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One of the oldest toy Spaniels, the Papillon, has been around for centuries, appearing in various artwork in the 1500s. The Papillon’s name comes from its unique butterfly appearance of long, fringed hair hanging below its pointed ears. These tiny canines were famous in many parts of Europe in ancient days, especially among royal families. Still, the majority of the breed’s development took place in France.

Although they are not one of the most popular toy dogs today, Papillons make excellent companions nonetheless. Papillon owners adore them for their playful nature, infinite cuddles, and of course, their super cute looks. 

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Meet the Papillon

These pocket-sized pups weigh just 4 to 9 pounds and stand 8 to 11 inches tall. They have dainty bodies with delicate bones, giving them an elegant appearance. They have gorgeously long and silky coats and distinctive, large ears that stand erect with long, feathery hairs hanging down to make them look like butterfly wings.

Not all Papillons will have pointed ears, though. Those with floppy ears are known as Phalene, which translates to “moth”, the cousin of the butterfly. Both Papillons and Phalenes can be born into the same litter and possess the same lovely personality traits. However, Papillons are aesthetically more desirable among dog owners.

The Papillon’s large ears look enormous against its tiny face. It had dark-coloured eyes with black rimming and a black nose and lips, defining its beauty further. Their soft, fluffy fur is a single coat that can be one of several interesting parti-colour combinations, white with fawn, chocolate, or black markings. The darker markings will be around the face and head, but they will have varying levels of white on their forehead and nose (known as the blaze and noseband).

As well as feathering around the ears, they usually have some on the forelegs and hind legs, too. Their hair is straight and fine and not as challenging to maintain as you would think. They don’t shed much, and you only need to brush them once or twice a week and bathe them very occasionally. Of course, you will need to take them to the groomers for trims from time to time, too.

The temperament of a Papillon dog

Papillon dogs are playful and active, and although they love to snuggle and curl up on their owners’ laps, they aren’t one to sleep all day long. Instead, these curious pups like to keep busy, always looking for something to do or some form of entertainment. Because of their high energy levels, they need frequent exercise and play sessions. Still, luckily they tire quickly, so you can play with them indoors rather than take them for a long walk.

Papillons tend to do fine in the heat but are susceptible to cold weather because of their lack of undercoat. Therefore, you should keep your Papillon mainly indoors during the winter.

Papillons are obedient, responsive and eager to learn, making training them a joy. They are also very smart and quickly learn basic commands and tricks. In addition, well socialised Papillons are outgoing and super friendly towards strangers, giving licks and kisses to their new friends. Plus, they will get along swimmingly with other dogs and cats if they receive early socialisation.

Papillons like to stay close to their owners at all times and can develop separation anxiety when their humans are away. However, if they live in a multi-dog household, having other canines around can ease their loneliness somewhat.

When you cannot give your Papillon attention, you’ll need to entertain them another way, with toys and puzzle feeders. They can get bored quickly, which you’ll want to avoid as boredom can lead to excessive barking and destructive behaviours.

10 reasons to add a Papillon to your family

  1. They have a unique appearance - This breed’s hallmark is undoubtedly their butterfly style ears.
  2. They are adorable and elegant - Their dainty bodies give them a very graceful look, while their gorgeous colouring and long, silky fur make them absolutely stunning.
  3. They are pocket-sized - Okay, you won’t be able to squeeze them in your pocket. Still, they will easily fit into your handbag and will enjoy you carrying them around like a princess.
  4. They are playful yet cuddly - These tiny pups get crazy energy bursts and love to run around. However, they also will snuggle with you on your lap after they quickly tire out.
  5. They like meeting new people - Papillons are friendly towards strangers and extremely warm and welcoming to anyone they meet.
  6. Their coats are easy to care for - You only have to brush them twice a week, and you won’t find dog hair all over your sofa and bed as they rarely shed.
  7. They love to learn - A Papillon is always up for a training session and gets just as excited as you when they pick up a new trick.
  8. Royal families loved them - Papillons have a long and exciting history, including being the companion of many European royal families.
  9. They can stay in any home environment - These adaptable pups do well anywhere they live and don’t need a garden.
  10. They live a long time - You’ll have up to 15 years of love and fun with this lively canine.

Best homes for a Papillon dog

The most important thing for a Papillon dog is to have an owner who is always around. Therefore, they do not do well in homes where their owners work full time or are too busy to give them the necessary attention. However, as they are small, easy to look after, and trainable, Papillons often make fabulous companions for retired older people.

