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The ancient Turkish Angora breed has been around since the 17th century, when residents of the Ankara region of Turkey first noticed them. Even so, these beautiful white cats did not leave their native country until the 1960s, when they started to become a sought-after pedigree in the US, Canada, and Great Britain.

The Turkish Angora is most known for its fluffy white coat and delicate-looking face. Aside from their beautiful appearance, cat lovers adore them for their friendliness and loyalty towards their owners. Even so, they are still a rare breed today and relatively uncommon in the UK.

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Meet the Turkish Angora

If you have a soft spot for white cats, you'll fall head over heels for the Turkish Angora. Their coat is not only pure white but is long and smooth, giving a gorgeous fluffy look and a teddy-bear feel. Plus, their coats have a silk-like sheen, making them appear like they glisten as they move.

Turkish Angoras are medium in size with a long, slender body. They have delicate bones but firm muscles and a super bushy tail that they elegantly swish around as they walk. As fully-grown adults, they will generally weigh between 8 and 15 pounds, with males usually slightly bigger than females.

They have small heads and gentle-looking faces with large almond-shaped eyes and large-set pointed ears. Their eyes can be amber, green or blue, or even heterochromatic with a blue/amber or blue/green pairing.

Although white is the traditional colour for these kitties, many people do not know that Turkish Angoras can come in various colours and patterns. For example, they may have black, red, brown or grey colouring. In addition, their coat can be either solid or a bi-colour, tabby or tortoiseshell patterning. Even so, it's uncommon to find Angoras in these colours and patterns as they are usually selectively bred to be all white.

Turkish Angora’s Temperament

The Turkish Angora is a highly intelligent and social breed that builds strong bonds with its owner. They are not one to sit on the sidelines and love to be involved in family life at all times. Angoras may choose a favourite human, but they remain loving and affectionate to all household members. They are very accepting of other animals, too, even though they will likely become the alpha!

Angoras love to play, and when they start a game, they can get pretty determined to complete it and win. They are even known to play pranks on their owners and are generally always up for some goofing around.

Angoras have a good balance between human interaction and independence, which means they will usually do ok left alone. However, make sure you leave out plenty of toys for this playful breed and shower them with attention when you return.

You'll often find these white beauties on high platforms such as a shelf or top of the fridge. Therefore, they love cat trees, and the taller, the better for an Angora. They are far too active to be lap cats, too and they don't particularly like being held if they are in a playful mood. However, when they get sleepy, they may surprise you with their unexpected cuddliness.

Unfortunately, many white Turkish Angoras are deaf due to a connection between the white fur and blue eyes genes and the hearing gene. Luckily though, this doesn't affect their quality of life, but they may be extra vocal.

​10 reasons to add a Turkish Angora cat to your family

  1. They can be left alone - Unlike other breeds, Angoras don't get stressed if they are left alone. So, you can go to work without worrying about coming back to a destroyed home!
  2. You'll develop a deep connection with them - If you're looking for a best friend, rather than just a cat, an Angora is perfect for you.
  3. They are excellent company - You'll never forget you have a cat with an Angora. They will always be by your side, involved in all your daily activities, from cooking to showering.
  4. They have shiny fur - As your Angora elegantly walks around, you'll see their hair glistening thanks to its natural sheen.
  5. They are easy to groom - Although Angoras have long fur, they don't have an undercoat, so their coat is not prone to matting. You'll only need to brush them once or twice a week.
  6. They accept other pets - Angoras get along well with other cats and gentle dogs and take them as part of the family.
  7. They can have two different coloured eyes - A unique appearance trait of this breed is that they can have eyes of different colours. This not only makes them stand out but gives them a fierce yet beautiful look.
  8. They are easy to train - A Turkish Angora will happily partake in a training session with you and respond well to any tricks and commands you teach them.
  9. They have an interesting history - Not only are Turkish Angoras one of the oldest domestic breeds, but they almost became extinct at one point when the Persians stole their crown.
  10. They are a rare breed - Turkish Angoras are not a common sighting in the UK and not as easy to find as other breeds, making them highly exclusive.

Best homes for a Turkish Angora

Turkish Angoras are relatively easy-going and will do well in all types of home environments. They will peacefully coexist with other animals but are also completely fine to be the only pet. They enjoy the company of older children but could get angry around young children who pull their fur or tail. Therefore, you should take time to socialize your Angora with young kids and supervise any play sessions between them.

