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The Somali is a glamorous, long-haired cat with fluffy fur and a fox-like bushy tail. Somalis are a variety of the Abyssinian breed, and its name references the African nation Somalia, which borders Abyssinia (Ethiopia). However, it seems that Somali cats don’t actually originate from Somalia, but more likely the coast of the Indian Ocean.

It wasn’t until the 1960s when the breed began to develop in the USA and Great Britain. However, they were not ​​accepted as a breed in their own right in Europe until 1982, making them a new and very rare breed. Even so, their elegant appearance, high intelligence, and playful nature have made them a highly sought-after feline in all parts of the world. 

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Meet the Somali

The long, bushy tail is usually the first thing you notice when you see a Somali cat. In addition, the soft, fine fur, large almond eyes, and wide-set large pointed ears are all distinctive features of this breed.

They are medium size and usually stay pretty light, between 6 to 10 pounds. The reason for this is because their bodies and legs are long but slender, and their fur is typically fine, despite the fluffy appearance it gives.

Somali cats have ticked coats, meaning their hairs contain multiple colours from shaft to tip, giving off a glistening effect. Most Somalis will have a “ruddy” colouring, which is an orangey-red, with black ticking. However, there are 28 coat colours that this breed can have, but these are much rarer than the ordinary ruddy Somali.

The texture of their fur can also depend on their coat colour, but most have very soft and fine hairs. Furthermore, their eyes will likely be gold, amber or green. Plus, they usually have a dark ring and then a lighter ring around their eyes, giving them an alert look and showing the intelligence of this beautiful breed.

The Somalis temperament

Somali cats are full of energy and curiosity and love to play. Therefore, if you’re considering getting a Somali, you’ll need to stock up on plenty of toys and games beforehand.

Plus, as they are so intelligent, they require some more challenging toys. For example, puzzle feeders are great for Somali cats as they make them work their brains, then reward them with a treat. Moreover, once they get bored of their toys, they will make toys out of anything else they find, whether it’s your phone charger, shoelace, or hairband.

Somali cats also need regular play and interaction with their owners to stop them from getting bored. But don’t worry, you’ll never forget playtime with a Somali as they are not afraid to demand your attention when they need it.

Somalis won’t only hang around when they want to play, though. They will follow you around and stay by your side often, revelling in the company of their favourite human. Even so, they are much more likely to be on the move than curl up on your lap.

Somalis are confident cats who love to be the centre of attention, so they prefer to be the only pet in the home. Some Somalis can see other cats as competition, so you may struggle to socialize them with new pets.

10 reasons to add a Somali cat to your family

  1. They look like foxes - Somalis are nicknamed the “fox cats’ for their bushy tails and orangey-red colouring. This appearance makes them look unique and wild, even if they are a loving and affectionate domestic kitty deep down.
  2. They shimmer in the sunlight - As Somalis are one of the lucky cat breeds to be blessed with a ticked coat, they look like they are covered in glitter when laying in the sun.
  3. They are effortless to groom - Despite their long coat, you will only need to brush them once or twice a week to maintain their shine.
  4. They have monkey paws - Somali cats have impressive paw skills, and many learn to open cupboards, doors and even turn on taps with their hands.
  5. They are a very exclusive breed - Somalis are even rarer than their already rare cousin, the Abyssinian. Plus, the ones that come in colours other than ruddy are incredibly exclusive.
  6. They are confident - Somalis are not shy, and they don’t feel anxious when meeting new people. Instead, after a quick once over, they will happily welcome the extra attention from their new friend.
  7. They have super cute faces - Their wide apart ears, large eyes, and gentle contours give this breed a truly adorable look.
  8. Their silly antics will make you giggle - Their playful and curious nature means you will never know what crazy antics they will do next. Somalis are known to climb bookshelves, leap from one high level to another, and fetch a ball with a dog-like attitude.
  9. They are excellent companions - Somali cats are not an aloof breed, and they love to keep their owner’s company. They will follow you around and take an interest in whatever you are doing.
  10. They will become a valued family member - As Somalis want to be the centre of the action at all times, bringing one into your home will shake your life up, but in a good way!

Best homes for a Somali cat

These cats love people of all ages but prefer an owner who is home often. As they have high social needs, you should only consider this breed if you have plenty of time to play with this fox-like cat. They will also do best with someone who makes an effort to train them and keep their smart brain in good working order.

Because they are such attention seekers, most Somalis prefer no other animals around that could steal the limelight. Therefore, Somali cats are generally much happier when they are the only pet and have your undivided attention. However, this isn’t the case for the entire breed, as plenty of Somali cats are perfectly friendly towards other kitties.

