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The Australian Shepherd is a well-known herding dog that has been around since the 19th century. Despite their name, this breed was developed in the United States. However, their ancestors include collies imported from Australia, which is how their name came about.

Australian Shepherds, affectionately called “Aussies”, are working dogs that find fulfilment in having a task to do. Even so, they make fabulous companions for families as you can channel their high energy into play and exercise. These gorgeous pups become loyal, loving, and protective when well looked after.

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Meet the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized dog weighing between 35 to 65 pounds and standing 18 to 23 inches tall. They have a very muscular yet agile body that is powerful enough to work all day but fast enough to change direction or speed instantly. Females are almost always noticeably smaller than males but remain just as strong and speedy.

Their most distinctive feature is the long double coat, which is weather-resistant to protect them from the elements while out in the field. The undercoat is dense, the outer hairs are coarse, and their fur can be straight or wavy. Their hair is short on their faces, thick and long on their necks and chests, and well feathered on the rear of their legs.

Australian Shepherds are also known for their unique colouring and patterns, with each pup looking different from the others. The breed’s colours include blue merle, red merle, solid black or solid red, with or without white markings. The unique merle patchwork pattern consists of dark blotches against a lighter background. Thus, blue merle is black patches on grey, and red merle is red patches on beige. Interstestly, this pattern tends to darken with age.

Australian Shepherds are heavy shedders all year round, and their long coats can matt. Therefore, you’ll need to brush them once or twice a week. To avoid bathing them regularly, you can spray them with diluted dog conditioner before brushing to help detangle their fur.

Healthy Australian Shepherds will live for 12 to 16 years. However, it’s helpful to know that this breed, like most pedigrees, are susceptible to several health problems. Hearing and vision problems, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia are common medical issues for Aussie dogs.

The temperament of an Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is highly active and intelligent, meaning this breed needs plenty of exercise, play and interaction. They are responsive and keen to learn, so they are fantastic dogs to teach tricks and commands, and they excel in agility training. They love to play ball games, and they need long walks, jogs or hikes every day, too. If they do not receive adequate exercise, they can become destructive.

Although modern day Australian Shepherds are bred to be pets rather than working animals, they maintain their herding instincts. Some may try to herd other animals they live with or even small children. Therefore, spending time with them doing regular obedience training and herding trials is vital.

As herding dogs, Australian Shepherds are naturally protective and loyal to their owners, but as a result, they can be standoffish towards strangers. Although they need an outdoor space, they like to be with their owners rather than outside on their own. Moreover, their protective instinct means they will bark to warn you about something. However, with their needs met, their barking should not be excessive.

10 reasons to add an Australian Shepherd to your family

  1. They are loyal companions - Loyalty is one quality ingrained in this breed and something you’ll notice instantly.
  2. They make good guard dogs - Along with being devoted, an Australian Shepherd will be very protective of their family. If their owners are at risk, they will bark at intruders and show a surprising fierceness.
  3. They are very gentle with their owners - These sweet dogs would not think of harming their owners, though and do not tend to bite.
  4. They are highly intelligent - These smart pups are super trainable and will quickly learn a host of ball games, dog sports and even advanced tricks.
  5. You can teach them to do chores - The Aussie dogs intelligence combined with their working heritage means you can teach them to bring things to you, such as the paper or TV remote.
  6. They are playful - This is a dog that will certainly keep you active, so if you’re looking to spend less time on the couch, your Aussie will help you stay fit.
  7. They are sweet and affectionate - Australian Shepherds want to be near their owners at all times. They are known to sit by the feet of their favourite humans and lean against their legs.
  8. They have beautiful, unique coats - Their long hair and merle patterning make them one gorgeous canine.
  9. They are super fluffy puppies - As puppies, Australian Shepherds are so soft and fluffy, they look like giant cotton balls!
  10. They ooze joy - Aussie dogs display and spread happiness with their wagging tails and affectionate cuddles.

Best homes for a Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are not a recommended canine for first-time dog owners as their high energy and herding instinct means they require thorough training. This is because, without firm leadership, they can take a dominant role in the home. They are also not the best choice for homes with young children or other pets as if they are not well-trained, they may nip at their ankles trying to herd them.

Australian Shepherds do best with an experienced owner who will take the time to train them and show them who’s boss. They will also thrive with you if you’re naturally active and will take them on your walks, hikes, and runs. It takes a lot to tire this breed, so there is no concern that they won’t keep up, although perhaps the problem will be the other way around!

