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The Tonkinese cat is a cross between a Siamese and a Persian. While their ancestors were from Southeast Asia, breeders in the USA created this hybrid breed in the 1960s. The Tonkinese cat takes the best qualities from these two Asian cats, resulting in a loving and intelligent feline with a gorgeous pointed brown coat.

Tonks are highly social felines; they love to play and also adore snuggling in their owners' laps. However, these glamorous kitties may be full of affection, but they are hard to find as they are such a rare hybrid breed.

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Meet the Tonkinese cat

The Tonkinese is a medium-sized cat with a muscular structure. They typically weigh between 6 and 12 pounds and stand around 7 to 10 inches tall. They have slim tails and legs with oval-shaped paws. Their slightly rounded heads are proportionate to their bodies, and they have gorgeous almond-shaped eyes.

However, the most remarkable thing about their appearance is the elegant coat colouring. Their pointed fur can be among several base colours: natural (medium brown), champagne (pale beige), blue, platinum, and more. This shade can then be a high-contrast point pattern, medium-contrast "mink" pattern, low-contrast pattern or even a solid pattern. However, the most common is the mink pattern, consisting of a lighter body and darker face, ears, legs and tail.

The Tonk's eye colour depends on their coat. The popular mink Tonkinese has a striking aqua colour, the point Tonkinese typically has a darker blue, and the solid Tonkinese has green eyes. Their short fur feels soft and silky and requires little to no grooming.

Tonks have a long lifespan, with most living for ​​15 to 20 years. However, like all breeds, Tonkinese cats have specific health concerns, such as gum disease, bowel issues, and heart disease.

The temperament of a Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a highly affectionate breed that makes an excellent lap cat and has a playful and curious nature. They like to be involved in what's happening around them and supervise their owners during their day-to-day activities, just to stay close. Their intelligence is impressive, as they'll crack puzzle toys in record time. You can also teach them to play fetch or walk on a leash and teach basic commands.

They get bored quickly, and you'll know when this is the case as your Tonk will start demanding attention. They need both regular human interaction and plenty of interactive toys to keep them occupied. They will use their meow and chat to you, but they are generally not as vocal as the Siamese. Plus, their voices are much softer!

They can act silly sometimes and will undoubtedly show off in an attempt to win extra attention. So don't be surprised if your Tonk meows until you look at them and then leaps up onto a high place, seeking your praise. When you notice them clowning around like this, be sure to give them the attention they need and deserve, as this will deepen your connection significantly and satisfy your kitty's need for gratification.

10 reasons to add a Tonkinese to your family

  1. They have glamorous looks - Their colour point pattern is aesthetically stunning, and their fur is silky smooth, too.
  2. They love to cuddle - Despite their high energy levels, Tonkinese cats love to snuggle on their owners' laps and will curl up by your feet at night, too. They will always take a break from their playtime to show affection to their humans.
  3. They are super smart - Tonkinese cats are intelligent enough for you to teach them to follow commands, walk on a leash, and even perform tricks, should you wish.
  4. They act like clowns - Whenever you play with your Tonk, you'll see how they like to goof around to make you laugh. Their clown-like nature is one of their cutest personality traits.
  5. You don't need to groom them - Most Tonkinese cats have short coats that don't matt and hardly shed. Therefore, they don't particularly need grooming, but if you're keen to keep their beautiful fur in top condition, a quick brush once a week is plentiful.
  6. They have a soft-sounding meow - The Tonkinese cat took the best traits of its ancestors and left behind the worst ones, such as the Siamese's whining meow. Tonks can still be chatty, but they make much more pleasant sounds.
  7. Their eyes are incredible - The Mink Tonkinese has piercing aqua-blue eyes that will catch the attention of anyone who looks their way.
  8. They will entertain anyone who visits - Tonks get excited when they see visitors coming, especially if it's people they've previously met. Your Tonk instantly understands that they can get more attention, so don't be surprised if they leap on your guest's lap as soon as they sit down.
  9. Their coat colour constantly changes in the first two years - It takes up to two years for their complete colouring to develop. Usually, as kittens, their shading is relatively light and will slowly darken as they grow, which is a beautiful transformation to witness.
  10. They are brilliant with children - Tonks make lovely family pets as children can teach them tricks and play fetch with them.

Best homes for a Tonkinese cat

The best home for a Tonkinese cat is one where they receive plenty of attention! Unfortunately, this means they are not the best fit for a busy working professional who spends most of their time out of the house. They also have a ton of energy and need regular play sessions, so they may prove too active for retirees.

