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The Singapura is the world’s smallest domestic cat, adored for its cute size and big personality. The origin of this micro kitty, though, is unclear, with stories of the breed originating from the streets of Singapore contrasting with information that they were brought to Singapore from the USA.

Regardless of their background, the Singapura is a rare but highly sought-after feline. They are playful, affectionate extroverts that ooze confidence, intelligence and energy. They also sport a gorgeous gold ticking on their fur, giving them a stunning, shimmery appearance.

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Meet the Singapura cat

As a miniature breed, these kitties will reach a maximum 1.8 - 3.6 kg, so they are considerably lighter than most domestic cats. They will stand about 6 to 8 inches tall, but their tiny bodies are surprisingly muscular.

The Singapura is a short-haired cat with smooth and silky fur. They don’t shed much, so their coats are easy to care for. However, their skin does produce a fair amount of dander, so they are not hypoallergenic by any means.

Singapura cats can only be one colour, which is called sepia agouti. This shade is described as dark brown spots over cream-coloured hair, resulting in a ticked tabby pattern. The shading changes throughout their bodies; the tail is darker while the muzzle, chin, chest, and stomach are lighter. Because the ticking effect creates golden bands of hair, Singapuras appear to shimmer as they walk.

Singapuras have truly gorgeous faces, largely thanks to their large ears and eyes. Their round eyes can be brown, green or yellow, and their ears look big for their head, are slightly pointed and set close together.

Singapura cats usually live for 11 to 16 years and are generally a healthy breed. However, there is some controversy around breeding these cats as they can suffer from uterine inertia, a condition that makes it difficult for them to birth kittens. Because of this, most breeders will deliver the babies via a caesarean.

The temperament of a Singapura

The Singapura is a large personality in a small package. For their size, they have tons of energy and will be running and leaping at any opportunity they get. In addition, they have a curious and playful nature, so they will need plenty of toys on rotation. Plus, as they love to climb, you can never have too many cat trees for a Singapura.

They adore human interaction, want to be the centre of attention, and are not afraid to assert themselves to get their social needs met. They also want to know about everything you are doing and, thus, will follow you around “helping” you with the chores. However, while they can be demanding with their owners, some Singapuras will act a little shy around strangers.

While some breeds mellow out as they get older, this is not the case with a Singapura. Instead, they retain their vibrant and silly kitten-like personality well into adulthood, so it will always feel like you have a baby cat in the house! They also love to chat with their owners, and they will often vocalise just for the sake of it. Luckily though, they use a pleasant chirp rather than a demanding meow.

While they like to make noise themselves, they really dislike loud noises like barking dogs, thunder, or fireworks. They are known to freak out if they hear a loud noise that they are not used to, so be sure to keep them inside during storms and on New Year's Eve and fireworks night.

10 reasons to add a Singapura to your family

  1. They stay kitten size - It takes two years for a Singapura cat to reach full size, and even then, they rarely weigh more than 6 pounds.
  2. You don't need to groom them - This is one breed that you could get away with not grooming at all. They take care of their short coat, so you only need to brush them if they get particularly tatty.
  3. They love to cuddle - Despite their playful nature, your Singapura will always set aside time to shower you with affection. In particular, they will cuddle up with you and lay on your lap when they're sleepy.
  4. They wear a sparkly coat - These mini cats have a glamorous appearance thanks to their ticked fur that glitters in the light.
  5. They have irresistible eyes - Their big round eyes give an innocent and adorable expression. So no matter how naughty they have been, you'll forgive them with just one look in those incredible eyes.
  6. They have impressive jumping and climbing skills - They may be small, but they can leap super high. Plus, they will climb and hide in the most unusual spots.
  7. They will be your new alarm clock - You'll never oversleep with a Singapura in the home. This active feline serves as a pleasant alarm clock, waking you up with licks, nudges and face strokes!
  8. They are curious and observative - Singapuras are constantly observing their surroundings and will see everything that happens. They may be difficult to pull one over on, but you have to admire their intelligence.
  9. They are unique and exclusive - They hold the crown for the smallest cat worldwide, and there are not many of them around, making them even more attractive.
  10. They will keep you company, always - With a tiny fur ball following you around night and day, how could you ever feel lonely?

Best homes for a Singapura cat

Singapuras can have quite demanding social needs that can be overwhelming for a first-time cat parent. Therefore these felines are best suited to someone with a bit of experience and someone who has the time and energy needed for this micro cat.

