1. They will be a devotional companion - A Siamese’s loyalty to their owner is a beautiful thing. It goes so far that they will feel the need to protect you and may get offended when you tell them off. In a way, having a Siamese cat is like having a human child!
  2. They love cuddles - Despite being playful and energetic, the Siamese’s need for human interaction means they adore cuddles with their favourite humans.
  3. Not all Siamese cats are super loud - Some people feel apprehensive about getting a Siamese and worry that they will be too loud. However, not every Siamese is excessively vocal; the majority are just moderately talkative.
  4. They have low grooming needs - Having a short coat means they have minimal grooming requirements. All you need to do is brush them once a week to remove loose fur, giving you more time for play.
  5. They learn quickly - Their high intelligence combined with their curiosity means they are good at understanding things and figuring things out. This can be both a blessing and a curse. You can teach them cool tricks and commands, but they may also figure out how to open their food cupboard!
  6. They stay small - If you prefer smaller cats that don’t weigh a ton, a Siamese is a good choice.
  7. Siamese kittens are adorable - The Siamese is one of the cutest breeds as kittens. Most are born all white, and they develop their colour-point patterning in their first few weeks of life.
  8. They were royal guards - Siamese cats don’t just look regal; they were part of the royal family, well, kind of. They used to serve as guard cats for the king in Ancient Thailand.
  9. They will cheer you up - One of the best remedies for feeling down is cuddling or playing with a cat. And a Siamese will happily do both with you whenever you need.
  10. You will never feel lonely again - With the amount of devotion and affection your Siamese will give you, you won’t need friends anymore!

Best homes for a Siamese cat

Siamese cats do well in busy environments, so they are generally better suited to families than those living alone. However, if you live alone but are home most of the time, they will love having you all to themselves and do not have to compete with anyone else.

Siamese cats are very tolerant of children and will get along with any existing pets. However, if you plan to get lots of new pets in the future or you foster animals, this may stress your Siamese out. Once they get settled, they do not welcome change too well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siamese Kittens

Why should I choose a Siamese kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
Kitten mills are illegal in the UK, but unfortunately, some unlicensed and unethical breeders continue to operate despite these enforcements. However, at The Pedigree Paws, we pride ourselves in working with only licensed and moral breeders. To support our mission in fighting pet farms, we ensure all partner breeders treat each kitten as their own and take excellent care of their health and wellbeing. Therefore, by choosing a Siamese kitten with us, you'll know you will get a healthy and well-socialised pet.
Is a Siamese the right kitten for me?
Siamese cats are not for everyone, but these outgoing kitties thrive when they find their ideal human. Siamese cats do well in busy family homes where they receive lots of attention or in a quieter environment where their favourite human is home often. If you're looking for a loyal companion to keep you company all day and become your best friend, you'll develop a deep, loving bond with a Siamese. However, remember that Siamese kittens have high social needs. So, be sure you have the time, energy and patience for this vocal and energetic feline before committing.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
We know that not all pet breeders and agencies are trustworthy and ethical, which is why we choose to operate in a fully transparent way. Our number one priority is to build complete trust with our customers and alter the negative image that the pet breeding industry has. That's why we're super proud to have hundreds of previous satisfied customers, both human and feline! Check out our reviews page to see these happy stories for yourself. We are rated as a highly dependable agency as we ensure all our breeders are licensed and ethical. So, buying a Siamese kitten through The Pedigree Paws is much more trustworthy than looking for a breeder privately.
Are Siamese kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Yes, we're proud to say that all the Siamese kittens on our site are 100% healthy and have been raised by breeders who follow the strictest health protocols. Each Siamese kitten has had a thorough health check with a vet and has been dewormed, microchipped, and received all their vaccinations. Moreover, we run DNA checks on the kitten's parents, both mother and father. This ensures your new Siamese baby does not have any genetic mutations and will grow into a healthy, well-developed moggie.
When will I receive my Siamese kitten?
Like all cat breeds, Siamese kittens should never be weaned or taken from their mum and siblings before they are physically, mentally and emotionally ready. This is usually between 10 to 13 weeks old, and never before 8 weeks old. If they leave their mum before this age, their wellbeing and even their health can suffer. So, when you can receive your Siamese kittens will depend on that kitten's development and the breeders protocol.
Can I see the parents of a Siamese kitten before purchase?
Yes, we always recommend that our customers see their new Siamese kitten's parents and check that they look in good health before making the sale. Seeing two healthy and friendly parents will assure you that your new Siamese kitten will be healthy and well-mannered too. So, to help build assurance, we will arrange for you to have a video call with the breeder to see one or both parents of your chosen Siamese kitten.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Siamese kitten?
Yes, all our Siamese kittens come with pedigree documents from internationally recognised organisations, such as GCCF, TICA and FIFe. If you’re buying your Siamese kitten from a breeder in Great Britain, you’ll likely receive a registration from GCCF.
Do your Siamese kittens from The Pedigree Paws come from good breeders?
Our Siamese kittens come from the most professional breeders in the industry that meet the strict animal welfare policies set by international organisations, such as Cat Fanciers'. We also have an extensive in-house selection process to ensure we have the most ethical breeders on our books who treat their animals like family members. Therefore, there is no doubt that your new Siamese kitten will grow into a loyal, loving, and confident friend.
Are these Siamese kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
We can proudly say that we only work with breeders who raise Siamese kittens with their parents in a family home environment. We do not work with commercial breeding facilities or support the way they operate at all. Aside from their main priority being to make money, this environment is more likely to be unclean, and the kittens tend to experience neglect as they are taken from their mother before they are ready. We believe the only ethical way to breed kittens is to let them grow up with their mother and siblings in a family home. In this way, they receive sufficient care, attention, and human interaction. Plus, they develop very well and, thus, quickly adapt to their new human.
How can I help my Siamese kitten settle into their new home?
The best time to get a Siamese is as a kitten, as at this age, they adapt well to change and have not yet formed deep bonds or developed territorial instincts. Therefore, most Siamese kittens should settle into a new environment within a few days to a week. Even so, leaving their mother and family environment is a significant change for any kitten, regardless of the breed. So, to make the transition less stressful, ask the breeder for a towel or blanket with their mother's scent. This is because mother cats give off feline pheromones that promote feelings of calmness and safety to a kitten. Another idea is to keep them in one room for a day or two before letting them explore the rest of the house.