As they are pretty active and playful, they are well-suited to homes with high energy. However, as long as you don't mind their zooming around, they will build a strong bond with any human in their life. Finally, they are a good choice for those who work full time, as Angoras do not show any signs of stress when left alone during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Angora Kittens

Why should I choose a Turkish Angora kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
We believe that no kittens should be bred in any environment other than a family home with their mother. Therefore, we only work with breeders who raise them in this way and do not partner with any breeding facilities or pet farms. It’s our mission to aid in the fight against illegal pet breeders. Therefore, we support only moral, licensed breeders that demonstrate the best care towards their animals. As a result, you will have total assurance that you are not contributing to any unethical breeding practices when you choose a Turkish Angora kitten from the Pedigree Paws.
Is a Turkish Angora the right kitten for me?
Turkish Angoras are playful and active, both as kittens and adults. Therefore, they thrive with someone who has time to play with them and doesn’t mind their crazy antics. Considering their temperament, they do well in busy environments but are pretty adaptable to all kinds of homes. Likewise, they tend to do fine with or without other animals. If you’re looking for a playful, loving kitten with which you can experience a deep connection, an Angora is the one. They are not just any pet; you will bond for life with an Angora and become best friends.
Is The Pedigree Paws a trustworthy agency?
You have probably heard many unsettling stories about dishonourable breeders and agencies. We know it’s not easy to know who to trust in the pet industry, which is why we prioritise building total assurance with our clients. Feel free to check out testimonials from hundreds of our happy customers and see our success stories for yourself. We operate in a fully transparent way by working with fully licensed breeders only. Therefore, when you choose a Turkish Angora kitten from The Pedigree Paws, you’ll know you’re receiving an authentic and healthy pedigree. To prove this, you’ll receive official registration documents for your kitten.
Are The Pedigree Paws Turkish Angoras healthy?
Yes, we do not allow breeders to sell Turkish Angora kittens that are less than 100% healthy or at risk of hereditary diseases such as ataxia. Because we make sure all our breeders follow firm health protocols, we are confident that this will never happen. For example, breeders will provide us with proof that each Turkish Angora kitten has a thorough health check with a licensed vet. We also carry out DNA checks on the kitten’s parents to check they do not have any hereditary conditions. In addition, your Angora kitten will already be microchipped, and have all their vaccinations.
How long do I have to wait to receive my Turkish Angora Kitten?
For a kitten to develop well, it should stay with its mum for at least the first 8 weeks of its life. If it is taken away before then, it may possess behavioural problems that can be difficult to eradicate. As a reputable agency, we care deeply about healthy kitten development, which is why we like to keep every Turkish Angora kitten with their mother and siblings for the first 10-13 weeks of their life. Even so, the exact age when your kitten will be ready will depend on the breeder.
Can I see the parents of a Turkish Angora kitten before purchase?
Yes, seeing a kitten’s parents is a great idea as you can check that they look healthy before making any payment. This will give you assurance that your Turkish Angora kitten will grow up to be a healthy pet. Therefore, we set up video calls between our breeders and customers where you can see one or both of your Angora’s parents.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my new Turkish Angora kitten?
Yes, all our Turkish Angora kittens come with internationally recognised pedigree documents such as GCCF, TICA, FIFe that prove they are purebred Angoras. The exact registration will depend on the location of the breeder, though. For example, in Great Britain, most kittens will receive registration through GCCF.
Do your Turkish Angora kittens come from good breeders?
Absolutely! All our partner breeders adhere to strict animal welfare policies set by international organisations. Plus, because we care deeply about animal welfare, we have an extensive in-house process that we use when selecting breeders. This procedure gives both you and us the confidence that our partner breeders are the most professional and ethical around. To give you an idea, we will only select Turkish Angora breeders who treat every kitten like a cherished family member rather than a product to sell. Therefore, you can rest assured that your new Angora will be friendly, loving, and quickly become your new best friend!
Are your Turkish Angora kittens raised in a family home or breeding facility?
We are happy to say that all our breeders raise their kittens with the mother cat and siblings in their family home. We will never work with commercial breeding facilities that confine kittens to cages in dire conditions, often without their mother. This type of environment can result in them experiencing a great deal of neglect and not growing into the confident and social companions they should be. Kittens thrive when they grow up with their mother and siblings in a family home, where they receive sufficient care and adequate human interaction. This loving environment means they develop well and quickly adapt to their new home.
How can I help my Turkish Angora kitten adjust to its new home?
Turkish Angoras have a confident and adaptable character. Moreover, as young kittens, they have not yet developed strong bonds with their caregivers, so they should settle quickly into their forever homes. However, it always helps if you assist them in this transition, which you can do in a few ways. First, ask the breeder to send a towel or blanket containing the mother’s scent. The feline pheromones that mother cats give off are extremely calming, so this will help your new kitten feel at ease. Then for the first couple of days, keep your baby Angora in one room before letting them explore the whole house.