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The Snowshoe cat is a crossbreed between the Siamese and the American shorthair, originating from the USA in the 1960s. They were given their unique name because of their distinctive white paws that make them look like they are wearing snow boots.

The breed was selectively bred for its stunning colour markings, but their personality is just as beautiful. Snowshoes are kind, affectionate and playful and love being around humans and other animals. Even today, they are a rare breed outside the USA. Still, their uniquely beautiful markings make them a desirable domestic feline amongst cat lovers.

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Meet the Snowshoe cat

The Snowshoe is a medium to large feline weighing between 7 to 14 pounds. They have inherited a good mix of the Siamese and American Shorthair appearance traits. For example, they have the length of the Siamese and the slight stockiness of the American Shorthair. This gives them an athletic structure with a more rounded look than the Siamese. Males will have significantly muscular bodies than females, too.

Their heads are usually triangular shaped but sometimes can be more rounded. They have long, wide-set ears and striking walnut-shaped eyes, which can be any shade of blue. Some Snowshoes have pale blue eyes, whereas others have a deep ocean blue shade. However, regardless of the tone, they always look bright and shiny. Another distinctive facial feature of this breed is their upside-down “V” marking.

Their short, single-coat fur has point colouring that resembles a tuxedo. It consists of a light body with darker patches on the ears, face, legs and tail. Their chest, paws, and some parts of their face will usually be white. The shading can differ but is typically a seal point or blue point.

Although Snowshoe cats have been around for some time, they remain rare because of the difficulty of reproducing the correct coat markings. It’s also hard to predict how a Snowshoe’s coat will look, and their markings tend to darken over time, too.

The temperament of a Snowshoe

Snowshoe Cats can have varying personalities, but they are always very kind, loving and affectionate. They adore being around humans, children and animals, seeking attention from everyone. They can be a bit needy, though, and will make their presence known to you at all times. When they want attention, they’ll tell you either by rubbing against your leg, sitting on your lap, or even just watching you.

Snowshoes can be pretty vocal, but they are not as loud as their ancestors, the Siamese. They love to climb and jump and will seek out high spots to perch on. Therefore, a tall cat tree always goes down a treat with this kitty, but they will love it if you clear a top shelf for them, too.

Snowshoe cats are very smart, and they are eager to learn tricks to show off to everyone they meet. Their intelligence makes it easy to teach them commands, too. However, this also means they need interactive play and challenging puzzle toys to keep their brains active.

Snowshoes are known to be devoted, loyal companions and some will even act as the protector of their favourite human. This close bonding does mean that they don’t like to be left alone for too long, though, and they are certainly at their happiest when the entire family unit is at home together.

10 reasons to add a Snowshoe to your family

  1. They have beautiful colouring - The Snowshoe’s incredible point colouration gives them a gorgeous pattern and unique shading.
  2. They have cute white “socks” - Of course, one particular reason to consider this breed is because of their adorable white feet, resembling socks or shoes.
  3. They love people - They are social felines that will effortlessly fit in with their new family and quickly become the centre of attention.
  4. They are friendly to other animals - Snowshoes prefer to be around other animals rather than be a “solo pet.”
  5. They are obsessed with water - One of their unique quirks is their love for water. Many Snowshoes will splash their paws in their water bowls, dip their head under the tap, or even follow you into the shower.
  6. They like to learn tricks and commands - As they love human interaction, they will welcome any training session, whether you’re teaching them an important command or a cool trick.
  7. You won’t need to groom them - Most Snowshoes don’t require any brushing or combing as they take excellent care of their short coats. Plus, they don’t shed much, either.
  8. They will be your protector - Snowshoes take their role in the family seriously and will watch over you to ensure you come to no harm!
  9. They will always greet you at the door - Whenever you return home, your Snowshoe kitty will be eagerly waiting for you at the entrance to welcome you home and check that you are ok.
  10. They are one of a kind - Not only are they an exclusive breed that is hard to find, but every Snowshoe has unique markings and colouring.

Best homes for a Snowshoe cat

Snowshoe cats do well with young families as they enjoy the attention of children. However, some Snowshoes will choose a favourite human so bear that in mind if you’re getting a Shoeshoe for a particular child. Because of this, they can make the ideal pet for someone who lives alone and works from home.