Papillons do fine living in apartments and flats, so a garden is unnecessary for this breed, although they will certainly welcome it. If you introduce a Papillon puppy to other animals, it will most likely get along with them. Finally, they are not the best canine to bring into a home full of young, energetic children because of their small, delicate structure. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Papillon Puppies

Why should I choose a Papillon from The Pedigree Paws rather than elsewhere?
All our partners are licensed, experienced, and respectable Papillon breeders based in the UK or Europe. We carry out many checks and procedures before accepting breeders onto our platform. So, choosing a Papillon puppy through The Pedigree Paws eliminates the stress and hassle of finding an ethical breeder yourself. Our Papillon puppies grow up in the breeder’s home and never in a commercial breeding facility or on a puppy farm. They stay with their mother and siblings here, receiving plenty of love and care. As a result, they grow into fully healthy and super friendly pet dogs.
Is a Papillon the right puppy for me?
If you’re looking for a tiny, trainable, and super fluffy companion, then yes, quite possibly. Papillion are small and easy to handle, making them suitable for first-time dog owners and those who live in apartments and flats. However, these canines can suffer separation anxiety and need lots of time with their owners. So, Papillon pups tend to do best with people who work from home or are retired and have plenty of time for them.
Is The Pedigree Paws trustworthy?
We know how difficult it is to determine if a breeder is trustworthy. This is because unethical breeding companies are very good at covering up their corrupt operations. However, thanks to our many years of experience in the breeding industry, we’re able to spot red flags instantly. Thus, our expertise means we can determine unethical breeders looking only to make money and find the most reputable breeders passionate about Papillon pups.
Are Papillon puppies from The Pedigree Paws healthy?
Many Papillon dogs live long and healthy lives. Still, like all purebred dogs, they can be susceptible to specific genetic conditions. So, as a trusted and honourable pet platform, we work with our top-rated breeders to guarantee your new pup is free from any medical problems. We require our breeders to prove their Papillon puppies are healthy before listing them for sale. This involves various processes, like conducting DNA tests on the puppy’s parents. Another condition is providing a vet report for each puppy, showing they have no diseases.
When can I receive my Papillon puppy?
It is mandatory for puppies to stay with their mothers until they reach eight to twelve weeks of age, regardless of the breed. Puppies must have this time together to ensure they develop properly physically, mentally and emotionally. The exact duration will depend on each puppy, but it will never be before they reach eight weeks old. This is because when puppies leave their mum before this age, they have a high probability of developing health or behavioural issues. Our breeders usually display an availability date on the listing for each puppy so you can see how long you need to wait. If there is no date showing, please message the breeder to confirm.
Can I see the parents of my Papillon puppy?
Yes, we always advise our customers to see their new puppy virtually or face-to-face before buying, especially if it’s your first time. Arranging a video call with the breeder will allow you to see if your new puppy looks happy and healthy. You’ll also be able to determine if the puppy’s parents are healthy and even-tempered. So, even if you live too far to meet your puppy in person, you can always arrange a video meeting instead.
Will I receive the pedigree documents of my Papillon puppy?
One indication that a breeder is unethical is if they decline to provide proof of your puppy’s pedigree status. Luckily, you don’t have this worry at The Pedigree Paws, as all our pets come with registration records from an authorised pedigree association. The breeder will register your Papillon with an internationally recognised organisation in their country and send you the documents along with your tiny new friend.
Do your Papillon puppies come from good breeders?
Our focus is always on ensuring the health and welfare of pets, and we mirror this in our operations. For example, we carefully pick our Papillon breeders by undertaking extensive application procedures and checks. Then, along with our company policies, breeders demonstrate that they operate according to the guidelines set by leading international pedigree associations. Because of our vigilance, we can proudly say we are one of the most trusted and honourable pet matchmaking agencies around.
Are these Papillon puppies raised in a family home or breeding facility?
All our Papillon puppies grow up in the breeder’s home with the mother dog. They stay in this safe and caring environment until they are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for their forever home. Moreover, they are far less likely to catch diseases or infections in a home than at a commercial facility. Plus, they get plenty of early socialisation, moulding them into loving and friendly pet dogs. The thorough checks we carry out ensure we do not associate with puppy mills. Potential puppy owners should never consider buying from commercial facilities like puppy mills. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that they take puppies away from their mums far too early. They also keep them in dirty, inhumane conditions, which is harmful to their vulnerable immune systems.
10. How can I help my Papillon settle into its new home?
Papillon puppies are naturally friendly and loving, so many will settle into their forever homes straight away. However, as they all have different personalities, this is not always the case. So, we suggest creating a calming environment, such as placing a cosy bed in a room away from household noise and activity. Making a quiet spot available for your new pup to retreat if needed will help them settle quickly. Then, when they seem confident and at ease, you can start playing and interacting with your new tiny friend.