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The Maltese are a small toy breed with largely unknown origins. Despite its name, the Maltese do not originate from the island of Malta but from somewhere in south-central Europe.

It’s thought that these dogs have a long history, being around for thousands of years. Images of them have been found in Ancient Greek and Roman literature. Plus, legends state that Roman aristocrats chose Maltese dogs as their companions.

In more recent times, the Maltese received recognition from the American Kennel Club in 1888. Since then, the Maltese have become a popular toy dog in the UK, chosen for its miniature size, glamorous long coat, and affectionate nature. 

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Meet the Maltese dog

This tiny canine weighs less than seven pounds and stands just 7 to 9 inches tall, smaller than most domestic cats. Some breeders try to produce even more miniature Maltese dogs, known as “teacup” Maltese, weighing around four pounds at maturity. However, it’s best to avoid this variety as Maltese dogs weighing less than four pounds are more prone to genetic disorders and general health conditions.

The Maltese’s most distinct feature is its long, silky coat that will be pure white but may have a pale ivory tinge. It looks shiny and feels soft and dense. They lack an undercoat, and their hair is always straight, never curly. Underneath their long coats, Maltese have athletic yet delicate body structures.

The Maltese’s glossy coat constantly grows, so they need regular trims at the groomers. Additionally, you should brush them a few times a week and bathe them once or twice a week. To reduce the amount of maintenance, some Maltese owners opt to cut their coats short, which changes the texture to fluffy and wavy rather than silky and straight. You’ll be pleased to know that their long hairs do not shed much, though.

In contrast to their white coats, Maltese have adorable black-button noses, dark eyes and small floppy ears, giving them a cute and elegant appearance. Another distinctive feature is their tufted tails that curl up and over their backs.

Maltese dogs have a decent life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. However, they can be prone to hereditary medical conditions, such as heart and liver problems.

The temperament of a Maltese dog

The Maltese are sweet but lively pups that are confident, curious and playful. They are people-orientated and are friendly towards everyone they meet. They tolerate being picked up and held and make fantastic lap dogs.

Maltese pups are intelligent and trainable and do exceptionally well with positive reinforcement training methods. However, while they will quickly pick up commands and tricks, house training a Maltese may require more time and patience. Early socialisation is also crucial with this breed to ensure they grow up to have a good temperament and get along well with children and other animals.

As a compact canine, the Maltese enjoys going on walks but does not require much exercise. Their primary need is to be close to their owners, and they can be quite the attention seekers. They will do fine if left alone for a few hours but can display frustration through barking if they stay alone for much longer.

10 reasons to add a Maltese to your family

  1. They look like teddy bears - The Maltese's soft white fur, black button nose, and eyes make them a living teddy.
  2. They are happy and affectionate - Your Maltese will wag its little tail with delight and constantly shower you with love.
  3. You can carry them around in your bag - Maltese dogs are super easy to transport, and many will happily chill in your handbag as you walk down the street.
  4. You won't find white hair all over your house -Maltese dogs don't shed much, so you won't have to vacuum your black furnishings every day.
  5. You don't have to take them on long walks - Maltese dogs have low energy needs, so you'll never have to take them on an hour-long walk to tire them out.
  6. They are easy to train - This breed understands things quickly. They are always eager to learn, making training sessions fun and enjoyable.
  7. They can interpret their owner's emotions - Maltese dogs are known for their ability to understand how their owners are feeling. They can pick up on changes in their mood and even sense pregnancy.
  8. They make excellent apartment pets - Maltese are indoor dogs that take up very little space, so they are super adaptable for all types of homes.
  9. You can give them a ponytail - Many owners of female Maltese dogs use clips and hairbands on the hairs on their heads to make them look even cuter.
  10. They have no fear - The Maltese may be small, but they are incredibly courageous. These confident canines don't get scared of anything and protect their owners at all costs.

Best homes for a Maltese dog

Because of their tiny size, Maltese dogs don't need gardens and do well living in apartments and flats. Therefore, they are a good choice for those with limited living space. Maltese dogs are also suitable for first-time dog owners as they are easy to train and not too much of a handful.