The only requirement they have is that they receive plenty of attention and love. Therefore, they will be much happier with someone who is at home frequently and has the time to cuddle and play with them, as opposed to someone who lives a busy life and is often out and about. These kitties also tend to thrive with furry friends to keep them company, so they make an excellent addition to multi-pet homes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snowshoe Kittens

Why should I choose a Snowshoe kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
The current breeding laws have helped stamp out many pet farms in Britain, but this does not mean every breeder operates ethically. At The Pedigree Paws, we stand against any unethical breeding of cats, including illegal breeding farms and immoral facilities. We do our utmost to ensure the welfare of pedigree kittens by performing comprehensive procedures in our operations. By enforcing strict controls and requirements, we filter out any unethical breeder and thus, work with only the best in the industry. All our breeders are fully licensed, highly experienced, and extremely passionate about animal welfare. What's more, all our breeders care for their kittens in their homes rather than at a commercial facility. Operating in this way has allowed us to facilitate many happy human and feline companionships and become a trusted matchmaking agency for kitten lovers.
Is a Snowshoe the right kitten for me?
Snowshoe cats are affectionate, loving, and loyal. They require a lot of attention, though, so they do best with someone who spends a lot of time at home. They are friendly towards children and enjoy playing with them, making them fantastic family pets. They also enjoy the company of other animals, so if you're looking for a furry friend for your existing pet, a Snowshoe could be a good choice.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
As cat owners, we know that getting a new pet is not always an enjoyable, stress-free experience due to the operation of unethical breeders. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to fish out the immoral breeders, which is why we created The Pedigree Paws to do this for you. As a result, we only work with breeders that demonstrate great passion for kitten welfare. We also act transparently in everything we do and break down the process of purchasing a Snowshoe kitten, so you know what to expect. Because of this, you'll have no concerns about supporting an illegal breeding farm when you choose a Snowshoe kitten from our platform. You can rest assured that our breeders have undergone a meticulous selection process, and the kittens are healthy and happy.
Are Snowshoe kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Kitten welfare is our primary concern with everything we do. Therefore, you can trust that the Snowshoe kittens on our platform are all 100% healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is thanks to our breeders following strict health protocols, such as having each kitten's health checked by a licensed vet. Our breeders also carry out DNA tests on both parents of their Snowshoe kittens. This procedure confirms that the kitten's a true Snowshoe with Siamese and American shorthair ancestors. The testing also checks that the parents have no genetic diseases they could have passed down to the kitten. Plus, the breeder will prepare your new Snowshoe kitten for their forever home by getting them dewormed, microchipped, and ensuring they have their complete vaccinations.
When can I receive my new Snowshoe kitten?
Snowshoe kittens are not ready to leave their mother until they are between eight and thirteen weeks old. We never let any kitten separate from their mum before eight weeks old, and we make sure they have weaned fully and are independent enough beforehand. Therefore, this loose timeframe will depend on the specific kitten, but the breeder will confirm with you the exact date as soon as possible.
Can I see the parents of a Snowshoe kitten before purchase?
Yes, we are happy to arrange for you to have a virtual meeting via a video call with the breeder of your Snowshoe kitten. This will give you the chance to see the kitten's parents for yourself so that you know your new furry friend is coming from two healthy and well-cared-for felines.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Snowshoe kitten?
Yes, every Snowshoe kitten sold through The Pedigree Paws comes with official documents from one of the leading pedigree organisations, usually GCCF or TICA. Your kitten will have been registered in the breeder's country, but the documents are accepted globally.
Do your Snowshoe kittens come from good breeders?
The Snowshoe is quite a rare breed because it can be challenging to reproduce the correct coat markings. Therefore, finding a high-quality breeder is super important. Luckily, though, we've searched across Britain and throughout Europe to find the best Snowshoe breeders. They have a great deal of experience with this breed, and they raise them ethically in their own homes.
Are your Snowshoe kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
Every cat on The Pedigree Paws, including our Snowshoes, grows up in the breeder's home. In this environment, they stay with their mother and siblings for the first and most crucial part of their lives and wean naturally. This results in them developing and growing well. Plus, as they live around humans and other animals, they will already be well socialised before they come to you.
How can I help my Snowshoe kitten settle into my home?
Snowshoe kittens love receiving attention, so they are usually happy to meet new people. However, despite their love for humans, leaving their mother is still a massive change for them to handle. Therefore, it's essential to make their new environment feel comfortable and welcoming. We suggest you keep your new Snowshoe kitten in one room for the first day or two, especially if you have other pets or young children. Doing this will avoid them getting overwhelmed and give them a chance to settle. Plus, spend as much time as possible with them initially as this is crucial to the bond you will build.