They do not deal well left alone for too long, and they will show their unhappiness by being destructive, even if they have plenty of toys. Therefore, they will be happier and healthier with someone who works from home or is a stay-at-home parent. As extroverts, they will usually get along with children and other cats, but they may act wary of loud dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Singapura Kittens

Why should I choose a Singapura from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
While there are current breeding regulations in Britain and the EU, unfortunately, this does not mean that unethical cat breeding facilities are nonexistent. We are passionate about fighting these unlawful pet farms and thus, operate with kitten welfare as our top priority. Part of this involves carrying out numerous procedures before partnering with a breeder to be sure that they are professional and passionate about animal welfare. By electing not to partner with commercial breeding facilities, we're able to ensure that every kitten is raised in the most loving and safe environment; the breeder's home. As a result, this makes us stand apart from other matchmaking agencies. Plus, our past customers will agree that we are the most ethical place to buy a Singapura kitten.
Is a Singapura the right kitten for me?
Singapura kittens are active, playful, and attention-seeking. They require love, attention and time from their owners, so they do best in a home where their humans are around most of the time. Suppose you've had cats before and have the time and patience for a big personality. In that case, you'll undoubtedly love having a Singapura as a companion. They are very affectionate and are looking for someone to whom they can devote themselves.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
If you've ever had a bad experience with a breeder, we understand how stressful looking for a new pet can be. So we created this platform to offer an enjoyable experience for cat lovers searching for a new kitten by bringing together the best breeders in the industry. We take great care in choosing the best Singapura breeders in the industry so that our customers can have complete faith that these kittens receive high-quality care. Our previous customers agree, too, and you can read about their pleasant experience with us on our testimonials page.
Are the Singapura kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Because pedigree cats can have genetic predispositions, we know that ensuring the health of each kitten is vital. Therefore, we are always cautious and will never allow the sale of a Singapura kitten that is not entirely healthy. Before a breeder can list their Singapur kitten for sale, they have to take them to a licensed vet for a full check-up. They also have to run DNA checks on both parents of the Singapura kitten. This serves two purposes: to confirm the kitten's heritage and test for any genetic diseases that could affect the kitten. Furthermore, the breeder will make all the necessary preparations for your micro kitty by deworming, microchipping, and vaccinating them.
When can I receive my new Singapura kitten?
Singapura kittens should stay with the mother cat and littermates until they are at least eight weeks old, but preferably longer. Every kitten develops at a different rate, so some may not be psychologically ready to leave their mum until 10 to 13 weeks old. So, after you finalise the sale, the breeder will tell you the date you can expect to receive them.
Can I see the parents of a Singapura kitten before purchase?
Yes, we will be glad to organise a video call between you and the breeder of your new Singapura kitten. This is a fab way to see the parents of your new micro kitty and witness for yourself that your kitten is coming from a pair of healthy felines.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Singapura kitten?
Yes, all the Singapura kittens on our platform come with genuine pedigree documents to prove their breed. The papers will come from one of the leading breeding organisations, usually GCCF, and you'll receive them with your baby Singapura.
Do your Singapura kittens come from good breeders?
Being the tiniest cat in the world, Singapuras are pretty desirable. Even though there are not a ton of Singapura breeders around, we've still found the best ones operating in Britain and Europe. Like with all breeds, our Singapura breeders undergo checks and inspections to ensure they perform ethically and professionally. As a result, you can have total assurance that your miniature kitten has been cared for in a loving family home before coming to you.
Are your Singapura kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
We're proud to say that all our Singapura breeders raise their kittens with the mother cat in their homes instead of a commercial facility. Growing up in a homely environment means the kittens get used to being around humans and receive ample care from their mother, too. Commercial breeding facilities operate in a very unethical way, compromising on kitten welfare to maximise profits. We find that kittens raised in these conditions will display development, health and wellbeing issues. However, when kittens live in a family home with the mother cat, they grow into happy, healthy, and adorable mini felines.
How can I help my new Singapura settle into my home?
Singapura kittens are highly social, yet some can be a little timid towards new people. How quickly a Singapura will settle tends to depend on their individual temperament. Therefore, we recommend that you follow a few guidelines to help them ease into their new home. For example, confine them to one room for the first day and create a small safe space there for them. This will prevent them from feeling overwhelmed by their new environment. Secondly, and most importantly, ensure you have plenty of time to spend with them during their first few days with you. Dedicating this time will massively help them feel at ease, and they'll quickly associate you as their new owner and companion.