They are great with older children, especially if they are interested in playing with them and training them. Moreover, they are smart enough to stay away from small children that could potentially hurt them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Somali Kittens

Why should I choose a Somali kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
We believe that kittens should not be raised in any environment other than a family home where they stay with their mother. Therefore, we only work with breeders who raise them in family homes and do not partner with any breeding facilities. It’s our mission to aid in the fight against illegal pet farms. Therefore, we support only moral, licensed breeders that demonstrate the best care towards their animals. As a result, you can rest assured that you are not contributing to any unethical breeding practices by choosing a Somali kitten from the Pedigree Paws.
Is a Somali the right kitten for me?
All kittens are playful, but Somalis seriously love to play and explore. They also maintain their activeness as they grow, so they need to be with an owner who has plenty of time to play with them. They make great companions for people of any age and all types of environments; all they ask is that they receive sufficient attention. If you already have many other pets at home, you may want to consider a slightly more easy-going cat breed. While Somalis love to have furry buddies when they are little, some Somalis prefer to be the only pet as adults. Furthermore, Somalis are great with children of all ages. They can develop deep bonds with older kids who dedicate time to them.
Is The Pedigree Paws a trustworthy agency?
Unfortunately, the pet industry has a bad history with dishonourable breeders and agencies. Therefore, we know it’s not easy to know who to trust when shopping for your new furry companion. At The Pedigrees Paws, however, we prioritise building assurance with our clients. We operate in a fully transparent way and only work with fully licensed breeders in the UK and Europe. Therefore, when you choose a Somali kitten from us, you will receive official registration documents to prove they are 100% pedigree. Feel free to check out reviews from our happy customers and their furry friends and see our success stories for yourself.
Are The Pedigree Paws Somalis healthy?
Yes, we would never allow a breeder to see a Somali kitten on our site if it is not 100% healthy. To prevent this, all our breeders are required to follow strict health protocols. Part of this includes ensuring each Somali kitten has an in-depth health check with a fully licensed vet first. We also check that neither parent has any genetic issues with a DNA test. In addition, every Somali kitten will be up to date on their vaccinations before the sale, as well as microchipped and dewormed.
How long do I have to wait to receive my Somali Kitten?
Every kitten deserves the best start to life and to develop well physically, mentally, and emotionally, they should stay with their mum for at least the first 8 weeks of their life. If a kitten is taken away before then, they can develop both health and behavioural problems. As an ethical agency, we make healthy kitten development our priority by keeping every Somali kitten with their mother and siblings until they are 10-13 weeks old. However, we allow breeders to set their timescales themselves, providing it’s within our parameters, so this duration varies.
Can I see the parents of a Somali kitten before purchase?
Yes, in fact we recommend doing this before making any payment. Seeing the parents of your new Somali kitten will give you much greater confidence and put your mind at ease. Although you may be too far away from the breeder to visit in person, we will arrange for you to have a video call with them to see one or both of the kitten’s parents instead.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my new Somali kitten?
Yes, all our Somali kittens come with internationally recognised pedigree documents such as GCCF, TICA, FIFe that prove they are 100% Somali breed. However, the exact registration will depend on the breeder's location; for example, most breeders in the UK register their kittens through GCCF.
Do your Somali kittens come from good breeders?
Absolutely! All we require all our partner breeders to meet the strict animal welfare policies set by international associations, such as Cat Fanciers. In addition, to ensure the very best animal welfare, we follow our own extensive breeder selection process, too. Part of this process involves ensuring all our Somali cat breeders treat the kittens they breed like sentient beings rather than products to sell. Therefore, you can rest assured that your new Somali kitten will be just as confident, loving, and playful as they should be. Taking these extra measures is totally worth the effort, as we can give our customers the assurance that we work with the most ethical breeders around.
Are your Somali kittens raised in a family home or breeding facility?
Animal welfare is extremely important to us so we only work with breeders who raise and keep kittens with their mothers in the family home. We do not and will never work with breeding facilities or pet farms where kittens are confined to cages, often without their mother from an early age. This unethical environment can result in them experiencing a great deal of neglect, health problems and not developing into confident, happy pets. We see that when kittens grow up with their mum in a family home, they thrive. Not only do they receive the care and love they need, but the regular human interaction helps them to become well socialised and quickly adapt to their new home.
How can I help my Somali kitten adjust to its new home?
Somali kittens are usually pretty confident around new people and welcome the attention. Even so, leaving their mother and littermates is still a significant change, so we always recommend trying to make this transition as stress-free as possible for them. You can ask the breeder to send your kitten with a blanket containing the mother’s scent. This is a great idea as the feline pheromones that mother cats give off help to keep their offspring calm. Then for the first couple of days, keep your foxy kitten in one room before letting them explore elsewhere.