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The Turkish Van is an ancient, naturally-occurring cat breed from Turkey’s mountainous Lake Van region. Like with their cousins, Turkish Angoras, it’s hard to determine just how old the Turkish Van breed is, but it’s believed they have been in Europe since the 1200s.

While Turkish Vans were once considered a national treasure in their homeland, they are now a rare breed that is not commonly bred. Even so, these gorgeous felines are a bright and playful breed known for their love of water and distinctive van coat patterning.

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Meet the Turkish Van

A striking contrast between Angoras and Vans is that it is unusual to see all-white Turkish Vans. Instead, most have the breed’s distinct “Van colouration”, which refers to a white body and a contrasting tone on their tail and parts of their heads. These areas are commonly orange but can also be red, black or cream.

They have a silky, medium-long coat that is easy to groom as it is a single layer. Their fur is exceptionally soft, with a cashmere-like sensation and is water-resistant too. Because of this, vans enjoy swimming as they dry quickly, and the water does not weigh them down or make them feel uncomfortable.

They are large cats, but males are significantly bigger than females. Females will generally reach 7 to 12 pounds, whereas males can weigh up to 20 pounds. However, it takes three to five years for these kitties to fully mature and reach this size. Furthermore, they will get to a height of 10-14 inches, and most live between 12 and 17 years.

Turkish Vans have a muscular, athletic body, broad shoulders, and large paws, resulting in impressive jumping skills. In addition, they have high cheekbones and bright, round eyes, giving them a gorgeous appearance. Their eyes will be amber or blue, or one of each colour!

As kittens, the Turkish Van’s fur appears short but becomes longer as they grow. They also have large ears that they grow into overtime.

The Turkish Van’s temperament

Turkish Vans are confident, social, and active cats. They are affectionate towards their owners but prefer to be close to your side rather than held or cuddled. They are excellent jumpers and will seek out the highest spots in your home, so it’s worth getting a tall cat tree for this kitty. In fact, if they can’t find a high place to climb up and perch on, they may get agitated as this breed loves to watch the world from above.

As well as high spots, you’ll need plenty of toys for a Turkish Van as they have high levels of energy. Moreover, they are a very intelligent breed; thus, they can get bored of toys quickly. Challenging puzzle toys are great for Turkish Vans, but nothing is as beneficial as interactive play. If you have the time for this feline, you can work their smart brain and teach them many tricks and commands.

Perhaps the Turkish Van’s most quirky personality trait is their odd love of water. Their nickname is the “swimming cat”, as many Turkish Vans are fond of taking a dip. Their love of water may be due to their ancestors who lived around Turkey’s largest lake for generations. Therefore, don’t be surprised if they jump into the bathtub with you!

10 reasons to add a Turkish Van to your home

  1. They have luxurious looks - Their fur is long, silky and feels like cashmere, and their pretty faces are well-defined, oozing luxury and elegance.
  2. Their coats are easy to maintain - Despite having semi-long hair, they do not require much grooming as they have no undercoat. You just need to brush them weekly during the summer and twice weekly in the winter when their coat gets thicker.
  3. They are largely free of genetic issues - As an ancient, naturally-occuring breed, Turkish Vans are very healthy cats with minimal breed-specific health defects. Plus, unlike their Turkish Angora cousins, these kitties do not have concerns regarding deafness.
  4. They can have odd-coloured eyes - A unique trait some Turkish Vans have is to have eyes that are different colours. This is down to them having the heterochromatic gene, which does not affect their health.
  5. They will keep you entertained - Van cats are lively and are also leaping about, chasing toy mice, or playing in their water bowls. Their playful antics will make you laugh and brighten your day for sure.
  6. They do not act needy - Turkish vans are sociable but not attention seekers. They are independent enough to entertain themselves and do not display signs of stress when left alone during the day.
  7. They can easily learn tricks - If you’ve ever wanted to train a cat, now you can. Vans enjoy the challenge of learning tricks and commands and pick up on teachings quickly.
  8. They have been blessed with luck - Some Turkish Vans have a coloured marking between their shoulder blades. The Turks called this the “Thumbprint of Allah” and believed it is a sign of good luck.
  9. They have a mystical history - No one knows how long these felines have been around for. However, there is a commonly told legend that they arrived at Lake Van by Noah Ark, where they jumped ship and swam to shore.
  10. They are super exclusive - Turkish Vans are not a commonly bred cat and thus, they are not easy to find. If you own a Turkish Van, you’ll be only one of the rarest cat breeds.

Best homes for a Turkish Van cat

Turkish Vans are not needy cats and generally do okay when left alone for the day. Therefore, it’s no problem to bring a Turkish Van into your home if you are usually out during the day. However, if this is the case, you’ll need to ensure they have plenty of toys to keep them entertained while you are out. They also do best in quiet homes rather than loud, high-energy environments.