While Maltese dogs can get along with children, their small, delicate bodies put them at risk of accidental harm. Thus, they are not the best breed to choose if you have small children who are too young to understand how to handle a small pup like this. Finally, Maltese dogs can get along with other small canines and cats if introduced early. Still, their size makes them vulnerable for houses with large dogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Maltese Puppies

Why should I choose a Maltese from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
We’re proud to say that our partners are all licensed, trusted, and respectable Maltese breeders in the UK or Europe with years of experience under their belts. As a result, choosing a Maltese puppy through our platform eliminates the stress of finding an ethical breeder yourself. All our Maltese puppies are raised in the breeder’s home and never in a commercial breeding facility or puppy mill. They stay with their mother and siblings, and our breeders never lock them in cages without exercise or free movement. As a result, they receive superior care, are fully healthy and super friendly to humans.
Is a Maltese the right puppy for me?
Maltese are small, trainable, and easy to handle dogs, making them suitable for first-time dog owners. Plus, they do fine in flats and tiny houses because of their size. However, bringing them into a home with small children puts these delicate pups at risk of harm, so we do not recommend this breed for families with young kids.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
Understanding if a breeder is trustworthy is not easy because unethical breeding companies are good at concealing their corrupt operations. However, as we have years of experience in the breeding industry, we can spot red flags instantly. Thus, our expertise allows us to sift out all the unethical breeders who are just looking to make money. As a result, we can partner with the most reputable breeders passionate about Maltese pups.
Are Maltese puppies from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Like all purebred canines, Maltese puppies can be at risk of certain hereditary conditions, such as heart and liver problems. So, as a trusted and ethical matchmaking agency, we work with our top-quality breeders to ensure your new pup is free from any medical concerns. Our breeders must prove their puppies are healthy before listing them for sale. This involves various things, such as running DNA tests on both the puppy’s parents. Another requirement is to provide a comprehensive vet report for each puppy to show they have no diseases.
When can I receive or collect my Maltese puppy?
It is mandatory for our Maltese puppies to stay with the mother dog until they reach eight to twelve weeks of age. Puppies must have this time together with their mothers to ensure proper development. The exact period will depend on each pup but will never be less than eight weeks. Unfortunately, when puppies leave their mum before this age, they have a high chance of developing health or behavioural issues. Our breeders put an availability date on the listing for each pup so you can see how long you have to wait. If there is no date, please message the breeder to check.
Can I see the parents of my Maltese puppy?
Yes, we advise our customers to see their new puppy virtually or live before completing the sale. On a video call with the breeder, you’ll be able to see if your new puppy looks healthy and happy. It will also allow you to see the puppy’s parents and check that they are healthy and even-tempered. So, even if you live too far to meet the pup in person, you can always arrange a video call instead.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Maltese puppy?
One sign of an unethical breeder is if they refuse to provide proof of your puppy’s pedigree status. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this at The Pedigree Paws, though, as all our puppies come with registration records from an authorised pedigree association. The breeder will register your Maltese with an organisation in their country and send you the documents along with your new tiny canine.
Do your Maltese puppies come from good breeders?
Our top priority is ensuring the health and welfare of animals, and we mirror this in all our operations. For example, we carefully pick Maltese breeders by undertaking an extensive application process. Then, along with our company policies, all our breeders must demonstrate that they operate according to the guidelines set by the top international pedigree associations. Because of our extreme vigilance, we can proudly say we are one of the most honourable pet matchmaking agencies in Europe.
Are these Maltese puppies raised in a family home or breeding facility?
We’re pleased to say all our Maltese puppies grow up in the family home of the breeder. Here, they live with the mother dog until they are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for their forever home. Moreover, they are far less likely to catch any diseases or infections in this environment. Plus, they get lots of early socialisation, helping them develop their naturally friendly nature. We strictly vet our breeders because we believe a family home is the only suitable place for puppies to grow up. Our thorough checks also ensure we do not associate with any puppy mills. All dog lovers and potential puppy owners should never consider buying from commercial facilities. These organisations take puppies away from their mums far too early and house them in dirty, inhumane conditions. As you can imagine, this is extremely harmful to their vulnerable immune systems.
How can I help my Maltese settle into its new home?
Maltese puppies are naturally friendly and affectionate, so they usually settle into their forever homes straight away. However, they all have different personalities, so this is not always the case. To help ensure a positive introduction, create a calming environment by putting a cosy dog bed in a quiet corner or room. This spot will give your new pup somewhere to retreat if needed and allow your Maltese to explore at their own pace. However, if they seem confident and friendly, feel free to start playing and interacting with them straight away.