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The Toybob is a unique, rare, and tiny cat breed naturally originating from Russia in the late 1980s. They are known for their petite size, loving nature, and kinked bobtails. They are the size of a munchkin, and many have the same seal colour-pointing as Siamese cats. Although they have been around for centuries in their homeland, it was not until recently, in 2017, that TICA gave them “registration” status.

The Toybobs personality is affectionate, playful and charming, winning the hearts of cat lovers worldwide. Toybob owners often described these lovely kitties as “small cats with big hearts,” and their good nature means they transition well into most types of homes.

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Meet the Toybob cat

Toybobs are one of the most miniature domestic cat breeds that reach a weight of 3 to 5 pounds when fully grown. Thus, most people mistake adult Toybobs for kittens, as their size equals a 3 to 6 month old standard-size kitten.

Their compact bodies are muscular, and their bobtails are typically between 1 to 3 inches long. In addition, each Toybob’s tail looks slightly different, with the possibility of multiple kinks and curves, creating a spiral look. The Toybob’s head is proportionate to their body, as are their medium-size ears. Their eyes are large and expressive and the colour will correspond to their coat.

Toybobs are not a miniature version of another breed, nor do they have any connection to other bobtail cats, like the Manx or American Bobtail. However, like these breeds, their kinked tail does not affect their health or agility. Moreover, they typically live long and healthy lives of up to 15 years due to the harsh environment and climate the breed developed in Russia.

Toybobs can be either shorthaired or longhaired and come in various colours and patterns. Even so, the Siamese style seal colour-pointing is most common, and in this case, the Toybob will have piercing blue eyes.

Both short and longhaired Toybobs do not have high grooming needs or shedding rates. Those with short coats need only a quick brush once or twice a week. Moreover, the longhaired Toybobs silky coat does not matt or tangle much, so brushing once or twice a week is also sufficient.

The temperament of a Toybob

Toybobs are affectionate and loving, with a gentle and sometimes docile nature. They devote themselves to their owners and protect their families fiercely, taking the role of their owner’s bodyguard. Toybobs certainly do not see their size as a drawback and think of themselves as strong and scary.

Their protective spirit means they will run to the door when someone knocks, checking they are not a threat. They’ll also eagerly wait for you to return home so they can rest knowing their favourite human is safe. What’s more, as Toybobs love to be high up, they will often seek out high places to perch on, observe the goings-on, and keep an eye on you!

Toybobs also have a playful temperament, so if they’re not cuddling or protecting you, they’ll be climbing or chasing play prey. It’s not just their looks that remain kitten-like, as Toybobs tend to retain their high energy levels until old age. They are light on their feet and can move fast, but they tire quickly. Thus, if your Toybob seems like it has tonnes of energy, play with them for five minutes, then they will pass out by your feet for hours.

It’s easy to see when a Toybob is feeling content as they will be quiet and relaxed in the company of their owners. They are easy to please and only need their humans around often to thrive.

10 reasons to add a Toybob to your family

  1. They will always look like a kitten - For their entire life, your Toybob will grow to be no bigger than a 6-month kitten; thus, they never lose that baby cat cuteness!
  2. They are playful and entertaining - They also never lose their kitten-like nature. They have some super active moments where they will climb and jump all over the house and make you giggle.
  3. They are full of love - There is no doubt that Toybobs have big hearts. They devote themselves to their owners, and when they’re not playing, they will be snuggling you or following you around.
  4. They will be your bodyguard - It’s almost like Toybobs are unaware of their tiny size. They see themselves as big scary lions that must protect their loved ones at all costs. Of course, this comes off as absolutely adorable and not at all scary, but don’t tell them that!
  5. They are easy to care for - Along with their easy-going nature, their fur is easy to care for regardless of whether they have a short or long coat. They don’t shed much, and you only need to brush them once or twice a week.
  6. They make friends with other animals - This breed does better with furry siblings. Hence, they are ideal for families with other felines and canines.
  7. They are not territorial - One reason why they get on well with other cats is that they lack territorial instincts and are not known to “spray”. Interestingly, males are typically less dominant than females, too.
  8. They are a hardy breed - Toybobs have no known congenital diseases. Moreover, as they originated in a harsh climate, they have robust immune systems and rarely get sick.
  9. They are beautiful - Their tiny size, quirky tails, seal-point colour, and expressive blue eyes make them one stunning little feline!
  10. They make quiet and peaceful companions - Toybobs don’t meow much at all. So, providing their needs are met, they create an extremely tranquil ambience in the home.

Best homes for a Toybob

A Toybob is a very owner-orientated cat and likes to be close to its owner at all times. They do not like being left alone for too long, so they will be happiest in an environment where someone is often around. That being said, because they get along with everyone, including other animals, if they have a furry friend or two in the home, their loneliness and human neediness will significantly reduce.