This dog will do great in a home with an enclosed garden where it can release its energy. However, they are not one to stay outside all day on their own. Therefore, providing you take them on long walks every day and give dedicated playtime, they can adapt to various home environments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Australian Shepherd Puppies

Why should I choose an Australian Shepherd from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
At The Pedigree Paws, we work with the most experienced and trustworthy Australian Shepherd breeders in the industry. We cautiously select breeders to ensure all puppies on our platform are raised in the best conditions, receiving excellent care. Likewise, we do not associate ourselves with puppy mills or commercial facilities as these associations often operate in highly unethical ways. As a result, you can rest assured that choosing an Australian Shepherd through us does not support any immoral breeding.
Is an Australian Shepherd the right puppy for me?
Australian Shepherds are energetic and playful and require hours of daily exercise, both as a puppy and an adult. Therefore, these canines need an active owner to take them on long walks and facilitate regular play sessions. They are also best suited to someone with experience with dogs, as they require thorough training and firm leadership. If you’re looking for a puppy for the first time or you work long hours, an Australian Shepherd is not the right pup for you. However, if you thrive on training dogs to become loyal companions and you are looking for a running or hiking buddy, an Aussie dog is perfect.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Not every dog breeder is honourable and trustworthy, which unfortunately leads to many negative experiences for people looking for puppies. We are firmly against unethical breeding and have high morals around animal welfare. Our operations include a comprehensive application and selection process that every breeder must pass. As a result, we can safely say that we work with respected breeders who ethically produce healthy and friendly Australian Shepherd pups. Our past customers agree, and you can read about their happy experiences on our testimonials page.
Are Australian Shepherd puppies from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Although Australian Shepherds are a hardy breed, they are prone to genetic conditions like vision and hearing problems. Therefore, we do our utmost to minimise the risk of puppies inheriting these diseases. We prevent this by ensuring that our breeders DNA test their breeding dogs and only accept puppies not at risk. We will also prepare your new Aussie pup for a healthy start by ensuring they receive a health checkup with a vet. In addition to checking for medical issues, the vet will deworm and vaccinate them.
When can I receive my Australian Shepherd puppy?
The breeder will keep the puppy with its mother for the first two to three months of its life, growing and developing naturally. This time is essential to the young pup as removing them earlier could result in health or development issues. Therefore, our puppies stay with their mother for the first eight to 12 weeks of their lives, but the exact duration will depend on the individual puppy. You will see the availability date on the listing for your pup, and the breeder will confirm this with you.
Can I see the parents of my Australian Shepherd puppy?
We understand that you may have some concerns when purchasing a new pedigree puppy like an Australian Shepherd. This is why we allow all our customers to meet their new Aussie pup and the parents virtually before buying. Thus, you can arrange a video call with the breeder to check the health and temperament of your new furry friend for yourself.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Australian Shepherd?
When buying a pedigree puppy, you should acquire proof of its registration. While some rogue dog breeders won't offer or provide this, all The Pedigree Paws breeders do. Our transparency assures you that your new puppy is purebred, and you'll have the documents to prove so. The registration will be from one of the leading pedigree organisations like FCI or The Kennel Club and is internationally recognised.
Do your Australian Shepherd puppies come from good breeders?
We're pleased to say we are able to select the very best Australian Shepherd breeders in the industry because of our extensive application procedure. What's more, in addition to our in-house checks, our breeders also meet the requirements of international pedigree associations. As a result, using our platform to shop for your Aussie pup is a 100% trustworthy choice.
Are these Australian Shepherd puppies raised in a family home or breeding facility?
Early socialisation is vital for dogs, particularly with a herding canine like the Australian Shepherd. This is one reason why we require all our breeders to raise their pups in a family home. In this environment, they get familiar with humans straight away, along with receiving vital care from their mother. Most pups in puppy mills receive no socialisation, so Australian Shepherd puppies raised in these environments will often be timid towards people and more challenging to train. Furthermore, the conditions are unacceptable as puppies are forced to stay in cages, away from their mothers. This environment compromises their immune system, creates stress and much more, so we do not associate with these facilities at all.
How can I help my Australian Shepherd puppy settle into its new home?
Bringing a new puppy into your home is the start of a new exciting journey for you both. Even so, it's also a huge change for your pup, so naturally, they might feel anxious or overwhelmed at first. However, you can create a calm environment to help them settle quickly. Before your pup arrives, ensure everything is ready and that they have a comfy bed in a quiet environment away from noise and activity. Avoid taking your new friend off their leash and showering them with affection when they arrive. Instead, keep them calm and act like a confident leader by showing them around with their leash on. If they seem anxious or stressed and don't want to interact, show them their bed, offering them the chance to retreat.