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The Siberian is an ancient cat breed native to Russia and known for its affectionate and friendly nature. They are often called Russia’s native forest cat for their similarities to the Norwegian Forest breed, and they have a long-standing history, dating as far back as 1,000 AD. Today, they grace the homes of cat lovers worldwide, stealing the hearts of many with their luxurious long coats and innocent-looking faces. 

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Meet the Siberian

Coming from the extreme climate of Siberia, this cat was made to survive and thus, has a strong-boned and muscular form and a triple-coat of fur. Their coat serves as protection from the harsh elements, and they can adapt well to temperature changes. They typically shed their outer coats in the Spring, then regrow them in the autumn.

Their thick fur, along with their ​​barrel-shaped, firm belly, makes them appear much heavier than they are. However, Siberians are only medium to medium-large size and weigh between 8 to 17 pounds. They also have a thick, bushy tail and round, tufted paws.

Their wedge-shaped heads have soft contours, giving that endearing look. In addition, they have beautiful round eyes that may be one of several different shades, including green, gold, or copper.

The Siberian’s coat also comes in different colours and combinations. White and grey shades are most common, but Siberians can also be black, blue or red solid colours. Likewise, they can sport various patterns such as Calcio, tabby, and tortoiseshell.

The temperament of a Siberian cat

Siberians have a very well-rounded temperament. They are active and playful yet affectionate and friendly. They like to be around people, children, and other pets and enjoy sitting on their owner’s lap, especially when being groomed.

Siberians have an unusual love of water and will act very interested in both running and still liquid. They see their water bowl as a toy and will often dip their paws in. They will also do this if a tap is on, and if you like to take baths, your Siberian might even want to share it with you.

You don’t need to bathe your Siberian to maintain their coat. But, as they are one of the easiest breeds to wash, you can bath them from time to time, especially if they have gotten particularly dirty.

Another personality trait of these cheeky kitties is their jumping skills. They see shelves and bookcases as an adventure playground, so you might need to put away any expensive ornaments you own.

Siberians can be talkative but not excessively vocal. They won’t whine or cry loudly but will use a range of cute sounds to communicate with you. They love to play and are very easy to initiate games with as they are responsive to all types of toys. What’s more, as they’re pretty smart, you can challenge their brains by teaching them ball games like fetch or even simple tricks.

10 Reasons to add a Siberian cat to your family

  1. They are loving but not needy - Siberians are people lovers and enjoy social interaction. However, they do not become clingy and demand attention, as some breeds do. Therefore, they will do fine left alone during the day but will gratefully welcome you home, too.
  2. They are suitable for people with allergies - Although no cat breed is 100% hypoallergenic, Siberians certainly trigger much fewer allergic reactions than other breeds. This is because of their low levels of Fel d 1 and dander production.
  3. They grow slowly - The Siberian breed matures very slow, taking as long as five years to reach their full size. This means they will not go from tiny to giant in just a few months, as some breeds do.
  4. They don’t get overactive or boisterous - Siberian cats can be playful and energetic. However, they also have a natural calmness and even temper that stops them from becoming unruly.
  5. They are confident - Some cats will run and hide at the sight of an unfamiliar face. But, Siberians remain composed and relaxed when visitors enter the house, making them very easy-going pets.
  6. They can sense their owner’s emotions - Many Siberian cat owners believe their felines are in touch with their feelings and needs. If you’re feeling down, a Siberian will often pick up on that energy and come to sit by your side, acting as an emotional support buddy.
  7. They have cute quirks - Whether it’s diving under the tap or leaping on top of the door, Siberian cats will always make you giggle with their funny habits.
  8. They have surprisingly low grooming needs - Despite having a long, thick coat, you won’t need to brush it every day. Their fur is textured but glossy, which decreases the occurrence of matting, so you’ll only need to groom them once or twice a week.
  9. They are a hardy breed - Perhaps it’s the harsh climates they evolved in or the hundreds of years they’ve had to develop strong genes. Whatever the cause, Siberians are a very healthy breed, are not prone to many health issues and normally live long healthy lives.
  10. They are exclusive - Despite being an ancient breed, Siberian cats are still a relatively uncommon sight in the UK and Europe. Importing them from Russia makes them an expensive and, therefore, exclusive breed.

Best homes for a Siberian cat

Siberians enjoy being around people but not in a needy way. They are also confident around strangers, which makes them well suited to all types of homes. They will do well in busy households and are very adaptable to any existing pets you may have. Likewise, Siberians are good with children and intelligent enough to avoid young kids who could harm them.