Turkish Vans also do well as solo pets and do not need furry companions but will tolerate other cats and dogs. Still, if you’re considering getting them a friend, it’s best to choose another Turkish Van or a breed with the same temperament. They are fine around children too, but as they do not like being held, you’ll need to ensure your kids do not keep picking them up. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Van Kittens

Why should I choose a Turkish Van kitten from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
We strongly believe that kittens should not be bred in any environment other than a family home with their mother. Therefore, to help fight against illegal pet breeding facilities, we only work with breeders who raise them in the family home. Not only are all our partner breeders fully licensed, but they also demonstrate the best care towards their animals. As a result, you will have total assurance that you are not contributing to any unethical breeding practices when you choose a Turkish Van kitten from the Pedigree Paws.
Is a Turkish Van the right kitten for me?
Turkish Vans are friendly and affectionate, yet they have an independent streak and do not possess needy or attention-seeking behaviours. Therefore, they make a pretty easy-going pet that can stay alone during the day without feeling stressed or too lonely. Therefore, if you work long hours, a Turkish Van may be a good option, but be sure to shower them with affection when you are home. Turkish Vans do well as only pets; however, all kittens thrive in pairs. Therefore, if you do not have existing pets, you may want to get a kitten-friend for your Turkish Van to grow up with. They are generally okay with dogs but may not be the best cat if you have young children. This is because Van cats do not like to be picked up much and may get annoyed if this wish is not respected.
Is The Pedigree Paws a trustworthy agency?
You may have heard some unsettling stories about dishonourable breeders and agencies in the UK and Europe. Because of the history of pet breeding, we know it’s not easy to find someone trustworthy to buy a pet from. This is why we prioritise building total assurance with our clients in all our business operations. Feel free to check out our testimonial page to see success stories and reviews from hundreds of happy customers and their new furry friends. We operate in a fully transparent way and only work with licensed breeders. Therefore, when you choose a Turkish Van kitten from The Pedigree Paws, you’ll know you’re receiving a fully healthy feline. You’ll also receive an official registration document proving that they are 100% Turkish Van breed.
Are The Pedigree Paws Turkish Vans healthy?
We do not allow breeders to list any Turkish Van kitten unless they can prove they are 100% healthy and have had an extensive health check with a licensed vet. In addition, breeders are required to carry out DNA tests on the kitten’s parents. This is vital as it not only proves that the kitten is an authentic purebred Turkish Van , but it also ensures they do not have any genetic mutations. In addition, every Van kitten will have received deworming treatment, had a microchip implanted, and had all its vaccinations beforehand.
How long do I have to wait to receive my Turkish Van Kitten?
No kitten, no matter the breed, should ever be taken away from its mum too early. In cases where this happens, the kitten often has development issues and behavioural problems that can last well into adult life. As a reputable agency, healthy kitten development is in our best interest. So, although we understand you would like to get to know your kitten immediately, we prefer to keep them with their mother and siblings for the first 10-13 weeks of their life. However, the exact age will vary depending on each breeder.
Can I see the parents of a Turkish Van kitten before purchase?
Yes, it’s always a good idea to see a kitten’s parents and check that they look healthy before making any payment. Seeing the parents for yourself will give you the confidence that your kitten will grow into a healthy and happy pet. To facilitate this, we will set up a video call for you and the breeder to see one or both of the Turkish Van parents.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my new Turkish Van kitten?
Absolutely! We know how important it is to have official confirmation that your kitten is the breed you brought, especially with rare felines like Turkish Vans. All our Turkish Vans kittens come with internationally recognised pedigree documents such as GCCF, TICA, FIFe to prove their authenticity. However, note that the exact registration will depend on the breeder’s location.
Do your Turkish Van kittens come from good breeders?
Our Turkish Van kittens come from only the very best breeders who adhere to strict animal welfare policies set by international organisations, such as Cat Fanciers’ Association. In addition, as we care deeply about animal welfare, we have an extensive in-house breeder selection process, too. This procedure gives both you and us the assurance that we are working with the most ethical breeders around. To give you an idea of what you look for, we will only select Turkish Van breeders who treat every kitten like a family member rather than a product to sell. Therefore, you can rest assured that your new Van kitten will be friendly, playful, and confident around people.
Are your Turkish Van kittens raised in a family home or breeding facility?
We are proud to say that we only work with breeders who raise their kittens with the mother cat and siblings in the family home and treat them as family pets. We do not work with commercial breeding facilities that confine kittens to cages in unkept conditions without their mother or littermates. This type of environment can result in severe neglect, leading to development issues and behavioural problems. When kittens grow up with their mother and siblings in a family home, they thrive. They receive sufficient care and adequate human interaction, so they become confident around people and quickly adapt to their new home. Therefore, this is the only ethical way to breed kittens.
How can I help my Turkish Van kitten adjust to its new home?
Turkish Van kittens can be a little shy around strangers but will get used to you within a couple of days. Due to their slight timidness, we recommend keeping the environment quiet and peaceful until they settle in. You can also ask the breeder to send a towel or blanket containing the mother’s scent. The feline pheromones that mother cats give off are incredibly calming, so this will help your Turkish Van kitten feel safe in their new home.