Toybobs are very gentle around well-behaved children who treat them well. Therefore, they can fit well into any home, from young families to elderly couples.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toybob Kittens

Why should I choose a Toybob from The Pedigree Paws over somewhere else?
Unfortunately, several unethical breeders and pet farms in the UK and Europe are only concerned about making money. As a result, pedigree kittens are kept in dire conditions and taken far too early from their mother. Breeding facilities that operate in this way severely damage the health and welfare of the kittens and mother cats. At The Pedigree Paws, we ensure that we only feature animals on our platform raised ethically. We believe that breeders should always care for their kittens in their homes instead of keeping them in a cage at a commercial facility. So, we have sought out the top-rated breeders who share our values and raise kittens that are well taken care of, fully healthy and well socialised.
Is a Toybob the right kitten for me?
Although miniature cats are understandably desirable, some are selectively bred. However, Toybobs are a naturally occurring breed, so they are excellent for anyone who dreams of having a cat that will always look and act like a kitten. Toybobs are super affectionate and loyal. They thrive in homes where they receive as much love and attention as they give. Their one need is that they are not alone, and they prefer to have furry friends around too, rather than be a solo pet. Other than this, they are gentle, adaptable and friendly, so they will suit any cat lover, whether you're a parent with young kids or an older couple.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Choosing your new miniature companion should be an exciting and heartwarming experience. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case because of some breeders' immoral operations. As cat owners with a strong passion for animal welfare, we decided to create The Pedigree Paws. Our mission was to build a dedicated space for feline lovers to choose a new kitten and a platform for ethical breeders to share their healthy offspring. Thus, as we only work with devoted, moral breeders, The Pedigree Paws helps in the fight against rogue pet farms, reducing animal neglect.
Are Toybob kittens from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Toybob kittens are a hardy breed, have no known genetic issues, and their bobtail defect carries no medical concerns. Even so, we still do several things to ensure your mini kitty is fully healthy, such as arranging an examination and blood check with a vet. Our breeders also run DNA checks on the parents of their kittens. And they deworm, vaccinate, and microchip them before the sale.
When will my Toybob kitten be ready?
When your tiny bobtail kitten is ready will depend on its current age and condition. We require our breeders to keep all kittens with their mums until they reach eight weeks old. However, this is the minimum, and we find kittens do better if they spend the first 10 to 13 weeks of their lives with their mum instead of eight. Therefore, we like to keep them together for this period, but it does depend on the breeder's schedule. There should be an availability date on the listing for your Toybob. If not, the breeder will inform you when they are ready for their forever home.
Can I see the parents of my Toybob kitten before purchase?
Although Toybobs do not have any genetic predispositions, you may still have concerns about the health and welfare of your new kitten. Therefore, you have the option to arrange a video call with the breeder to see the Toybob kitten you are interested in and its parents. Seeing both the kitten and its parents in good condition with a friendly nature will assure you that your tiny cat will live a healthy and happy life with you.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Toybob?
Yes, every Toybob kitten from The Pedigree Paws will be registered under a major breeding association and come with official documents to prove its status. Depending on their location, the breeder will register your new kitten with TICA or CFA and then send you the papers with your new miniature kitty.
Do your Toybob kittens come from reputable breeders?
At The Pedigree Paws, we have set stringent regulations to limit who can sell their kittens on the platform. Similarly, we do not associate with pet farms or mills whose primary concern is making money from mass-producing kittens. Our partner breeders demonstrate honourable values and a strong passion for kitten health and welfare. They also closely follow the rules and regulations of international pedigree associations. Considering this, our customers have total assurance that their Toybob kittens grow up in a loving environment where they receive the care and attention they need and deserve.
Where are your Toybob kittens raised?
Our Toybob breeders raise their kittens in their homes, where they nurse with their mother and wean at a natural pace. We do not work with kitten mills or commercial breeders as they keep kittens in cages, away from their mothers, forcing them to wean before they are ready. When kittens grow up in a home environment, they receive care, interaction, and socialisation, shaping them into loving pets. With this positive human experience, your Toybob will already be a confident and people-friendly feline, making for an easier transition to their new home.
How can I help my Toybob kitten adjust to its new home?
With early socialisation, your Toybob kitten will likely be amiable and adaptable. Even so, leaving the comfort of its mother is a big change nonetheless. Luckily, though, you can help create a stress-free environment for when your new kitty arrives. We recommend setting up a cosy space in a corner with some blankets and a box. This will serve as a safe place for the kitten to retreat if they feel scared or overwhelmed. Plus, if they seem anxious, it's best to keep them in one room for the first day or two. Then, wait until they seem settled before introducing them to the rest of the home and any new furry siblings.