Siberians are happy to stay home alone, so they make a good choice for someone who works full time but wants a furry companion to chill with during the evenings. Even so, when getting a Siberian kitten, remember that, like all breeds, they thrive in pairs, so consider getting two fluffy friends instead of one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siberian Kittens

Why should I choose a Siberian kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
Even though kitten mills are illegal in the United Kingdom, some unethical and unlicensed breeders still operate today. Because of this, we have made the decision to help fight these pet farms and dishonourable breeders by supporting only moral, licensed breeders. All our Siberian breeders treat each kitten as their own, ensuring they are as healthy and happy as possible. Therefore, you can choose one of our Siberian kittens with confidence, knowing that you’ll receive a well-developed, fully healthy feline.
Is a Siberian the right kitten for me?
When it comes to temperament, Siberians are a well-balanced breed that will fit nicely into most types of homes. Whether your house is busy or quiet, and if you have other pets or young children, a Siberian is likely to adapt and enjoy a happy life. However, although Siberians have some level of independence, they are not aloof by any means. They still love interacting with their owners, so if you decide to get a Siberian, ensure you have the time to nurture the relationship. Moreover, as Siberians are intelligent cats, they will thrive with an owner who keeps their minds active with challenging games and tricks.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
We know that not all breeders and agencies act in an honest and transparent way, which has given the pet breeding industry a negative image. However, at The Pedigrees Paws, we aim to change this by building total assurance with our clients and being transparent in everything we do. One of the first things we do is ensure all our Siberian kitten breeders are licensed and ethical. We then make sure that they can provide registration documents to prove that their Siberian kittens are 100% authentic. We’re pleased to say that this approach has led to hundreds of customers who are happily enjoying life with their furry friends. You can see some of these heart-warming success stories on our testimonials page.
Are Siberian kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Although Siberians are already a hardy breed, we ensure that all our Siberian kittens are 100% healthy by working with breeders who follow the strictest health protocols. Every Siberian kitten on our website has had a thorough health check before being listed. What’s more, we run DNA checks on the kitten’s parents to ensure they do not have any genetic mutations that they may have passed down and are 100% Siberian. In addition, your Siberian kitten will be dewormed, microchipped, and have all their vaccinations complete before coming to you.
How long do I have to wait to get my new Siberian kitten?
Siberian kittens, like all breeds, may experience health, development and behavioural problems if they are weaned or taken from their mother before they are ready. No kitten should be separated before 8 weeks old, and for many kittens, they are not psychologically ready to leave them yet at this age. Therefore, it’s best to wait until they are 10-13 weeks old but the exact age will depend on the breeder.
Can I see the parents of a Siberian kitten before purchase?
Yes, we are always happy to arrange video calls between our customers and breeders so that you can see your new kitten and their parents virtually, prior to making any payment. We know how reassuring this can be to someone buying a new pet, and we are happy to assist.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my new Siberian kitten?
Yes, all our Siberian kittens come with official pedigree documents such as FIFe, GCCF and TICA that prove they are 100% Siberian breed. Note that all these pedigree registration organisations are internationally recognised, too.
Do your Siberian kittens come from good breeders?
Yes, our Siberian kittens come from the very best breeders in the industry who operate in the most ethical manner. As well as following the strict animal welfare regulations set by international organisations, they adhere to extensive in-house breeder requirements too. For example, all our Siberian cat breeders treat every kitten like a cherished family member and never like a product that will make them money. Therefore, you can be confident that your new Siberian kitten will grow into an affectionate, well-tempered, easy-going companion.
Are your Siberian kittens raised in a family home or breeding facility?
The main priority of commercial breeding facilities is to make money, often at the expense of the kittens' health and wellbeing. In this environment, kittens are often separate from their mother and do not get the individual care and attention needed, often leading to poor health, well-being, and development. Considering this, we choose to only work with breeders who raise the kittens in a loving family home where they stay together with their parents and siblings. From our experience, we see this as the only ethical way to raise kittens. Aside from being healthy, a family home is great for the kitten's socialisation too. Thus, they will come to you as a happy, confident mini cat and quickly settle into their new family.
How can I help my Siberian kitten adjust to its new home?
Siberian cats and kittens are easy-going and not usually scared of strangers. This makes the transition process of a new home relatively stress-free for them. However, how quickly they adjust will depend on their specific personality and the steps you take to make the transition easy for them. To help them settle quickly, ask the breeder to send you a towel or blanket containing the mother’s scent. The feline pheromones that mother cats give off are incredibly calming to kittens, so this can be of great help. When your kitten arrives, confine them to one room for a day or two before letting them explore the whole house or introducing them to the rest of the family.