These felines do well in a home with young children. As they are confident, social and friendly, they feel at ease around small kids and enjoy playing with them (in a gentle way). So if one parent stays at home, a Tonkinese will make an excellent new family member. They are also great with other animals and enjoy the company of felines (and canines) almost as much as humans. So getting a furry friend for your Tonk will make life much easier for you as they'll have a buddy to play with when you're busy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tonkinese Kittens

Why should I choose a Tonkinese kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
British breeding laws have helped eradicate many pet farms in recent years. Still, these regulations do not mean every breeder now behaves ethically. At The Pedigree Paws, we stand against any immoral breeding of cats and dogs, such as unauthorised breeding facilities. Furthermore, we do everything in our power to ensure the welfare of pedigree kittens. This includes conducting extensive procedures when partnering with breeders to filter out all unethical breeders, ensuring we work with only the best. As a result of our strict controls, all our breeders are fully licensed, highly experienced, and deeply passionate about animal welfare and ethical breeding. In addition, they care for their Tonkinese kittens in their homes rather than raising them at a commercial facility. Therefore, all the kittens on our platform are 100% healthy, allowing us to facilitate many happy human and feline companionships in the UK and Europe.
Is a Tonkinese the right kitten for me?
Tonkinese cats are big attention seekers and love cuddling and playing with their owners. However, this does mean they get unhappy when left alone, so they do best with someone who spends a considerable amount of time at home. They do well with children and enjoy interacting with them, making them an excellent option for young families. Additionally, as they crave company, they enjoy being around other cats and even dogs.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
As cat owners ourselves, we know that getting a new kitten is not always a pleasant, stress-free experience due to the operation of dishonest breeders. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to fish out immoral breeders, which is why we created this platform. We have searched for and found top Tonkinese breeders that display an unrivalled passion for kitten welfare. We also act transparently in all we do and break down the process of purchasing a Tonkinese kitten, so you know what to expect. Therefore, we can safely say that you'll have no concerns about supporting an immoral breeder when you choose a Tonkinese kitten from The Pedigree Paws. You can rest assured that our breeders have undergone a meticulous selection process to list their Tonkinese kittens on our platform.
Are Tonkinese kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Kitten welfare is our primary interest, so you can trust that the Tonkinese kittens on our website are fully healthy in all aspects. We ensure our breeders follow stringent welfare protocols to ensure the kittens are as healthy and happy as possible. For example, every kitten has a full health check from a licensed vet. Moreover, both parents of the kittens have had DNA tests to confirm the breed and check they have no genetic diseases. This gives you peace of mind that your new kitten will not develop inherited health conditions. Plus, the breeder will prepare your baby Tonkinese for their forever home by getting them dewormed, microchipped, and vaccinated.
When can I receive my new Tonkinese kitten?
Depending on their development, your Tonkinese kitten will be ready to leave their mother sometime between eight and thirteen weeks old. We never separate a kitten from its mum before completing the weaning process naturally and acting independently. However, your breeder will confirm with you the exact date you can receive your baby Tonkinese as soon as possible.
Can I see the parents of a Tonkinese kitten before purchase?
Yes, we can arrange for you to have a virtual meeting via video call with the breeder of your new Tonkinese. This call will allow you to see the kitten's parents for yourself and give you the assurance that your new furry friend is coming from two healthy, even-tempered felines.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Tonkinese kitten?
Yes, every kitten sold through our website comes with authentic documents from one of the top pedigree organisations. For Tonkinese kittens, this is usually GCCF or TICA. The breeder will register the kitten in their country of residence, but the documents are accepted worldwide.
Do your Tonkinese kittens come from good breeders?
Tonkinese kittens are unique, so there are not as many breeders for this feline as other breeds. Even so, we've found the best breeders who specialise in Tonks in Britain and Europe. Not only are they fully licensed, but they have plenty of experience with this breed. Plus, they raise every kitten they produce with love in their own homes.
Are your Tonkinese kittens raised in a family home or a breeding facility?
We only partner with breeders who raise their kittens in their homes, as this is the only ethical way to breed cats and raise kittens. This environment allows the kittens to stay with their mother and siblings for the first and most crucial stage of their lives. Plus, in a family home, they are constantly around humans and other animals. This means they have developed well, received the needed nutrients from their mother and been well socialised. Commercial breeding facilities often keep kittens in cages. Thus, along with not getting enough human interaction, they are usually separated from their mothers far too early. This results in underdeveloped kittens with poor health and wellbeing.
How can I help my Tonkinese kitten settle into my home?
As our Tonkinese kittens are well socialised, they love meeting new people and getting lots of attention. However, leaving their mother is still a massive change, so they may take a day or two to settle. You can support the transition process by making their new environment comfortable and welcoming. We suggest keeping your baby Tonk in one room for the first day or two and staying with them as much as possible. In a safe place and receiving regular cuddles and play, they will adjust quickly. If you have young children and other pets in the home, hold off the introductions until they have fully settled, then introduce them slowly.